Wednesday, December 31, 2008

how to prevent unwanted kisses on New Years

Yeah...New Year's is all fun and great....til every girl, secretly in their mind, is dreading the midnight strike (well unless your with that special someone that all you wanna do is feel their "soup-coolers" against yours)...
midnight brings out every drunken man that sees New Year's as free game in prime kissin season...
EXAMPLE: many new years moons ago...
I spent those few minutes dodging drunken guys....warning them of my imaginary,"big, scary, and really jealous" pretend boyfriend...ha ha ha...the "don't kiss me" request hadn't worked...and if one more old guy with  beer belly attacked me....!!!

how make-up can be your first line of defense!!!
#1 wear lots of lipgloss
-most guys hate lipgloss

#2 I was going to say wear bright red lipstick BUT
-most guys would think it's cool to have your red lip-print on their, moving on.

#3 i guess we'll just go back to the ridiculous amount of lipgloss.....maybe add sparkles to draw attention to the "don't mess with my lips" factor...

hope this helps...and no one spreads cold sores of herpes...ha ha ha ha
keep on kissin on'...just not with all the randoms on new years....!


Unknown said...

You're AMAZING and SOOOO much fun! We love you here in the Czech Republic.

G said...

Oh wow, it's fun to look back at your old posts. :D

I'm a fan (I can't stick out with a statement like that, :P)
almost everyone on this site says that... :D

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