Sunday, December 7, 2008

getting make-up off of make-up haters

much like the cowboys dislike of make-up...I frequently encounter many others that can't wait to scrape, scrub, or smear it off...
namely men, kids don't seem to care, and women who wear no more than chapstick...
so on my journey I've dicovered some make-up removers I love:
here are the winners:
if you have access to water...then I love the disposable washclothes from Huggies
they fold open like a real washcloth size
they are textured so it really cleans your skin
they are hypo-allergenic and smell nice
Kandee tip: I take them with me when I travel so I have a sanitary means of washing my face...I am kinda a mild I don't really like using hotel washclothes on my face....who knows what those things have scrubbed...yuck)
If you need to get make-up off, on-the-spot style...then I like:
Pond's Make-up Remover Towelettes- they work really well, but I can't stand the smell...they are a lot cheaper than the MAC make-up removers..and when you go through as many as I can on a shoot...I just try not to breathe the stink in...

1 comment:

abc said...

I use Whole Foods generic baby wipes before washing my face - they're really great (and natural!)

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