Wednesday, December 17, 2008

things I heard and things I can't tell

on my shoot today I had to sign a confidentiality agreement so i can't talk about it.......the girl looked pretty hot when I was done with her, is all I CAN say....
next thing I can say
I discovered a super rad new product: girls you will love this for photo shoots or I was even told you can go swimming with this stuff on.......

this stuff is like having photoshop in a jar....

instantly tans you...makes skin look flawless and non-veiny, blotchy, or uneven

the description says "optically slimming"....I saw it work before my very own peepers....cellulite-minimized...white skin-bronzed....

dried in 60 secs....didn't come off...washed right off my orangey palms like with fake-tanner sprays or foams.....

everyone should own some of this magical paint....Sally Hansen Leg Spray...oh but it's for so much more than legs! I put it on arms...back, neck...everywhere!
next thing I can say:
Place: make-up trailer (like 7am) on Fly Wheels Commercial last week
Who: the talent (a little actor boy that was like 11 or 12)
What I heaBoldrd:
I finished putting his make-up and chapstick (and let me tell you how much the boys love getting make-up on.......yeah no.) so then I am trying to make his hair look perfectly messy and his mom is re-fixing it as I do it....haha ha ha...gotta love I go to lock down his do' with some hair spray....and he says,

"oh, I wonder what my carbon footprint is gonna be NOW!"....
ha ha ha ha ha.....what kids says that!?! this one apparently

other funny things kids said on commercials last week:
"your hair looks all mooshy"- my lil Myles Brown dancer to another big-haired kid
"shimmy-shimmy-cocoa-puff" what was said instead of "rock paper scissors"
"I keep eatting my lipgloss off"......little girl with side ponytail
"sweat is running down my back!"...little girl on set with hot, hot lights
"they said if we do a really good job they'll give us a toy" on set
"this lunch is gross!" all kids when we we're served falafel and tabouli and tahziki

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