Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love Letters....

how not to have a bad day....

1. don't answer the phone to get some really not-so-good-news (which I wish I could share with all of you that I care for...but unfortunately, there are a few unkind people who only look at my blog and facebook, so that they can make little comments about me and post them everywhere)

2. don't get even more bad news on the phone.....

3. don't wake up after getting 4 hours of sleep because you were up working on the computer

....I did all of those things.....

I felt numb as I drove in my car......I grabbed my mail key and went into the post office....
as I opened the door...."love letters" started spilling all over the place!
My that instant felt so loved and my eyes looked at all the carefully written addresses on the envelopes.....
I carefully took all my "precious parcels"......and walked to my car...where I spent over an hour, looking at each envelope, and appreciating each letter that someone hand wrote....(or even typed)...they are all so wonderful.....from the handmade cards, to little goodies the precious words of love, hope, and getting a peek into your heart and lives from your stories!
I spent over an hour sitting in the parking lot in my car, opening each letter...and I could feel my "love tank" filling up....and the numbness started to melt away!

There aren't enough words in the world to tell you what each of those letters mean to me! I will save and cherish each one!
THANK YOU!!!!! I want to THANK EVERYONE that mailed me a "love letter"......(I liked the one with the 2 pennies in it too!) Thank you so much for taking the time out of your lives to share a gift with me.....that touched my heart, on a day that I could use it so much!!! Each word was like a ray of sunshine warming my heart! I love all my letters!!!! And all of you that wrote them! You guys are truly amazing!!!

I hope today that we all can spread more love to a hurting world.....whether it's a letter, a gift, a kind word, or maybe just a hug.....and we can throw love out into the world like a BOOMERANG...and it will come back to us, too!

huge love to all my precious, sweet, and very caring friends....huge hugs and love, kandee

here;'s a video I made last night....that I just wanted to share with all of you...from my heart!


Unknown said...

I see my Card! The one with the butterfly! Yay! <3<3

Unknown said...

I see my panda bear print! :D I hope you like it! You are a ray of sunshine Kandee!

Anonymous said...

I see my letter! Love ya Kandee!

Tinxoxo said...

Hey Kandee!
I just started following your videos and blogs & I adore you. I agree with your video right here...I'm easily broken down too I hope you feel better Kandee. I feel the same as you, but just a 17 year old version:)

Anonymous said...

I love you Kandee. I am a 31 year old single mother of two, who happened to get into a couple of emotionally/physically abusive relationships. I understand the loner, a few friends, lonely feeling stuff. I really do.

You brighten my day EVERY time I see you. You are an inspiration & I strive to be more like you. You are a beautiful person inside & out, you deserve the world & I wish you nothing but happiness.

Unknown said...

HEY! :)
You have no idea how much better you made me feel from watching your video. The start and the middle made my eyes water from feeling sad for you.Some people do have it worse some people Seem to have it better. But you're not SOME people you're You. People are so busy trying to find and point out your flaws because they hope it distracts from their own or gives them some sort of happiness. True happiness should come from caring about people you love and watching them be happy not about making strangers on the internet sad.
I sent you a message to your youtube but you might not read since Im sure you get alot and you have alot of things to do...But again just like to thank you for everything. You saved my life, THANK YOU FOR POSTING YOUR VIDEOS DONT LET ANYONE STOP YOU FROM BEING YOU BECAUSE YOURE GREAT!! KEEP SHINING KANDEE :-)

Unknown said...

OOPS I just noticed...I meant your video made me "feel better" lol :)

Anonymous said...

As much as I love your bubbly videos I really enjoyed seeing this side of you too and would like to see more of these kinds of videos. You are truly an amazing person and I am so happy I came across your videos on youtube. As you said you are thankful to be lifting others spirits. there are many times where I feel the same as you, being in a crowded room but feeling very alone. I actually just felt that yesterday and was thinking about that...
This video actually brought a little tear to my eye, and a little now as I type this, because I can't believe how much hate their is in this world, and I wish their were more Kandees to spread the joy and love. I don't know why people spend so much time criticizing others and saying hurtful things... why?! just live your life and dont worry about others and what they do.

thank you for being you everyday and sharing your wonderful heart with the rest of us. =]

"in a world where you can be anything be yourself"
this is something I try to live by everyday and I am glad you are doing the same.

Unknown said...

Kandee you are such a sweetie. I tell my mom and my bf how much of a positive inspiration you are and how more ppl should be like you. I have a group on facebook called "Kandee Johnson should write a book" you should check it out :) My mom's my best friend also because I don't have many good friends and whenever I feel down I'll watch one of your videos and your cheery disposition always makes me smile :D Love you dear and good luck (((((kandee)))))<-hug

Fontaine said...

Boomerang Joy & Boomerang Love! Keep up the goodness which you are made of. You are beautiful and surrounded by love. You may feel alone but dive back into those gorgeous notes that you so well deserve. You are a blessing and it is appreciated and adored!

jesssala said...

I can't believe that anyone says anything bad about your videos. I have gotten more comments on my makeup after studying your techniques THANK YOU!!!
I was also going to say, you are very courageous to "be out there." As you grow in blessings, you will upset many people. But you know what? That's not your problem. I am trying to get over this myself as work to write my novel. I fear I will upset a lot of people and many won't last into my happy journey into the future. Hang in there mija, you are loved. Thanks for all that you do.

emily said...

Hey Kandee!! how can I send u a letter? Is there an address for fanmail? I love you so much! you are such a great person with a beautiful heart!

Lindsey A said...

stay strong! your so pretty! people are crazy out there and jelouse and they just want to pick on you because they are unhappy. I are seem like the nicest and realist person ever and I even envy your beauty and talent, you are so talented. You have so many fans and you are so loved you are distaned for big things... We all love you here on youtube/blogspot/facebook...and we would all love to have a friend like you...

noodleroo2 said...

Just in case you didn't see my post, here's my suggestion to feel better: Find a picture of yourself as a little girl that you really like. Close your eyes and imagine that little girl standing in front of you. Pick her up and set her on your lap. Brush her hair back, kiss her cheek, and give her the hug that you need right now. This really does work to help heal your heart. Its a very loving thing to do for yourself. Everything will start looking up soon. Remember, you never know whats right around the corner, so just keep going!

FeFe said...

Kandee, you made the right choice of posting your honest and heartfelt video. You are human first and foremost and that is what makes you the most beautiful - not the makeup, not celebrity, but that fact that you are a normal girl, flaws and all. You are the kind of girl that the Lord is crazy about. You are real. I know that it's easier to believe the bad stuff we hear sometimes than all the good, even when there is SO much more good coming our way. Just remember the source. I know you are a believer and as such please keep in mind that there is a power out there who wants to crush your beautiful spirit. Why? Because of the IMMENSE power that you have to bring happiness and truth to people's lives. You are in a battle, girl. Pick up your sword and fight to the death!

We all love you very much. And trust me, as someone who has been there, done that and is older than you are, it DOES get better and easier. That is because you will get stronger thru all that you are dealing with now. I look forward to everything else you have within you that will be gifted to all of us.

Big fat ol' huge hug xx
Tiffany/Fearlessly Female

Anonymous said...

Kandee, this is why we all LOVE you so much...because you are REAL. Thank you for posting this video, you have no idea how much it helps and inspires even if you weren't feeling like your normal self. We love you Kandee and we're all rooting for you! You are beautiful, inside and out.

Unknown said...

I know you got a billion love letters and probably wont get through all of them very fast but I hope you like mine, I hope the words bring a wearm fuzzy feeling to your heart and encouragement to your life. You are an amazing person and nobody can bring you down Kandee! You have WAAAAAY too much love comin your way to let others (FEW) bring you down. God will make sure you are blessed each day!

Lovinmamabear said...

I truly feel your pain Kandee. Keep you head up and focus on all the good things you have in your life.

Beauty Swagga said...

Boy do I have something to say to those dummies that have vids makiing fun of u! Haters!!!!!

Can I tell u what u have done for me by watching ur vids!?! I think ur flawless first of all! Do u see ur pics? Ur beautiful and never agree with people when pointing out a flaw, those flaws make u unique, embrace ur flaws and love them more!!! I watched ur vids becuz ur not afraid to be ur, with ur spunky flavor lol. Ur an amazing artist, who can paint, crafty, with amazing talent and with a good brownie recipe!! (From the brownie vid lol) I've been a fan from day one!

What u did for me was make me want to reconnect with me creative side. Loving makeup as a child, always stealing my moms maybeline eyeliner and red lipstick but only doing it for me, but I've been doing more makeup and picking up more palettes and supplies. I'm a single mom too so I'm doing it on a budget but its ok with me! People r seeing my makeup pics on my facebook and r asking me to do their makeup for events! This is bcuz of u! U fired me up after seeing ur first vid! And I've been a die hard fan ever since!

So when people put u down and say mean things remember that for some of us, we don't see those things! Like u said in one of ur vids, they see in u something the r lacking in them.

And fyi if I lived on the west coast, i would be ur friend, I'd be the one cussing out anyone that sad anything bad. Lol that's that latina in me lol.

Best wishes and stay blessed!

Tiffanie said...

Kandee. I will be your friend and I know everyone here feels the same way. I even started my own blog! Food is my thing! I'm learning as I go and love learning not only makeup from you but bloging tips too. Maybe one day I will learn how to post videos....
Sending you big hugs and kisses from Texas. I check your blog everyday before I get my kids up... Your part of my me time!

Love you more than you know.

Maybe one day I will have followers like you. I don't even think anyone reads my blog... I have no friends.

Ashley said...

Hi Kandee! I know you have to tough things going on in your life right now.....and I so relate to hard times. A few months ago I found out I was pregnant and my boyfriend told me he didn't want anything to do with it and *POOF*...he dissapeared. So I dropped school in the middle of the semester, packed my things and moved states to come home to my mama :). Now I'm completely starting over and about to be a single mom. It's been such a tough road so far, and when I was at my lowest point, I started goofing around on YouTube to cheer myself up and found your videos. Kandee- you changed my life. I have no idea how you do it- but you have managed to be one of the biggest ispirations I have ever seen. I watched your videos and my confidence came back, I started laughing again, I found the strength to really move on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You don't know how much it meant to me.
By the way...maybe this will cheer you up! We made our own chubby bunny video!!!

Keep your head up, and remember how much you are loved!


Kat said...

Just discovered you this evening, I think you are just so pretty, and you really inspire me to help make myself look nice, Please whatever you do, just look at how many fans you have, and know, that we are all with you ;)

sarad4 said...

Kandee, I swear, you are the sweetest, kindest, most heartfelt person ever and those people that have nothing better to do with their time than say mean things about you are idiots. they don't know anything about you and honestly, they are just jealous that they aren't as great as you so they want to put you down to make themselves feel superior. but I say what you say when that happens to me, "I just don't care anymore." they're going to think what they want regardless of what they know is true, but you have to just look at that and think, well they're just sad and not gonna get anywhere in life. meanwhile I'm just gonna go and move on with my life because your hurtful comments don't mean anything. they seriously don't, I'm telling you. I feel like I'm on the same page and know how you're feeling because I don't have a lot of close friends either, and I know how it feels to be put down for no reason at all, and feel completely shut off from everyone else and alone. but it builds your strength and character and you always come out feeling better about yourself because you can say for yourself that you're amazing, you don't need anyone else to. but there are a ton that will say that for you and we all hope and know that you will come out on top in this ridiculous mess. Love and Happiness!!!! :)

Unknown said...


I love you so much. You are more important than ANY celebrity out there. You are so real and so raw and so life. You are a diamond, with every facet reflecting a different part of you but all together they make a beautiful treasure. Thank you for "keeping it real." You don't hide from us, you don't hide your true feelings and your true heart unlike celebrities. You are inspiring and you have such an amazing heart. Every "friend" or foe you have ever had is so lucky to have at least gotten to know you. You are so incredible, Kandee! You and your little people will get through these tough times and things will get better. They love you and so do we :] I know you are hurting Kandee and you have no reason to deserve it, this is gonna make you such a stronger woman!!! Thank you for all the tough days you have seen me through. I love you, friend. I hope your heart feels better soon.

xo Maria

Angelam1824 said...

Hey Kandee,
Everyone has said it so well already, but we all need to hear it sometimes. You brighten my day, and make me want to try new things, and when I try them and succeed the feeling that I get is more than anyone can take away from me. You're not the only loner--or single mother, and just because we're dealing with issues that seem small on the world scale doesn't mean they aren't important to all of us.
You send us love every time you smile, and spend your time and energy to give us a part of yourself. Know that you're loved back, and those people who are hating on you really don't have anything to do with you, they're hating on themselves.
Much love & thanks,

Independent_Dreamer said...

I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are. You're incredibly talented ,funny, creative and inspiring. It's hard when people try to bring you down just for being yourself or for being different it's what happens to me everyday at highschool :( Everytime I'm invited out or have a party to go to i always go to your channel to find inspiration for my make up. You are amazing! Cheer up buttercup!

Meagan said...

You are so amazing. You have inspired me so much (not to mention helped me be more You even inspired me to start my own blog. I hope all is well. Stay strong with your current struggles. I too have recently gone through my own tough time with a court case that was settled today. It was weighing so hard on me for the past year and it wasn't nearly as difficult as what your going through. I thought I would send you some love because of all of the love I feel when I watch your videos and read your blog.

Trina Y. said...

If you are ever in Az, hit me up! I totally "get" your stuff and it's nice to see all the sides of you :).

I always believe that what you think is what you are...

so keep shining. It's ok to have a bad day... thanks for sharing!

I have two kids and know how hard it is to always feel like you have to keep it together...

Your wonderful and I love your blog!


Unknown said...

Kandee, I am a 55 yr old woman in Seattle WA who has always had an interest in makeup, but never used my face as a palette. So I wander thru Youtube looking at videos and yours were the first I found. I find you so fun and entertaining and I am just writing to say that its going to be okay cause you are a great person and wonderful Mom. Don't let the crap take you down. You are a strong woman and you will overcome this.
Take care,
Gail D. in Seattle WA

missmolly-mae said...

ok so I watch this vid this morning and i was just shocked at the fact that people could ever hate on you kandee! between all the girls i ever talk to about make up, your like a household name!! were always talking about how amazing all ur videos are and everything like that lol you truely are our make up guru and I know we all love you so dearly so EFF the haters and keep on going home girl :D
love, miss molly-mae<3

Unknown said...

I wish:

1. That I was a lawyer so I could help you win in court
2. That I lived near you so I could watch your babies free of charge
3. That I could help you see yourself like your fans see you...

You're an incredible woman Kandee and you WILL get past this hard time. You're so much stronger than you know... I love you and am thinking about you!

lindsayeverso said...

Hi Kandee!
I just wanted to let you know that you have been the hugest inspiration to me. I have been watching your videos and reading your blog since you started and you have helped me improve my self esteem tremendously. You have taught me to be proud of who I am and to follow my dreams. I just wanted to let you know that although there are very mean people out there are thousands of people that LOVE YOU!!!! You also have 3 precious lil babies that LOVE YOU too!!! So not only are you an inspiration to all of us but to your kids as well. I know that they are soo proud that they have a strong and beautiful woman for a mom!

Unknown said...

About your video:
I wish you never did this video...

Is not that I dont want to hear you...listen to you, understand you, see your face, you eyes...
I know we all have bad times, and we want to share them so we can feel better, and thats good...
But, not seeing ONE smile in your face...I didnt see you eyes sparkle!...Just breaks my heart...
You said you are not alone...but you didnt felt it in your heart in this video...

Kandee Johnson, I dont want to see you like this never again.

Thats why I wish you never did this video...

Kandee say this to your heart... feel it, believe it: YOU ARE NOT ALONE, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! AND I LOVE YOU...YES...MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE.

About this entry:
It is so awesome that you receive your boomerang in shape of letters and kind words...

Dont forget you have ALL my support and love. I send you smiles, hugs and lots of love, Angel Ramirez

Keyla said...

Aww you really made me tear up. I know exactly how you feel. When everything in life is going okay it really doesn't matter what people say because you don't even let it phase you but it's times like these where not having a lot of friends or hearing the mean things that people say really get to you. When you don't have anyone to cheer you up or listen to you it's gets so lonely. We have so much in common so i completely understand. We're all you're friends and we're here to listen. Love you! :]

Bronte said...

Kandee :D
I send all my Love to you and your family! You're an amazing person and your love for everyone and inspiration make you an ngel to all your fans. You make my days brighter and you've taught me to just be me. Thank you SOSOSOSO MUCH! We have your back! <3

AllThingsGrowWithLove said...

My girls and I love you!!! Just think about how many peoples lives you touch every day!! I have been bummed because I do hair and I listen to problems every day. I come home and look forward to seeing your wonderful posts. You have been so sad lately =( it makes me sad. I feel your pain. I just want you to concentrate on the good you have in your life. All those people who say negative things. They are not happy people and are jealous of what little things make you happy!! You bring joy and love to the world with your makeup and your "positivity"!! I wish I lived closer to you! I would Invite you to my house with my family and cook you dinner and make you some cookies and give you a big hug!! I was in your shoes at one time. My grandmother used to tell me. Remember the worst thing that has ever happened to you? i would say yes. then she would say "you got through it right?" I would say yes grammy. So you will get through this right? Kandee you are a strong ,beautiful Woman. Do not let the dumbness of stupid ignorant people get youd down!! We love you. Just practice the Secret. just think everything is ok. I have a friend who is terminal with breast cancer and has a 6 year old son. Her name is Michelle tull Bynum. She is the Susan G Komen face of cancer. Google her. read her story. Everyday will be a blessing. I promise . My name is Dani my email is
Please write me and I will give you my number. I think you need someone positive that is kind of detached from your situation to help you through. I help people everyday (hairstylist councelor lol)
just trust me and trust God. He has a plan!! You will be ok!! LUV U girlie!!
<3 Dani ;)

Unknown said...

Someone as positive and uplifting as you deserves a few "love letters". I hope that everything you are going through right now makes you stronger and helps you appreciate all.of the little things even more. We all go through hard times, but like they say, you can't truly enjoy the sweet without the sour. Cherish every moment, if only for the fact that it is yours.

Maria said...

Kandee, I'm sorry you're going through a rough time right now. But since I found your YouTube videos last year, I've noticed how much more creative I feel, how much more inspired, how much more willing i am to take risks - in fashion, in life, everything. You brought that out in me and I'm sure you do the same for others. I'm sorry your feelings are hurt :( by others' mean-spirited comments. It hurts, especially when you know that deep down, you want to see the good in people and want them to understand the good in you.

Adri said...

Hi Kandee...
I know is hard, but you shouldn’t let anybody put you down, Your amazing. You inspire me and a whole bunch of other people every day. You shouldn’t though for a moment that you are a great mom, because let me tell you I look up to you, as a mom, as a friend, as a great make-up artist. I didn’t understand the real meaning of doing your make up , or I wasn’t interested about make up till I came across your YouTube videos one day... I want you to cheer up, we all love you, we are here to support you, to help you, don’t feel alone, look at how many people follow you everyday... We love you
I would like to write to you as well, how can we send you a letter?

Miss Priss Morgan said...

Some people stink.

Hold on the ligt will come.

uc said...

Hi Kandee, I totally understand I was feeling really bad yesterday because I failed my permit test, and my whole day went sour! I know it`s hard to "not care" about what everyone says because you feel sad and angry. Just BE ANGRY! don`t not be angry! scream, yell whatever you have to feel better DO IT! you`ll feel better. Praying helps too trust me I was mad and as I prayed I felt a wash of calm come over me. and remember Kandee that we are here for you YOUR FANS, THE ONES THAT LOVE WHAT YOU DO, WHAT YOU CAN DO, AND LOVE WHO YOU ARE. I hope you feel better soon.
sending love from my heart, Shaheen

Unknown said...

I see my card (orange and purple with a red flower) and I am so happy to know it came to you on a day that you could really use it. I had a ton of fun drawing on the envelope too! :D

Nisha Ambitious Girl said...

i love ur vids i think u a very nice person i dont see how any can say any thing bad about you. your blog has made some of my bad days into good ones. ur so inspirational to me and other young girls

Sheleigh said...

Oh Kandee sweetheart!!! My heart goes out to you so much! You can have no idea how much I empathize with you and your loneliness. Though, I was SO surprised to hear that you were single! Whenever I watched your videos on youtube I always had to stop and wonder who the crazy lucky guy/girl was that had your heart. I find it so hard to believe that someone as beautiful and sweet and wonderful like you ever ever ever has had to suffer feeling lonely. I know I sound silly, but I just wanted to send out my love to you. A friend of mine told me to look you up (she get's all of her make-up mastery from watching your videos) quite recently, so I haven't been fallowing for very long, but I am totally hooked! Your smile is the most amazing smile I have ever seen, and your charm warms my heart. You make me really excited to do my make-up in the morning, haha.
So please, please keep being amazing, and making the rest of us feel as beautiful as you. I look forward to all of your up coming videos!!
xoxoxxo Sheleigh

tryingtobuyincalifornia said...

suffering exists in the world and it is our role to end it. each one of us has an obligation to bring an end to suffering. the buck should stop with us. that said, the haters are the darkness where our stars can shine. use them as a symbol of what not to be. i know it hurts but go towards the pain and deep inside and look for the lesson. get right back up and be yourself and you will be rewarded. the haters will always be there to remind us of what we don't want to be...feel the pain...and then look the other way and see the love...keep on going in the right direction. just follow your heart: ok?

cspasley said...
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cspasley said...

Kandee!! My heart breaks to see you so sad. What you are going through in your heart and in your daily life is so very important to you and not only me, but so many of your other loyal watchers (or readers).

I too have so little friends to turn too. I had a best friend who passed away a year ago and was buried on my birthday. Since then I haven't really connected with anyone, but I feel like I connect with you through the internet. So THANK YOU!!

I suppose it is my fault for not trying to make new friends.. I turn to my mom, who is now my best friend. She knows I love her, but its so hard to not have a "best friend" my age to turn to, to understand me and my life. I miss those girl trips.. shopping, lunches, movies.. just doing girly things that my mom doesn't understand. It is SO hard and sometimes I feel so lonely. It is at this low point that I turn to youtube and your videos.. You can always make me smile and brighten my day. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. It is so nice to know that no matter what the day brings I can always turn to my kandeetube for a smile or words of advice.

I have learned that to love and love others is the best thing I can possibly do.. not everyone will ever understand 100% what is going on in your life, but there will always, ALWAYS, be someone to support you. You are luckier than most.. you have hundreds, even thousands supporting who you are and what you stand for. For every 1 hater there are another 1,000 lovers!! Just remember that.. Let their strength and your own light your path!

You encourage so many people.. let them encourage you!! Thank you for all that you are and all you strive to be! Speaking for us all, WE LOVE YOU KANDEE!!

Desiree said...

Ten Positive Things that I love about Kandee ;)
(not in any particular order)

1. You are beautiful!
2. You have the KINDEST heart!
3. You inspire me every day to be more positive
4. You love God
5. You are a great Mother
6. You are super fun & goofy
7. You are VERY talented
8. You seem like you don't take things for granted
9. You have brought joy to a lot of peoples hearts
10. Even though I don't personally know you, you seem like a close friend to me, someone I can count on to make a bad day seem much much better!

I hope you truly realize just how much we "fans" love you! I look at your blog I swear like 5 times a day just to re-watch videos, too see what you're up to, and to get even more inspired by you.

Those people that say mean and negative things about you are just really insecure and hatred within themselves and try to make themselves feel better by putting others down. But if they want to do that their whole lives they'll eventually find that they will reap what they sew. I don't really believe in "karma" per say but I definitely think that when people have that much hate, it won't get them anywhere positive in life and they will continue to be miserable and wonder why.

Just know that how ever many few people try to put you down, that you have a team of a million more rooting for you!!!

Jessabr said...

OH Hai!
I wish i could express myself the way you seem to be able to, but in my not so eloquent words i just want to say.. That you are such a beautiful person! It takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there for the world to see/unfortunately judge. I know and I hope you know as well that you have made the world a better place. You have touched the hearts of sooo many people and that counts for a great helps counter all this hatred people have. I know that I myself have found great comfort your words and in knowing that people like you exist. People that are overflowing with joy & love & selflessness. I want you to know that we appreciate every blog/video you put out there. THank YoU From The BottOm of MY <3
Stay safe & Keep SmilIng xo -JB

Jeanine Legarda said...

Kandee, you're so you tell each one of us. Isn't it awesome how God works??? You have a "crappy" day bombarding you with its demands and then, when you do the most routine thing in your life...going to the post office...God literally opens the door for His love to pour out...through those letters and heart felt words!

I honestly felt like I was in the same room as you during this video, like what friends do late at night. They talk and for some reason, when everyone is asleep and its quiet, deep things from the heart start to overflow...and friends grow deeper friendships =). I don't know you BUT I do know you....I think that can be said for all your viewers, clients, friends and fans! Thank you soooooo much for allowing God to use you. We are all in this together....I'm praying for you. AND AND're beautiful and you DO light up a room. YOU ARE THE LIGHT FOR THE KIND OF DARKNESS GOD HAS CHOSEN YOU TO SHINE IN!!

PBunnieP said...

Great video Kandee... I watched it first from my account on YouTube and then again on your blog.
I'm rooting for you, we all are!

PS> I spy with my little love letter! Yay! It made it safe *phewww*

jasmin* said...

kandee, although u are going through a rough time, u need to keep ur head held high, u are an amazing person that has changed many of our lives, u have fans that adore u, but most of all u have your family ur sister and mom that your constantly talking about,and most important u have three wonderful angels that love u with all their little hearts, u need to be strong and let all those comments slide off, my mom always tells me that people are mean to u because in a way they are jealous of what u have, and with your videos u have shown that u have gone through so much, but yet u are surrounded by so much people that love u, u are surrounded by love and the people that are mean to u or just dont like u are ant size compared to all the love u have from all of us, ur fans. its ok to feel down but know that we love u and that were here for u at least through your blog. love u lots
jasmin =)

AmyD said...

I'm a very recent reader and follower so I am not all up to spead on your life right now but I do know God is good and with him all things are possible! keep that smile going and I look forward to new adventures from the Kandee blog!!!

Amy D in Ohio

Tasha said...

I saw the videos of all the insecure ple who decided to vent towards you. To tell you the truth they are souless people without a heart who are beyond insecure. I am so happy you have your own blogsite and page, You are so inspiring. I know it hurts, but they are so jelouse of you. They have no respect. IF only they were in your shoes. Keep you head high i love you sweetheart! <3 Stay strong because we are all here for support and to reach out.

Diane said...

We should thank you for all the good thought you give us that help us through a hard day :)


Anita said...

I think you have more friends than you can imagine.More than the brainless haters who leave bad comments about you.I guess it comes with being famous or well-known.I know it`s very hard to ignore them.A bad comment hit you in the heart two times harder than a positive one can heal it.
I have read it somewhere,act like a dog.If you cannot chew it,cannot play with it,piss on it and leave it.
And what about the gorgeous flower growing out of poo???
You are precious Kandee,don`t forget it!:)

shelbylebel said...

I came across your videos on youtube about 6 months ago and have been watching and following your blog ever since. You have become such an inspiration to me and whenever I'm having a bad day I watch your videos for a pick me up. I've been torn down way too many times from the people I have let into my life and felt as if I couldnt accomplish anything my heart was set on. After hearing your story and your positive comments I truly feel as if I can do whatever my mind is set on. I hope that you don't stay down for too long because I feel this world has gotten a blessing by having you in it. I don't think I have ever come across a person as positive and upbeat as you. Don't let the negativity into your beautiful Kandee bubble!

Lyv said...

This is not the Kandee I remember before I left for vaca.... :( Don't let these negative people ruin the person you many of us appreciate you and everything about you! From your smile, silly dances to your down to earth unique beautiful personality. People that write negative things and have negative things to say about such a beautiful person are simply unhappy with themselves and their lives....I think that's very obvious. Thank you for sharing your video with us I believe you have really showed all us viewers how life's stones can take a toll on the most beautiful flower... it's not just the unpopular flowers that get wilted when the sun doesn't shine. Keep in mind that we your true viewers are a chunk of your sun....(I think your family and close friends make up for the rest ;)....) and I hope we keep you standing strong like you do to us. I don't comment as much on your blogs but I haven been following them and your vids for the past few months and I want you to know that I keep you and every positive person I know in my prayers every night. Sending tons of positive energy and love your way! -Lyv

montana krista said...

i haven't responded to any vids yet, but after watching the new one, i feel like you might need even an insignificant happy boost from a new fan:D

first, i love watching your videos & am sooo glad that i found someone who is kinda like me. this is silly, but instead of watching movies i watch KANDEE (and play with my dog)!!!! now i know how to do my makeup & not feel wierd (i live in montana where folks look strange when they get prettied up lol) mostly you've given me the confidence to "BE ME":)

second, i know how daunting it feels to be up against "the judicial system" and all i can say is GOOD LUCK. stay strong for your babies as well as yourself & you will all come out on top!!!:D your spirit is strong enough to make it through this b.s. don't be afraid of those guys. they're just mad cause they didn't follow their dreams. unfortunately they've chosen their path & you can only continue down yours which is SUCH AN INSPIRATION!!!!

third, i am now looking into going to an aveda institute to learn what i've always wanted to do, but was too ashamed to do since i come from a "you grew up on a farm & make-up is superficial" kind of family. i loved listening to your story & i realized how much i have going for me.


much love, krista:D

theee mizzMAI said...

i dont know what i could possibly say that someone else before me hasn't but know this.
kandee you know the person you are, you know the person you can be and you know in your deepest of hearts that you have the courage, dependence, kindness and determination to be able to conquer through all of lifes troubles. each day is a new one, and each challenge faced and overcome puts us one step closer to the rainbow. even though we don't know each other, and will probably never meet the words you spoke hit home, i saw in your eyes what i see in mine; the struggle of acceptance, the confusion of animosity but remember this is what fuels the ferocity to prove each person who throws negative energy towards you wrong, and that is what makes people like us survivors.
hang in there, and know that we are survivors. :D
xoxo <3 always, theee mizzmai

Jai said...

As many have already said, I LOVE YOU KANDEE! While there wasnt a card from me (only b/c I dont have your address), if there was it would have been overflowing with love and admiration. *begins singing*..and if you threw a partay, invited everyone you would see the biggest gift would be from me. And the card attached would say "THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND"* haha sorry but that reminded me of the Golden Girls!
Seriously though, you have touched so many with your bright smile, sweet voice and words of encouragement. You, Kandee Johnson! Just a typical girl, trying to make her way through this crazy world! Thats why we love you. You are one of us and we can see the sincerity on your face and hear it in your voice.
I pray that the negativity never changes you. I know how hard it is to NOT become cold and withdrawn in times of tragedy. Please dont let the devil dwell that far into your beautiful soul Kandee. Remember, God never brings us to what he wont bring us through!

Jai (YT- MsCherryKitten)

PinkWithGlitter said...

hi kandee!

you make my life sparkle... every day!!!



Fif. said...

1.Amazing person.
2.Inspires me so much.
3.I've learned so much from her. And still learning.
4.The best maku-up artist.
5.Great sense of humor.
6.Great style.
7.Beautiful. Inside and out.
8.Crazy. But in a good way.
9.Would love to have as a friend.
10.Gives me hope.

WHO? you Kandee :) and i came up with those in a minute. 'cause you're rly amazing :)

Hope everything will be ok. :)

Lots hugs and kisses from Europe. ^^


Anonymous said...

HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGG!!!!! Everything is going to be okay!

I hope you can feel the love Kandee girl, even through this comment!

You are such a gentle soul, and i hate that you let those insecure people's comments affect you like this.
A. you absolutely do NOT look like a transvestite..... you must know this. Thats like saying a cupcake looks like giraffe..i mean its ridiculous.

2.Cupcakes do not look like Giraffes.

and D. There is nothing wrong with your forehead,voice or eyebrows. they are all perfect and exactly the way God designed you. He did a great job by the way... obviously you are really stunning. But besides that you are a kind soul, great mom, HILARIOUSLY funny, and a giving person who gives so much without knowing it... without ever asking for anything back. I and im sure many others learn so much from you, All of your make up tips infused with little life lessons and general hilarity bring so much joy and sunshine to my day. I hope when you read this that you realize how amazing you are!
PS. yes i realize i put A,2,D- its from home alone. Buzz says it..

Maria said...

Kandee! I live in Russia. I'm very far from you and if I try to send you a handwritten letter you will probably get it in the middle of summer. But I want to support you right now. And I want you to know that everything will be great because we all send you our love. Even from Russia! Did you know you've got friend over there? :))

fiona said...

Hey Kandee,
Honestly, I only knew about you back in Dec 2009 where I started to find some tips over youtube and I guess it was His will that I found you. To tell you frankly, your first impression to me was "Oh man... she is loud!".. Haha.. no heart feelings but as I watched your video especially "Chubby Bunny".. I kept on laughing till tears came rolling down and suddenly I realised that you are such a wonderful person. And ever since then I have been following you.

Anyways.. what ever ppl say bad things to you.. always remember that you are who you are cause there are many reasons why God made you such.. and with that, you have made many spirits lifted because you are such a positive bubbly person I have never met and I really like you alot... You are such an inspiration to me eventho I have never met you.

Just to let you know, you have a friend in Singapore.

Let others say bad things to you because you cannot stop or control them, but you can control yourself and accept it in a positive manner and embrace it gracefully.

No matter what happens Kandee, you are the best youtube friend I have ever met and how I wish I could meet you personally and give you a big hug.....

(from Malaysia but residing in Singapore)

Jinni said...






LIKE THEY SAY..."When life has you put up with mean and hateful people, just think of them as sandpaper. They may scratch you, and rub you the wrong way, but eventually you end up smooth and polished. As for the sandpaper, its just going to be worn and ugly."

Shannon said...

oh my--these are all just the most beautiful comments from this family who loves you, Kandee! i'm not sure how much more i could add, so i just agree wholeheartedly with the kindness that's being typed. oh Kandee i hope you know how deeply precious you are and the unexplainable value you have! what mean people say does hurt, and it's good to acknowledge the pain--i hope though that God's love and our love may be a balm to the wounds. :)

EmilyGraceBridger said...

Ten Great things about you.

1. You are a fantastic mum. (or mom, depending on which side of the pond you are reading this on :D)
2. You are the kindest person ever.
3. You are beautiful.
4. you share your wisdom with the world.
5. you are so talented at your job.
6. you have the most amaing way with words.
7. Watching your videos or reading your blog ALWAYS makes me happy..
8. You always tell the truth.
9. you are so strong, i could never cope with what you are going through now.
10. your heart is pure.
11. I wish everyone was like you. the world would be a much better place.
( i know i only put ten at the top.. but i had to put eleven!)

The people who say bad things about you are jealous!
Just look at your blog.. So many people love you. dont let a few low lifes get you down, we all love you and support you. You have a family here.
All my love

Summer said...

Remember these words... "There are more things that frighten us than injure us, and we suffer more in imagination than in reality." ~Seneca

Keep your head up! We are all rooting for you during these trying times!

Unknown said...

I know it's hard Kandee but be strong and if you can't well that's what we are here for, just like you have been for all of us. The heck with those people and the negativity. If I were you, the second you see something terrible written or said...shut it off..skip it, don't read it...keep your head held high. We are all rooting you on and praying for the best for you. Hugs!! LeeAnn

KR Dorne said...

Kandee...I am sorry you are going through this. Some people are just idiots. I wish I had some advice to make this right. You are lovely. You inspire others and your energy is amazing. Others can't see that or they make fun of it because they lack the ability to inspire others. Don't forget that. Your beautiful with or without makeup. Your soul is gorgeous. Please don't forget that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee, I hope that you can soon smile again without it being an effort. Some outside things and circumstances in the world, we can't change. All you can do is look after yourself so that when things are resolved, you are at your best and able to appreciate and make the most of the good times that will arrive sooner or later. There are hundreds of people out there who if they could, would give you a big hug right now and us English ones would throw in a cup of tea!!!

Anna Banana said...


You almost made me cry! I wanted to give you a big hug. I'm sure lots of people tell you this, but you are one AMAZING woman. You're beautiful, talented, positive, loving, generous, and creative as hell. I love that you open up your heart and soul and think you are so brave. Hopefully one day I will be that brave.

Love ya and virtual hugs!

Realwedding said...

Don`t let them hurt you!You are priceless! Kisses and hugs from me & my friends!

Sandra said...

Hey Kandee,

Keep your head up girl! You have no idea what an inspiration you are to all of us. I look forward to reading your blog daily because I know it's going to be joyful, real, and inspiring. And just remember, God only gives us what we can handle....even when we wish he wouldn't trust us so much! LOL! Keep smiling and doing your thing and remember haters will always be haters. You get what you put out there and that's why we all care for you! Take care!

kathyb said...

Always remember that ur loved by people everywhere! It’s hard 2 read neg comments, but u need to pray 4 them (Matt 5:4, Luke 6:28) Many celebs don’t even read the bad stuff bcuz it’s not productive.As u’v said b4, Neg people need 2 b removd from the happy bubble of kandee-ness, I want 2 b happy, kind, n positive" That’s what it’s all about. I know others have said this, but you honestly inspire me & I check 4 new videso everyday bcuz they make my day a little brighter

Kandee Johnson said...

thank you so much everyone! for everyone that would like to write to's the address!
Kandee Johnson
PO BOX 700
Minden, NV 89423

I can't wait!!!! xoxo

Unknown said...

I really like your videos . . .
I just wanted to suggest picking up the book
A New Earth
it's super uplifting and makes me feel 100 times better when I'm down
like you can't be broken
I'm a 15 year old singer (i'm a girl)
feel free to check out my videos too everyone
they don't suck :)

just type:

or click the link below

coco said...

Hi Kandee,

I loved this video that you posted. It lets us in to see the raw,vulnerable and beautiful person that you are inside. Many people are envious of a beautiful looking person and they never give them a chance to get to know them. They stay away because they feel they don't compare. If only people understood that they have deep feelings and hurt the same way. Here's to showing empathy and love to everyone who is hurting.


Unknown said...

Don't woory Kandee, Everything will be alright, just keep spreading love and happiness, and everything wiil fall into palce, and for those dorks and jerks that are out there spreading all that hate and garbage out there, don't even worry about them, God will deal with them, just keep your chin up kiddo, everything will be alright...PROPS TO KANDEE!!!

*I'm working on a graffiti piece with your name in it, i'll mail it as soon as its finished!!!

S said...
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S said...
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S said...
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S said...


have you considered doing a book? a makeup one ? - looks, tips , portfolio work, ideas, explaining your inspirations and the sorts. i know there are a lot out in issue such as the allure one (i wonder why they havnt featured you yet...) and the bobbi brown one... i dunno how well it would sell.. i guess it would project the same numbers as those other ones...but i dunno .. not a book publisher though i guess it would take ages and i dunno how well makeup books sell..... was just thinking XD

lots of sparkling love

Live2Laugh584 said...

Hey Kandee! U R a babe! I don't usually take the time to post things on the internet just because, BUT!!! It drives me crazy how this can bum you out so bad!! I found you on youtube a bit ago and have LOVED ya!! You are just crazy adorable so fun to watch. You're now one of those things I have to check everyday or so. You honestly brighten my day, just pull me out of some of those stressed out sucky moments which is an amazing talent!! It may sound cliche or over used (but that's because it rings true so often!) anyways people see you and they can't understand how you can be so happy, adorable, fun, talented and they want it for themselves. The easiest way to get closer to you is to try and bring ya down 2 them. You r 1 of those amazing people!!! (internet is just a simple impersonal way people have found to workout their feelings in a bad way, by tearing others down. They don't think they have to feel guilty because they don't know you. You don't know them. You can't see them. Really acting this way to people does bring them down, it hurts and reflects on them. The lack of respect they have for another person is really telling and ultimately there is guilt that comes with treating people this way even on the internet.) Sorry this was so crazy long I just wanted to get somethings out 2 ya. U R SO GREAT!!! Keep it up girl!!

Katie Rose said...

Kandee, listen to this song - it gives me strength.

Lisa said...

Kandee!!! I feel your pain. I recently admitted to myself that I've been in an emotionally abusive relationship for 10yrs. I just opened up my eyes. I'm not sure what I am going to do. I feel so alone. Like you I need a hug from someone and for someone to ask me how my day was. (I am in tears as I type this). I have very little friends I can talk to about this and I am hurting so bad especially b/c I have 2 little people of my own to worry about. There is not one day that goes by that I don't get a mean comment from my spouse and the all the silent treatments...really do hurt. I mean it from the bottom of my achy heart, your words help me out and give me inspiration & hope. I hope mine can do the same for you. All those people that leave those mean comments are posers. They are mr/mrs nice person around others but behind closed doors they are terrible people. But I hope there are a lot more good comments than bad comments. Hugs & Kisses from me to you!

me & my achy heart

Unknown said...

To my dearest one!
You left me in the dark, slammed the door in my face. People around you, successfully convinced you.........
"you can't make it."

please remember me again, let me in your life, soul, and spirit....believe in me....I'm real

It's me, your biggest DREAM

Mari-Ann said...

Kandee, I just lately started reading your blog ( oh, and sorry for my English cause I'm from Europe ). But I wanted to say, it was really hard to see a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and HAPPY person like YOU so sad. Please know, that me and the rest of your uncoutable fans are all with you in spirit. And I'm convinced that if people had the chance to be there with you when you are feeling down, they would hug you and tell you that everything will be alright, because you are loved and not alone. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! We love you :)

A shot of Gin said...

I remember the first time I came across your one of your videos ( I think it was the one about skincare products that you use), I thought you were sooooooo pretty and wished that I could look just as pretty as you are! You looked like you were in your 20s...and because you were so pretty, I decided to watch more of your videos and finally subscribed (the first time I ever subscribed to anyone's channel). I love how you stay positive, or try to in all of your videos for the viewers...and when I found out that you were a makeup artist, I told myself that if I were to get married, there's no one better to do my makeup but you! I learned so much from you...I even quoted some of the things you said here on my facebook page! Keep your head up, KJ, and remember to "let go and let God". I believe that God sends you all these obstacles and challenges...not to punish you, but to see how you'd deal with them. It's like he wants to know when faced with problems, will people still believe in HIM or will they turn away? You can overcome this. We all know so!

MsFit said...

Hi Kandee!
Your the greatest. I wish there were more people down here where I live. Unfortunately there isn't. I'm also a mommy, I have 3 kids. I love watching your videos (lots of great advice), reading your blogs and tweets too. Don't let life or peoples negative comments bring you down. You keep being you, keep doing what your doing. And Ignore the haters. Keep the positive inside of you.
Your awesome and beautiful!


Cat said...

HI KANDEE...I AM SOOOOO EXCITED LOL...My GIFT is showing in the picture...It's the green bag filled with goodies hehe...I hope u liked it...Whatever you may be going through right now, u have the support of some many of us, and u are truly Cat xxx

Cat said...

HI KANDEE...I AM SOOOOO EXCITED LOL...My GIFT is showing in the picture...It's the green bag filled with goodies hehe...I hope u liked it...Whatever you may be going through right now, u have the support of some many of us, and u are truly Cat xxx

Unknown said...

oooofffff :( You are sooo sad in this video don't deserve this....... I HOPE TO FINISH GOOD THIS SITUATION THAT YOU PASS NOW....a bigggggg huuuugggg from Greece....Love you, Cristina

jayleelah said...

Hey Kandee,

These days are a little tough for me so I was thinking about the movie The Wiz which I love.

What they sing and say is so touching.

I think these lyrics apply to you too little sister.

"If you're list'ning God

Please don't make it hard to know

If we should believe in the things that we see

Tell us, should we run away

Should we try and stay

Or would it be better just to let things be?"

Then :

"Do not accept any situation.

Question, argue and explore."

With luuuuv,


Sweetest Things Around said...

Your fans love you. i love you your such a great person! now everytime i do something im like wait what would kandee do i hope thats not creepy haha. but seriously youve really touched my heart with all your kindness and happyness. it makes me sad though that ppl can be so mean to such a nice person. Keep you head up girl its all gunna be ok you have your fans and your letters and love from me and a letter from me soon. your way to pretty to cry so no more crying haha we know your a great mom dont listen to those meanies i love you stay strong

w00ts up said...

Kandee- Oh my! I can't believe anyone would say anything negative about you, but in reality the negativity is more about their issues than anything else. Lame!
It's hard to not let comments hurt especially when they seem to come at once or be ongoing, but God knows your heart and he will continue to left you up. Those other people, well I feel sorry for them because they are just gonna keep getting more and more miserable till they realize they need to change. Keep your head up girl! I feel exactly how you described in your video. But your priorities are straight. All you can do is the best you can do and give as much love as you can. God has your back and no one messes with one of his kids!

w00ts up said...

I meant lift you up. Lol!

illinlostworld said...

Kandee we all love you. just ignore the losers.

Dawn said...

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.”

Unknown said...

Hey there Beautiful inside and out! I dont like to see you this way and wanted to send a big hugs your way Kandee.. also when we are tired it gets to us more when we are down.. Also think what r grandma would say and know what answers she would give you and it will give you insight a smile and happiness deep in your heart.. you have friends my mom Melody or Carlton anytime for a get together promise they will make you laugh and smile.. your a good hearted person and deserve the best.. oh and remember YOU ARE A STAR.. wanted to give back what you been giving to others.. so smiles and hugs.. hope to see you at MUDD in Burbank one day..

annette1030 said...

Hey Kandee - your message touched me. I sent this to your youtube and I'm sending it to you here as well because I really thikn you'll get something out of this vid - it's an independent short award winning 15 min film called "Validation" made about a man who sends "smiles" out to the world.

As it was said in the video..."YOU are great...YOU are awesome."

Please just take a minute to watch it - it will bring tears to your eyes and fill your heart to the brim with happiness!

Anonymous said...

I'd send you a card if I knew your address! I love your make-up tutorials. I am an aspiring make-up artist and I'm always looking for new tips and tricks. You should do a Katy Perry music video. Her make-up in Waking Up In Vegas is really cool! Plus you are very pretty and have dark hair just like her. It would look pretty on you!

Oh and don't listen to the haters. If they are taking the time to write you, it just makes you more famous. And YES you are pretty may not realize it but you are VERY well known!!

Joanna said...

I am sorry that negative people are getting you down. I found your blog and your youtube videos today because I bought false eyelashes and was looking for tutorials on how to put them on. There are a lot of tutorials out there, but yours was fun, sweet, positive and HAPPY. I really like that a lot. You are in the business of beauty and that can get ugly at times. Don't pay attention to the haters and the people who are so negative they suck the joy out of life. Your spirit comes across much grander and joyful than they will ever attempt to be. And thank you so much for showing people how to do make up. Thanks to you, I now know how to make my double chin disappear. Keep up the good work.

Feel better!

BeautyQueenB said...

Kandee!! made a video for you on my little channel!! Tried to post in your video response but I am failing miserably!! Just a little tribute to the many joys in your life!! Thanks for all you do!!

Miko said...

I'm so sorry to hear about everything that has happened. There are many horrible people in the world who will try to interfere with others lives and make them worse for no reason at all! I hope it will be really obvious that the cop who did this wasn't doing his job at all and will be punished for what he has done. You are a wonderful person both inside and out and you can never let those comments get to you, no matter how much they try to. It's easy for people to hide behind secret internet names, but you put yourself out there and inspire and help thousands more.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start by saying that I just happened upon your facebook page today and after watching your Alice in Wonderland makeup video, I clicked on the link to your blog. I didn't really read anything you posted, I just watched this video and felt inspired to write something nice to you. I know you don't know a thing about me and I don't really know much about you but I do know that you are simply the cutest person I've seen. I was actually surprised by some of the negative comments that were said about you because the first things I thought when I watched your other video were that you were one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen and that your voice made you even more endearing. If I could I would give you a big hug just because you said you needed one. I hope you keep posting videos and doing what you love because I think that the number of people you make smile far outweighs the number of people who are filled with negativity. So cheer up charlie and remember that there are people out there that you inspire.

julian said...

Nothing stinks worse than getting kicked while you are down...I am not a real loner, but a single mom, so I understand that feeling of being alone in a world full of people...I would suggest you take all of the negative comments, and print them, then pray for those people to find beauty in their lives, and then make a nice little fire and then burn them...And say prayers for those people. They must be super bored people without a whole lot of happiness in their lives...
I have to share that my little girls love to watch your videos. Mostly the character ones. We love to Youtube together and I know I can trust that you will not say anything that "little ears" can't hear. They can't wait for Halloween so momma can try some of your looks on them. (Obviously, I will take care of their little skin)
But honestly, what an amazing thing. You are providing programing for little kids. If I may make a suggestion, my 3 and 6 year olds would love to see,
Strawberry Shortcake and the Smurf makeup!!
Do you ever consider using live models to do this???IF so, come on to DC and we will be your models!!
Chin up girl. You've got lots of friends praying for you!!!

Cate said...

Ten Things I must see about you:

1. You are a fantastic mum. (or mom, depending on which side of the pond you are reading this on :D)
2. You are the kindest person ever.
3. You are beautiful.
4. you share your wisdom with the world.
5. you are so talented at your job.
6. you have the most amaing way with words.
7. Watching your videos or reading your blog ALWAYS makes me happy..
8. You always tell the truth.
9. you are so strong, i could never cope with what you are going through now.
10. your heart is pure.
11. I wish everyone was like you. the world would be a much better place.


EmilyGraceBridger said...

Cate.. you did not write that 11things... I did!!
how rude, you cant even be bothered to write your own comment!

Bella's Place said...

hey kandee you are the best and i want to send you a card ? but i dont have your po box address

Zaire Areli said...

I hope you can watch this, it will help you a lot now in the tough times... Psalms 23 His watching over you, and holding you in His arms...

Navibug said...

Dearest Kandee... was very difficult to watch your recent video, where you just looked so sad and dejected...I just wanted to reach into the monitor and give you all those hugs you so deserve!!!

zzzbbbb-online hug!!!

I too know what it's like to feel EXTREMEMLY tested of late!!! It's difficult to take it sometimes, especially when it's coming from all angles!!

I also can understand how you feel lonely, despite having such a gravitational personality! I actually naturally assumed that you would have more close friends then you knew what to do with lol. (And YOU DO now have masses of online friends who dearly love you), but I know that it is never the same as having someone physically there...

I have been going through hell, literally of late too, but you give me so much hope, and the only way we can look at things right now, is that the only way is up baby!!!

This is the ying to our yang, the sour to our sweet, the spot on our otherwise flawless skin lol...referring to you here!!

No matter what people throw at you, whatever shit they say, don't EVER lose that beauty in you. It is so rare...people do not understand it, feel threatened by it perhaps, want to defile it...I will always be thinking of you...

"Take heart, for I have overcome the world..."


P.s Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for being the light in my dark and lonely world, hehe. As you always say, there will be people like myself, who will feel that our thank-you's will never be recompense for your loveliness!

Tiger Rose Tattoo said...

aaahh kandee, we know how you feel, some of us are or have gone threw ugly people, comments, and hatred from negative people. Its so simple, they should just not read, watch, or pay attention to what you are doing if they hate you so much. people like that survive in their tiny little boxes purturding vomit to make them feel better. but like my momma told me, you must be doing something right to have some many people paying attention and hating on you girl! much love \m/

kbentley said...

It's okay to cry Kandee. One of my favorite sayings is "tears are just weakness leaving the body! You are going to be stronger than you ever could have imagined when this is over! Hope you're feeling better soon. For each person that is saying rotten things about you, there are 1,000 people cheering you on!

Buzybugs said...

I'm your friend, DON'T listen to them, I know it hurts and it bothers you but there are more people that LIKE YOU then not, your amazing... Come to Utah I will hang with you. I'm always in Vegas, I would LOVE to meet you, your amazingly beautiful and a wonderful mom and person, your so nice to share your stories with us all, I was amazed at the GREAT makeup artistry you are, I think YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL, please DON'T CHANGE. Hang in there.

Unknown said...

Awwww.... you made me cry! Those were beautiful words and I understand completely where you are coming from. It's sad how you remember the bad more than the good. But you are a beautiful person inside and out. You are a great mom and I admire your courage to put it all out there for everyone. Don't let anyone bring you down... Big Hugs, Liza

Deborah said...

Here is what I know about negative people: It speaks to who THEY are, not what you are. It speaks to something missing in THEM.

I'm so sorry for your troubles and I think we should all remember how easily misconstrued anything we do, say, think, write can be seen.

You are a brilliant girl. Look at all the comments on this one post! Amazing group you have inspired!

Jane and Kory Fenton said...

I just came across your youtube videos today, and I have to say you're awesome! I love how upbeat you are in your videos. This one's obviously a bit of a sad one, but I hope everything with court goes quickly and smoothly for you. Today is the first time I heard this song, but coincidentally, it's been posted as a "lifter" for you, too. It's a good song, and remember, "this too shall pass."

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee,

I just found you through you tube and I decided to check out your blog. This video made me want to just give you a big ole hug. You seem like such a sweet lady sorry that some people can be so mean :( It sure does seem that you have a lot of lovely comments from people who care for you I really hope that cheers you up. I am now going to have to read your prior entries so I can get caught up on your blog. I look forward to watching your videos and being an online buddy :)
Big Hug!

Unknown said...

aww i love you so much. youre such a wonderful person. i read you and ian's blog and i totally agree with what he said about your situation. both of your posts made me tear up and made my heart drop to my stomach. i could probably sit here forever and not be able to think of a million words to perfectly describe you let alone a sentencefull. i know you can make it through this and the truth will always eventually come out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee,
don't worry about all those mean people and the things they say to you. They just say it because they are jealous of your beauty and everything you have going for you.You are beautiful inside and out.
Don't waste your energy on them rather save it for the three little loves of your life that need you the most and love you as much as they do.
You have inspired me with your life story. You never gave up on your dreams no matter how difficult the obstacles were.I'm trying to achieve my goals of getting into a med school and it has been very tough. However,I don't give up and I know that I will be there no matter what.
Thank you,
Much love,

Victoria said...

I just discovered your blog via a girlfriend, she shared with me your pin up hair video and I loved it - and I liked you. Then I got onto your blog and started watching the videos on make up - U rock!!
I love make up and hair, all that girly stuff. And when I got to this video I can relate to the loneliness part but I think a lot of us are lonely but we push through it. And the part about people being snot butts - they are lonely too and their way of dealing with being lonely is to throw out negative remarks to others so that they will feel like they do - is this making sense? Anyways you are awesome don't let others - people you don't even know or care about really get you down. Be who you are and in return you will get what you need - lol - isn't that a rolling stones song?
I have to finish looking at your videos now - I'm hooked and a fan -
take care cutie -
stay true to your heart.

Victoria said...

I just discovered your blog via a girlfriend, she shared with me your pin up hair video and I loved it - and I liked you. Then I got onto your blog and started watching the videos on make up - U rock!!
I love make up and hair, all that girly stuff. And when I got to this video I can relate to the loneliness part but I think a lot of us are lonely but we push through it. And the part about people being snot butts - they are lonely too and their way of dealing with being lonely is to throw out negative remarks to others so that they will feel like they do - is this making sense? Anyways you are awesome don't let others - people you don't even know or care about really get you down. Be who you are and in return you will get what you need - lol - isn't that a rolling stones song?
I have to finish looking at your videos now - I'm hooked and a fan -
take care cutie -
stay true to your heart.

Anonymous said...

This made me really upset but I felt really happy that you posted this. I am a loner too and I can sooo identify with the 'I am in a really crowded room, but I feel so alone' comment because I feel that way a lot. I wish I lived near you, Kandee because we could be loners, together. And, I have a little one myself, lol, so they could all be friends. I just feel bad for my son, too, because I don't even have friends that have kids... I did at one point, but we've all gone our separate ways. My son needs friends sooo bad and so do I. I used to be so bubbly and outgoing and now... I just feel like I am existing, not living.

I pray for you, Kandee. You're amazing. Chin up, honey pot.

Elzė.* said...

if we are all alone, we are all together in that too.

Morgan Macleod Photography said...

It's probably already been said... But keep smiling beautiful, all these horrible people on the internet are just bullies, who are too weak to actually bully in the real world, so they pick on shining stars in the cyber world. I just don't understand why they have to say what they do, it takes soooo much more effort to actually think of negative things to say, than to just let things go, or as you said... say something nice!
It is all going to work out for the best, and it sounds crass to say... but you learn so much from the most horrible experiences. It's not worth it, but it is definately not in vain.
You have got so many people that love you, than in relation to the nasties, it's overwhelming! You're amazing, and if I wasn't in Aus, I would love to work with you.
Keep smiling, because your smile lifts my day, and your creativeness inspires mine!
Morgan :) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Unknown said...

i happen to come across one of ur videos the other day and i think ur the funnest most amusing girl ever!!!!
thanks for the very very helpful tips about make up, hair and whatnot.
seriously i think ur a pretty girl inside and out....dont know u but just fr watching u run around making fun out of every situation. i would so luv to have ur enthusiasm.


baileymarie said...

I have been folowing your videos for a long time now. Although i have never met you and dont know you, you are the sweetest person i have ever come across in my whole life. You have truly inspired me to be a better person. I feel like we are alot alike when you talked about being alone. I think you have the biggest heart and i wish there were more people in the world like you. When i try to go out of my way to be nice to people it hurts when it is just shot down by negativity, i was to the point where i just gave up on trying to make a difference but after watching your video you encouraged me to not give up that maybe that one smile or a kind gesture could turn around a persons day or change the way they look at people just like your video did for me. So thank you so much for your positive attitude, constant encouragement and your big heart. =)

Nicole said...
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emily o. said...

I don't know you at all but I've been following your blog and youtube videos for several months now. You are such an encouragement!
One of the main places I go for encouragement is God's word and one of my favorite passages is Psalm 121 - it reminds us that our help comes from the Lord. He created us and all that there is, so he will keep us! It talks about how God never sleeps - he is always there watching out for us, keeping us from all evil and keeping our lives.
Just remember what seems bad to us now is really for our good - we are growing, learning, relying on God, and you will be able to bless others with what you have learned.

Psalm 121 -

Also, Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."

Blessings to you and your family! Praying for you.

Navibug said...

Song that always lifts me...

God bless xx

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

kandee ive only just come across your blog...but you are amazing. i also agree with you that we need more love in the world... more positive vibes and this is a message of positvity to you...

stay strong because you have a talent and people will rip you apart because of that... but people are also here to support you.

stay happy, and know you are amazing.

Unknown said...

Hey girl! MY friend told me one time hey there is that great girl online Kandee you should watch some of her videos she is a true inspiration!!! This is how I met you. And I am not trying to be cheezy but you are really an INSPIRATION you are great and passionate about what you do. on the top of that you are lovely!!! Don't bother with the haters they are always there waiting to hurt us. Believe me I know something about it. I don't know if it helps but please don't be sad and don't ever stop doing what you do and be yourself!!!!

Unknown said...

I think that you are beautiful both inside and out. Have faith and keep your head held high.

-k said...

A lot of the time, when someone says something negative to a person who they might not even know, their negativity springs from the fact that they believe that something is wrong with themselves whether it's physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, whatever. I like to call it the 'Bully-Syndrome'.
It's almost always as if they need to be able to put someone down, usually about somthing that it reflective of what their own insecurity is, in order to make their own insecurity feel smaller or less obvious for a short period of time.
These people are sad, sad individuals and as much as they are able to hurt you they are probably hurting that much more inside.
That being said, it's not fair to you or anyone else when you need to deal with their negative comments and my heart goes out towards you so that it might make it a little easier to deal with!
Keep being the amazing inspiration and guiding light that you are.

Anonymous said...

Kandee you are the best! I love videos:)

Berry in Texas said...

Hi Kandee, this is my very first time to post a comment on anyone's blog. I tell you that because I want you to know you moved me in such a way that I felt compelled to say something.

I read many of the comments to see what your fans were saying (from their words, you can tell they have beautiful hearts - it made me want to be a part of this kind of community). Anyway, many people didn't understand why there have to be so many negative people out there.

If you think of any really good movie, there's usually a villain and a hero. Without the villain, you can't really appreciate the hero. Without experiencing the bad, you don't appreciate the good. It's a matter of necessary contrasts in order to get the full effect of whatever it is.

So if there weren't negative, toxic, hateful people on the web, we wouldn't be able to recognize what a breath of sunshine YOU are. You'd just be a normal person blending in with everybody else. Do you see what I'm saying? Your TRUE beauty shines ever more brightly because there is so much darkness in the world.

So the next time you stumble on any of that toxic waste, just realize it's necessary and only temporary. This world is not even our permanent home.

Much love from Texas!!

Koleta said...

Hi Kandee! I have been a long time follower of your on youtube and facebook. Your many wonderful creative videos have inspired me a whole lot. Please don't let a few haters discourage you. Let your haters be your motivators. Also whenever you feel lonely just remember that you have thousands of fans and even though they are not there with you, they are just a click away! I hope to see you back to your cheery self soon!

rejectreplace said...

how can anyone find your voice annoying? it's the cutest voice ever. seriously.

Unknown said...

Dont let the ugly comments get to you! look around you Kandee, You have a lot of people following you, watching your videos, getting your advice, following your recipies! you are blessed!! Look foward and i know ugly false comments do hurt even if they are not true but ignore them , think as if they were never written to your, just like you said on the vdeo how to get over a relationship (or somenthing like that) you said you dont neet to be checking there myspace to see how thay are doing, you dont need to read those comments be strong and just keep in mind the good things! i appreciate you very much and i dont even know you! just look up and never down

Unknown said...

Dear Kandee,

I dont know if you will get this or even end up reading this but i wanted to say..

You are a real inspiration to me. Because of you i want to express my art in make up.
I watch your videos on you tube and im always smiling because you seem so happy and fun and there just so entertaining and usefull!
There was one video that in particular that made me tearfull, the serious one where you were talking about how people write mean stuff to you.
It made me sad beacuse i dont see how people can even think negatively about you!
your this amazing, talented, bubbly, role model that is perfect in every way!
But you then went on to mention the nice comments aswell and im happy because theres people out there just like me who realise
how amazing you turly are !
even though i dont know you personally, i still feel like i know you!
I live in all the way in New Zealand and ive told all my friends about you! and how one day i wish to meet you and to do your make up lol!
I dont know why but im nervous writting this beacuse the thought of "Kandee Johnson" actually reading this gives me butterflys!

thank you Kandee For all your hard work and hours of filming!

love from Ashleigh Lilley 17 From Tauranga New Zealand :)

Steph said...

I just found your site today and Im sure you wont even get to reading this but you are the cutest!!!! You are just darling and I totally relate to you feeling so alone. I wish we could be est buds :) Keep smiling and thanks for being honest!!

Louise Norling Schill said...

Hey there kandee...

Last week I found you on you tube, I´m from sweden, have 2 children 3,5 year Melvin and my daughter Jasmine 8 months. I´ve got a letter last week that I got in to a makeupartist school here in sweden. The principal got her education in USA, NY. Så she is really good.. It starts in oktober.. perfect:-)

You are my inspiration!!!

I saw your sad video from januari..
My family lives 6 hours from me so I see your point.. and friends.. I have not many friends.. no one I can talk to about everything. And that makes me sad. I think we have a lot incoment.

I live for my children and now the makeupartist education ... but I would like to have some more... I understand that you dont have time to answer but I just want you to know that I think of you... and I know how it feels..

Many hugs from sweden!!!!
Louise Norling Schill

Anonymous said...

I love you girl. You're like my best friend & I've never met you lol. I didn't know squat about make-up before I started watching you, & now I feel like a pro. lol. Thank you so much for that. You're wonderful & you make me so happy when I don't even want to smile. I want to give you a huge hug. You're beautiful & amazing & you lift my heart. You make me want to be a better mom, a better person. You give me inspiration to do something better with my life. You make me feel like ANYTHING is possible. You are a huge inspiration, thank you so much for being you! :D

Hannah :)

Steve said...

Kandee .. .I just started reading your blog after catching one of your make-up tutorials, and I just have to say what an amazing light you have! I never post things like this to someone who doesn't know me, but you are seriously an inspirational person! First of all, you are absolutely stunning ... but you also have such a likeable personality, it feels like I know you! I know how it feels when people pick apart every little thing, and it's only because they are so sad themselves .. .confident people don't drag others down, they try and uplift, and that's what you are, a confident person who tries to uplift others. I'm a mommy too, and I understand the pressures of raising children, trying to feel good about myself, loving my husband, trying to keep my relationship with god strong .. and the list goes on. You really are amazing ... don't ever forget it!

Tess said...

Dear Kandee

I just discovered your blog and your videos today and I must say you've made my day (and I can probably already say my whole week). I admire the way you deal with things and I really love your personality, beside the fact that you're gorgeous of course.

All my life I've been struggeling with the feeling of being the one who's left out, who doesn't fit in in the group,... Not that I'm that strange, but I'm so insecure that I automaticaly will be intimidated by others. Just like you I'm very social and will talk to everyone but I'll always wonder if I'm doing good, what they will think of me.. basically, feeling most of the time unhappy. I don't have a lot of friends and all I can see around me are people who have tons of friends and who make lots of fun all the time.

That's why it felt like a relief when I read your stories and saw your videos. I don't know why, but I feel relieved.

I want to thank you for being who you are and for not letting those jealous people get to you. It's normal that you care and that it hurts when you read such things, but it's only the way you handle them that counts. You just got to shake them off. Shake like you're making cupcakes. ;-)

I'll follow your blog and channel from this day on.
Never change, always stay true to yourself and just know that you're helping so many people with what you're doing.

A huge hug from Belgium


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