Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Come with me to Camden Lock, Stock, and 2 Smoking Barrells!

Who needs a yellow submarine when you can live in a red telephone booth! ha ha ha
Come with me, as I take you along...via our "computer traveling system"...it's like having you in my purse with me! Come and let's see what we saw!
I saw this cool mannequin in the window and realized it was the Illamasqua make-up store.....I've heard of Illamasqua because I've seen the European girls on youtube using it..and I had to go inside!  My trip inside and what I leanred about Illamasqua deserve a blog and video all their own...so keep an eye out and I'll show you what I bought...man this they had things I've never seen that are A-mazing!
me and the adorable girls that helped me in the Illamasqua store! They were just delights, and showed me all kinds of cool things you can do with their make-up!
then we took the tube (the subway) to Camden Market.....I had gone there before when I came to London years ago, and remembered how cool it was!
it feel like home to the original "punk" scene on this street....look at the "punker" holding the sign! I love it!
I love how you just see punk-pants coming from underneath the sign! It felt very Sid & Nancy there...
Punkyfish was store with all kinds of fashion treats.
Loads of Doc's, and funky "wellies" (rainboots), and other cool shoes were everywhere!
more punkies....my favorite was the one on the right with the bleached mohawk, when we got close, was about my mom's age...she thought it was great!
me trying a coat on , which I did not buy, but it was fun trying it on!
as I was trying another coat on in the Market (because it's really cold here, and I didn't bring a jacket with me at all)...I hear a voice ask, "are you kandee?".....and this sweet girl, Emma, who's from Brazil, told me she found me searching for Edward Scissorhands make-up! She was so cute and lovely, she asked to take a picture with me, and then I asked her to take a picture with me! hee hee
the official Camden Market sign which I totally cut off! ha ha ha
the same place at night after all the booths had taken all their "treasure" out of there! What a lot of work to do everyday...set up all your stuff, then take it all down!

i liked the cool artwork on the backside of the crepe trailer!

me and my jacket...with the "andy warhol" of Nutella paintings! ha ha ha
right next to where I got my crepe with strawberries and nutella! Oh like a dream for my tastebuds!
And look and my little baby belly peeking out!
 this girl was in front of me in the "cue" (or as I would say as an American, "in line")...with her green tights and turquoise, patnent Doc Martens)....I thought it was awesome and worthy of snapping a picture of to show you!
I loved the giant pair of pants above the shop!
fun street scene and 3 cute British girls, each with their own funky style!
standing in front of Camden Lock....and more of my favorite weeping willow trees!
I think people in London are way more stylish than in New York...everyone from guys to girls just look so well put together (I'm going to do a separate blog just on London street style!)...just look at the two girls in the background of this picture!
a peek from upstairs of the market place that was filled with handmade rings, and candles, jewelry and decorations...and downstairs in a vintage shop is where I found the most AMAZING pair of white leather boots with a little heel, that were just a size too small....oh how I wanted to be like cinderella have them fit perfectly!
look at this little treat for your eyes and soul...if it's one thing anyone knows about me, it's my love for little twinkly lights! This store was a delightful, enchanting little place, that made you want to climb inside and just revel in the light-beauty!
look how this little store just shines like a bit of the North Star! I love it! I want all the windows in my house to look like this when people go by!
Camden Lock getting lit up at dusk!
one of my favorites...look at all these little scooter- "behinds"....people sit on them and eat! I love it!
see all the people "riding their motorcyles to nowhere but a full stomach"! ha ha ha
 me, taming my big lion! ha ha ha ha Right after we had our slice of pizza and right before we headed to get crepe #2! ha ha ha
on our walk back to the hotel.....Look at the full moon peeking up over the top of the buildings!

I just loved this pink wall decoration, on just a construction wall....how pretty they made a construction wall look! I love this place!

we saw an old "sweet shoppe" on our walk to dinner......I love how they call candies, "sweeties" here...."would you like a sweetie?"..."oh yes, I'll take 50!" ha ha ha ha

look how precious....these were colored and flavored bon bons! I just want those glass jars with the softest colored candies on my counter top for decoration!
check out these Marilyn Monroe cupcakes!
last but not least.....look at these little lights bulbs of "button candy" wonder....they would change colors in these waves or rainbows....these were just on the ceiling inside a frozen yogurt place called SNOG in the Soho area of London.

This day was again, like a dream, that I'm sure I will think back on and question whether it was real or not!
To see pictures of my big belly right after we got back to the hotel...click here to see my more "personal" bloggy.....www.kandeeland.com
Cheerio from jolly old London....another day went by wayyyyyyy too fast!
huge love......your kandee


*Jesso* said...

looks like you were at some amazing places!

Anonymous said...

i was here too. ohhhhhh how i miss camden town, it was an awsome time i had there. hope you enjoyed yourself. kisses

Arleta said...

beautiful places...I envy you... :)

Sophie Jenner said...

hey kandee, so glad you are enjoying your trip to england :) x
if you liked the wall art on the construction , my boyfriends buissness is www.vunk.co.uk and he is an interior graphic designer and his work is very simular to your picture :) x hope you like x
Sophie-lou x

Anonymous said...

Glad you're having fun with us in England!
I absolutely LOVE Camden, I take a trip there every year, it's unlike any other place I've seen before! So glad you like it!
Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

Christine said...

These pictures are so cute Kandee, looks like you had such a fun time in London :)

xoxo Christine


Safiyah said...

Camden Lock is a craaazy area to sightsee, its a very unique place for goths! I love it though, very kooky & you can find some one offs there for sure!


Jennifer Belle said...

looks amazing i am dying to go there xo

Indianbeautie said...

The frozen yoghurt place is called SNOG and the cupcakes you photographed are from a store c,c&c which is beside SNOG. There the people wear t shirts with "better than sex" and "bite me" wriiten on their back..lol..you should have also gone to portbello market..its also a good place to visit

Janner said...


Monika said...

Camden is my fave place here in England, hope your having an amazing time and hopefully this lovely weather isn't too cold for you!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing! I love these!

Anonymous said...

where did you get your quilted hello kitty bag? :) i LAAAAV it :) xx

Laura said...

kaaaandeeee your supposed to pay the punks to get pictures with them!!! thats why they all work holding the signs, so tourists pay them to get pictures with them, not sniper-photograph them haha.
ur pic with the 3 girls crossing the road is in front of evil from the needle tattoos which is one of the most famous & respected tattoo parlours in london (and where i got mine!)
its soooo surreal to see pics of u in my endz haha

Laura xxx

Cindy Swanson said...

Love, love, love!...especially the picture of the shining light-filled shop window, and the sweet shoppe goodies. I MUST go to England someday!

Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos.


Sarah said...

Thanks for taking us along - I needed a vacation! Your pictures are lovely and so are you. Cheerio, Darling!

Amy-Denise said...

I love Camden!
Can't wait to go back next summer.

cuppycakeme said...

Ohhhh I want to go there! Just CHARMING!


Heidi said...

That's so cool-- you get recognized even in LONDON!

The2sams said...

Thank you so much Kandee for letting us in on your wonderful trip. I so want to go there. And it was so cheerful to see all the beautiful sites. Take care and keep up the great work. :)

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

wow, i looove seeing all the places you went! thanks for sharing all those lovely and fun sites!

Krystle said...

Wow i didn't even know you were in London! I'm from London! Camden is cool:) You should check out Portobello Market, in Ladbroke Grove - another well-known London market. Btw, I love the pictures:)

The Witch said...

OMG - LOVE the pics. Makes me want to go across the pond even more now!!! lol.

Can't wait to see you on the stage at IMATS Toronto! Woo!

Blonde Mafia said...

Wow you get to see some amazing places! I hope to be able to say the same for myself one day. Im super jealous but no one deserves it more than you.

Kalu said...

wow , very nice pics .. you go in nice places . I like specelly how people dress in the pics


me said...

oh kandee! London is beautiful.! I hope you' d come to greece too , to let us know you in person!

Anonymous said...

nice pics kandee

Unknown said...


I'm glad you had a good time! I was wondering, could you possibly do a post when you have some time on all of your palettes--personal and for clients-- and maybe your favorite bright/pigmented eyeshadows too because I only have two palettes which are natural and would like to switch it up. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful and romantic! wow, wish I can visit there someday...


Unknown said...

So glad you went to Camden!! I urged your mum to go there cos I just knew you would love love love it!!
Have a safe trip home! Loadsa hugs. Hannah @ Cakey Cups. Xx

Natasha cooks cakes and bakes said...

I'm glad you're having a good time in London, I hope it's not too cold for you! The temperature dropped about 2-3 weeks ago! Camden is a great place but I also recommend the spitalfields and Sunday up market too. Its nearest station is Liverpool street.
Enjoy your stay in England.
P.s Im amused that one of your american fans assumes you only have a fan base in one country,
P.p.s it's a queue not a cue, that kind of cue is used for snooker :p

Unknown said...

Oh Kandee, I have absolutely LOVED these last posts!!! You've shown some of the things I like most of London/UK :) So jealous, in a way, hahaha. Now you have a load of cool pics & nice experiences to share with your babies! Enjoy (you & your mum)!

beautyvillex said...

i came back from london yesterday! i love it there! would've been amazing to see you though kandee! hope you had a great time xo

Myriam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Myriam said...

Actually the word "bonbon" means "candy / sweety" in French ;)


- Myriam

serenity said...

hey kandee i have tried leaving you messages on fb but i can see why you wouldnt want to have that option you probably have enough to respond to as it is!! it looks like you had a great time in london i would have never imagined traveling there but looks like ill have to add it to my list :) its beautiful! well the reason i am writing to you was because i was hoping that you could vote for my boyfriend and i whom have entered a contest to win worlds cutest couple


take a look maybe you can even inspire others to vote as well or have them enter the contest too :) love ya your a wonderful person with a beautiful heart


Thank you for sharing, there great pic's,

Anonymous said...

I love London with all my heart. You so make me want to go back again.
I absolutely love SNOG. So delicious with all the fresh fruit you can get them to dump on there :) When I was there for a month August (yes, lucky me) me and my friends made it a post-theatre requirement to go have one.

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