Monday, December 15, 2008

hot shoot cold drive home

kandee has just gotten home from shoot- check

kandee is very cold- check

burn finger on curling iron at shoot- check

kandee wears jacket for 2 hours after getting home - check

make model lashes look like they are false with 10 coats of mascara -check

MacGuyver my hair clips to make models pants look tighter - check

cool all hot hair tools under cold sink water so I can leave FAST - check
TRICK & TIP for photo shoots..well and everyday make-up too....
make the skin look flawless and whatever you do with the make-up and hair will look great (pretty much.....)
Today I used:
L'Oreal True Match foundation (1 for all over and one like 6 shade darker to contour the cheekbones sides of nose and sides of one wants a movie screen size forehead!)
MAC fluid foundation
Dermablend Concealer (around nostrils, mouth, under eyes and all over eyelids- lashes to brows)
MAC powder compact
and MAC blush (i used 6 colors to get the right look)
after I was done with miss 15 year old....she looked almost old enough to get in a club....she needed to be "Aged"....and nothing like some heavy powder to settle into some pores to make you look weathered! ha ha ha

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