Monday, December 1, 2008

Traveling with Make-up

whether your packing heat for personal make-up use or for a's some tips that'll save your beautification investment....

this is just my personal make-up I brought to play with from my recent trip...

I put all my make-up (especially anything powdery - eyeshadows, blush, face brushes) in hard plastic containers that you can find at any store with a "plastic storage" aisle...

*it's like having insurance for your make-up...nothing will shatter (well it shouldn't) if you drop it

*it prevents your brushes from getting smashed and mis-shapen

*and it's easy to see everything

( i know this is blurry)

this is my personal eyeshadow palette...which I've labeled "PEEPERS" for my eye shadows

I label all my palettes so I don't have to waste time opening and checking what's inside

(a label-maker is a fun little investment for situations such as this-and it looks neat)

*for make-up kit palettes you can label even further...with eyeshadow palettes broken down into browns, purples, get the idea)...same with blushes and so on

I happened to be driving on my trip...but if you're going by plane...I always take my palettes on board with me.....I once got off the plane for a job...and after checking my make-up case...I opened it to find every color eyeshadow and blush....had cracked and turned into a rainbow of powdery broken pieces EVERYWHERE! (note: shimmery and sparkly eye shadows will crack easliy due to the large sizes of the "glittery" particles)

I did drop one of my favorite discontinued eyeshadows on this trip and it I will give you the magic trick to fix those in my next blog...

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Felicia said...

I am going on vacation this month and have to travel by plane. Since I am going out of the country I know the rules and regulations are a bit tighter. I am worried that my make-up will get confiscated :(
I have this loose powder eyeshadow and I'm not sure if I would be allowed to bring it in my carry-on. If you have any tips of what is allowed and what isn't please let me know.
Thanks :)

With Love,
fELiCiA <3

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