Thursday, January 7, 2010

a candy kind of sky....

yesterday: a bit of a frazzly day
I had to talk with an attorney about a court date I have for this monday...this court date scares me, I've seen unjust things take place in courtrooms...I am being faced with false accusations about me which aren't true...and I do not want to go to court at all....but I will not let someone accuse me of things which aren't true.

My day was feeling overwhelming...and all I wanted was to have someone put their arms around me and tell me it would all be okay. Then, I looked outside my door...and it was as if God said, here's a present for you...this "kandee colored" sky to bring joy to your heart. It was like giving soul a hug, and I could feel, in this "heavenly" beauty that I was receiving the biggest, most heart warming hug around!

Sometimes we don't always have people close to us, to comfort us, or to hug us, but we do always have the Man Upstairs, to comfort our hurting hearts.

Sometimes we don's take notice of this little "heavenly" moments of beauty. I encourage each one of you that reads open your hearts and your eyes, to enjoy and see these "special" treasures that sprinkle beauty into our day.

Notice the person smiling at you at the store...and smile back, notice a pretty flower, and maybe even breathe in it's perfumey goodness. Look at the sky for enchanting twinkly stars, or your very own candy colored sunset. These little moments are what make life beautiful, and sometimes we get so busy and caught up in our own world that we shut our eyes to the beauty and joy that God is trying to sprinkle into our lives!

I hope you see a sunset or moonrise that makes you pause...and take in some heart beauty!
huge love and hot pink sunsets...kandee


Kassie-Rae said...

I loved this post.
It brought tears to my eyes.
I would love to share something so amazing with you if there is anyone for you to message me back.
Please keep that pretty head up!
You are superstar. :)

Kassie-Rae said...

I loved this post.
It brought tears to my eyes.
I would love to share something so amazing with you if there is anyone for you to message me back.
Please keep that pretty head up!
You are superstar. :)

Carol said...

Beautiful sunset Kandee =) ♥

Dilly Dally said...

I understand what you mean about the justice system. I am praying for you. I hope court goes well for you.

S. said...

Dear Kandee,

I hope everything turns out for the best and I will keep you in my prayers. Focus on how incredibly happy and relieved you'll be when it's over! (and please make a celebratory tut...*whistles, looks away*

Also, thank you so much for that last video you uploaded, sometimes you need to hear those uplifting words so much. I have been looking for a job for several months now and just when I was beginning to lose hope, there you were with your mind-blowing positivity and optimism! I love your warmth and sincerity, you're such a beautiful soul.

Much Love,


Abrielle said...

ahh I love that you love God and that you share it!
I am having a hard time figuring out what i want to do right now...Go to university, or go to community college then cosmetology school. It's so hard to figure these things out and keep up the positive attitude, but reading your posts everyday helps me do that :)
Good luck with the court situation whatever that may be. God is clearly on your side and will be sitting next to you the entire time :)
have a great day!

janetsbreeze said...

My thoughts will be with you and I wish you luck on your court date.

Leah said...

I'll be praying for you tomorrow!
By the way, that sky is so incredibly BREATHTAKING! You don't see those colors in a sunset every day!

Remember that you ARE like that sunset - beautiful, breathtaking and encouraging - and don't let anyone get under your skin who wants to tell you otherwise!

Jordan said...

Your positive mental attitude is so refreshing!
I read this book called "When wallflowers dance" and just wanted to share a couple of quotes with you. "Whatever battle you face this day, it cannot have you. You belong to God". Your entire life has been a testament to this.
There's another book too (I can't remember which one) that talked about how God knows exactly what we need when we need it. It seems like that sunset was just a way of saying that He's still taking care of you!
"God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid but a spirit of power and love" 2 timothy 1:7
I Hope everything goes well this Monday =]

mermaiddelsol said...

not great with words kandee....but i keep this little note in my wallet...hopefully it will help you too...

trust in the lord with all your heart, lean not unto your own understanding, but acknowledge him in all you do and he will direct your path. proverbs

i will be praying for'll be fine, i know you will.... xoxo ~patty~

Heidi said...

i would love it if you made a video of you playing the piano. its such a beautiful instrument.

AllThingsGrowWithLove said...

girl you will be ok I promise!!! My grandmother used to tell me Just think of the worst thing that ever happened to you! Did you get through it??? Yes! you will get through this and everything will be ok. The truth will set you free!! I promise! You are one of the only people that I have ever come in contact with (not personally) that is as positive and happy as me!! Sometimes we doubt ourselves and we need someone like us to help us with some perspective.You are a sweet Angel that is on earth to help others. Whoever is accusing you of whatever is going down girl!!! Just trust the words you give everyone else and have Faith!! Those are your words....Believe them doll!! <3 Dani

Unknown said...

I have sunsets like those every day where I live. And I'll think of you now when I see them. I'll keep you in my prayers that all your court stuff gets figured out and setteled in a fair mannor. You'll be fine Hun, just keep the faith you already have!! I'll be thinking about you! :) said...

Very true Kandee! I love when God distracts my "mood" w/ nature's beauty or a pleasant smile from a stranger or a baby's laugh. We all have ups & downs & sometimes the downs seem "impossible" but it's how we handle it that makes us stronger. Having faith & moving forward, things always end up falling perfectly into place. <3

Anonymous said...

i totally agree. god is our comfort and strength. you are an amazing person. hang in there. Read Psalm 121.


Anonymous said...

Virtual hug!!
everything WILL be alright!

Anonymous said...

good luck with everything... good things happen to people with good hearts like you. I wanted to ask you a question about beauty school. Ive watched your video answering questions you've been asked and it was really informative, but is it possible to become a licensed makeup artist without going through hair cutting? its nooooot my thing at all. I love makeup but have no interest in hair and it seems all the courses i find have both! do i have to suffer through hair cutting or is it possible to do makeup without hair? i know you're very, thanks for your time. ur great! ;)

Anonymous said...

*very busy

Amanda S. said...

You always have posts that make me realize things I do not think about. Thank you.

Good luck with your court date -- the truth is always stronger.

Sheik-Chan said...

I KNEW you had to be a believer. I'm a new follower on your Youtube and I was like "There is something about this woman!! She has to believe in God, she has such warmth and wholeness just pouring out of her!"

I may not know you that well but I do know that God loves you very much and even just the smallest amount of faith can go a LONG way, so keep your faith and all will go His way. :)

Sunny Cain said...

I pray that your court date goes well. May the Lord bless you and may He go before you. I pray that you would be strengthened in your inner core, that you would feel God's delight walking with you into the courtroom on Monday. Remember that God alone will prove your innocence. Also remember that we do not serve a God who cannot sympathize with our weakness. Jesus knows what it feels like to be wrongly accused, and He will, in His timing, make your innocence shine like the noonday sun.
"Be strong and courageous, do not fear or tremble, for the Lord, your God goes before you and He will not fail you or forsake you!" Joshua 1:9

Anonymous said...

Yeay Kandee not many people notice the sky enough to stop their lives around.
But they do call it Mother Earth after all so maybe it's not just a man looking down at you.
I know She has a sense of beauty so unseen and must love you for chosing and sticking to the beauty business despite all the disgusting junk out there (and yeah I do mean they are mostly men ^^ sorry guys but it's the truth) who post icky comments and all that.
Beauty has power in itself too not just to be abused by other.

I am sure your friend in the sky just told - You Go, Girl!

The sun sets or rises but inside you there is one that never dies.


EmilyGraceBridger said...

I wish everybody was more like you. The world would be a better place, I pray for you every night, and I know that God will take care of you.

All my love

elciaravi said...


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