Saturday, December 6, 2008

cowboys hate make-up

but they all obliged me...and called me ma'am...i loved it
it was about 100 degrees and we worked right in the way of all the cowboys, horses, cows, and was pretty hot and very dirty...everynight I walked to my car with a fine layer of visible manure all over me...ha ha ha
we'd wait til the rodeo was over each night to start shooting...and go until 3-4 am

I applied pure vitamin E oil, Glycerin, and some greasy moisturizer in layers to make the sweat "look perfect"
Then I dabbed on my special mixture of "dirt" quite strategically to their faces and necks....
then I had to do my special ear trick...but I'll mention that in a sentence or two
this campaign recently won the  Graphis International Advertising Gold Award
we shot this during the "richest rodeo", the Reno Rodeo
I wish I had copied of the whole campaign...each cowboy had a cool theme shot that tied into their specialty (bronc riding, roping, barrel racing)
*this shot was in the middle of the day, but with the lighting it looks like night....I had to put a mixture of emollient and black eyeshadow and apply it to the backs of his ears so that the intense lighting didn't make his look all translucent and pink -not cute for cowboys- glowing pink ears
there was a crew from NY shooting a documentary on the rodeo life at the same was a fun shoot and I enjoyed being served funnel cakes and corn on the cob as our snacks...

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