Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Hardest Glaminar Day ever!

After 3 hours of sleep in 48 hours..waking up for the London Glaminar at 5 am...which was like the time I would normally being going to bed my time...felt virtually impossible.
I couldn't even stand like normal to do my hair or make-up, I had to sit...ha ha ha
BUT....the hardest things usually always give the most amazing results! So take heart if you are going through something hard...keep going, it always gives you something great.

And even though if felt "too hard" to start in the morning....the day was one of the most incredible days ever!
Me sharing my "secrets for success", but most importantly sharing how to be the most confident, happy, positive person that will change people's lives wherever you go!
Look at all the places that girls came from to be at the London Glaminar:
Czech Republic
and a few from London, ha ha ha!
We even had 2 girls from Texas and Arkansas, that were there...they are leaving abroad right now! (So familiar to hear American accents! (which we were told sound "cool"! click here to read:

Here's my day in pictures!
my breaksfast "american pancakes"...but I was serious need of butter, I never use syrup with my pancakes, just loads of butter!
the sign in the lobby that read, "Kandee Johnson's Glaminar"!!!!1

Faaizah, from Dubai, who was one of our amazing helpers and my mama in the morning!
Faaizah, Elinor, Rachel, Hannah (who made the delicious cupcakes), and Nina- our awesome team of helpers!
a little tiny, but big bellied, me, in the morning!
our yummy cupcake table...we managed to get 2 girls make us cupcakes, both named had emailed me and one had emailed my mom, and we thought since the name was Hannah, that it was the same girl! So we had 2 fabulous cupcakers....Hannah of CakeyCupps
our sign-in table

this room reminded me of Cinderella, it was the most delicate light blue, with white and pink accents...
you felt like a princess in this room.
me and my "cupcake" tummy, talking sharing my "secrets for success" the morning class.
the cool lobby at the hotel
the entry doors
afterwards at our meet and greet with all the incredible girls who came!
look at the awesome Hello Kitty ring I got as a present!!!!! I love it!
we were "black & white pattern" twins!

me and the sweetest pair of sisters from Portugal (I love my portugal presents~ thank you girls)

My sweet Croatian doll! Showing me her make-up portfolio- her work was absolutely beautiful, just like her!
The sweetest girls! Came all the way from Vietnam.
My sweet Sonia, who was the first precious one I met in London, in the lobby! She got me the beautiful pendant that she had engraved with "You're my Inspiration, love sonia"....I will treasure it always!
her handsome little brother stole my heart! I was told he has 5 girlfriends already. And he brought me a tin of chocolates! What a doll!
Sonia's sweet family that traveled with her, it was her first time to London too! Her uncle, mom, Sonia, me (and my cupcake), her adorable sister, and the her dashing little brother with impeccable style!
opening up one of the precious gifts that was brought to me! I received so many precious treasures for both me and my little ones! And I have to say...I am in heaven with all the Belgian and Swiss chocolate I received!

This day was beyond words....I wish everyone knew how the Glaminars are so wayyyyyyy beyond make-up. Everyone left saying things like, "This has changed my life!", "I feel like I can go after my dreams now!", "You are so much more amazing in real life, than on Youtube!"...
even the guy who ran the sound, said, "This is incredible, I must go tell everyone I know what I learned today!" (he learned nothing about make-up, but how to change your life and inspire your heart and your dreams and how to make them happen in your life!"

For everyone that was there:
Remember to be the HOT PINK tree!!!

Life is too short to live an ordinary life. If circumstances in life have tried to make you a copy, remember that you are a fabulous original!

Huge love to everyone reading this!
I am so excited to be off and seeing a bit of London!
cheerio.....xoxo kandee


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for such an amazing day yesterday! And you were right it so much more than just make-up! Have fun in London :D xx

Glamazon Mom said...

I agree with you 100% I say life is too short to wear neutral makeup though. LOL

Max Black said...

I'm so exited for TORONTO!!!!! I'm going crazy! Thank you for coming to Canada!

Style of Your Own said...

It WAS a blast wasn't it?? Thanks for the shout out about my "cool" southern accent! I had a blast of course and loved reading about it today and remembering it all. You're a HUGE blessing!!!


Mollie (the Arkansan)

RememberMe said...

Kandee, you are so awsome ♥
Pls come to Germany one time. It would be a pleasure to meet you :)

I wish you all the best for u and your little cupcake ♥

Greetz from germany

Anonymous said...

Since you are not going to be doing anymore glamineers after the bb is born, have you thought about creating a video and selling that. I know it would be a huge hit! I love your videos you are awesome!
Mary Jo

tec said...

Wow, I get goosebumps and a huge smile from reading all of this! I just love the location for the Glaminar. All the beautiful girls that showed up, it looks like you guys had so much fun. You guys are just glowing!! Kandee, much love to you. You inspire me and teach me things that I couldn't possibly learn from anyone else. Just... thank you so much! <3<3 Love and blessings babe, Trish

Unknown said...

Kandee, you're living the dream! I am so happy for you.

krislally said...

:D :D this post makes me so happy. I wish I could have gone. Maybe in the future when your babies are grown up you'll do the glaminars again. Some day I'll go. Ironically I'm going to LA...but like 3 weeks too late.
Kandee you're amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful day. I wish I could have been there!

. said...

Portugal girls too?!

Omg, that's so great, I'm portuguese too. I'm so happy that Portugal was there. Ahahah!

Love, Kandee

stylecrasher said...

kandee,i wish i was there.i had plans to come,but due to my dad losing his job and me not being able to get one(im 18) i couldnt come:( i still hope that one day i will get the money and come in the USA to ee you!you ara a tremendous inspiration and you make my life happier!
kisses from greece,

Heidi said...

I always love reading these Glaminar updates, Kandee. You ARE such an inspiration! So glad you're being blessed right back!

Anonymous said...

Kandee, Have you ever thought about doing an on-line glaminar?? You have never been close enough for me to go, and you could charge online, and we could pay through paypal!!! Please consider this, and you could be out of your home, which would be easier to do with your cupcake!! :) :)

Unknown said...

Come to Saudi Arabia next time <3

Fatima said...

Hey Kandee, I wish I could have also attended the Lonoon Glaminar! Oh well, i'm so glad you had a great time! I hope you enjoy your stay in London! Happy sight seeing! Your friend, FE

A.M.P. said...

hafta admit...i never cared about makeup before i saw a Kandee video (i was actually looking for a good t-shirt destroying vid lol!) without going into annoying detail, i think you are a national treasure! as a young mother of 5 blessings, i have days where i want to give away. you've helped me keep my sanity on several occasions! for that, i thank you! may you be blessed abundantly, darlin! xoxo

Unknown said...

u r such an amazing woman. i came across ur youtube video looking for halloween makeup and fell in love with ur spunk.
i recently had my beautiful baby boy and weve had our ups and downs but u have given me so much inspiration to have better days and motivated me to go back to cosmetology school and finish my goal. thank you so much for being u and spreading ur love to complete strangers u have touched many ppls lives. i adore u sweety.

Ewa said...

Sorry to say that Kandee, but i had chance to go 1st floor by lift with that girl Faaizah.. and she was saying to another girl that she hopes that you will make nice goodies bag with urban decay cosmetics because they dont have this in Dubai and she would be upsed if you didnt give any goodies to didnt sound cool and nice at all,before i got home i didnt even look at the bag what was inside,because for me the most and incredible thing was meet You Kandee..i hate two faced people.. Love you Kandee.. i will never forget the day i meet You... xoxo
P.S Hope Jordan will like the t-shirt and little ones will fit in to their clothes ;-) ah! and hope you like the perfumes Kandee and Your mama!( i run to get you this perfume after we took photo and you asked me what was i wearing)
:-) Loats of Love for You and Your Family Kandee!

Lara said...

Hi kandee im the girl who gave you the hellow kitty ring Lara Watkins if you want any other photos of us from that day to use on your blog ect please feel free to message me on facebook!! It was fantastic meeting you!!! Have a wounderful time in London !! xx

OliveEyel said...

What a Fabulous mix of earthly sisters! Shows the power of your
positivity & perfection in your
craft when you have people come
to see you from all over the world.
If I could afford it I would fly
to ALL your Glaminars just so that
I could be super infused with the
love & excitement you so lovingly
outpour from your soul. You truly
are an AMAZING person...a GIFTED talent & a WONDERFUL Mother who
all together make an ASTOUNDING KANDEE!!! So happy to see your life has a positive effect on so many...
& now you can really say the World!
Have a BLAST in London...sure you are! Big hug for you beautiful Mama & a baby belly rub of love too!

Big Hugs & Love Always,

Lupescupe said...

;__; I really wanna go to one of your glaminars. Any chances of you doing one somewhere in Mexico? :O

Anonymous said...

Paris is not a country.. it's the capilat of France

Neysha Ann said...

lucky you Kandee!
wish you could bring it all to Australia we adore you hear. =]
that top suites you too =]
love.x. neysh,

Jill said...

So glad you enjoyed being here and hope the weather wasn't to bad.
Wish i could have made it down.
Have a great day.


Krisztixx said...

wish I was there!

Michiko Malandro said...

Go, go POLAND ! I wish I was there with you guys ! So nice I'm not the only one from PL, oh yes ! :)) xx

Trisha Streets said...

it is some thing wrong???? no comments post yet??

Trisha Streets said...

That is some thing I need for my ordinary life, I want to be that hotpink tree, Kandee come here to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico please

Jess said...

Wow, wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Wish I was there! Someday I'll visit Europe and someday I'll meet you, I hope :D

Anonymous said...

WOW I must admit I'm so jealous I couldnt afford to go :(
Sounds like you had a brilliant Glaminar :D


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time :)

Shan8789 said...

You are so amazing and wonderful. I stumbled on your page by accident and it was the best thing I've ever done. You make me want to create and inspire and dream like I used to and you make it all seem possible. I never thought someone I have never met could change my heart in such a way. Thank you for bringing the sparkle back to life, for being my light in the dark.

jenbunneh said...

Awwhh i really want to go to your LA glaminar, i'm going to savee up and go, well at least hope in going..
i really do enjoy the work you do, and how you inspire people

emalyce said...

Kandee, that is so awesome! I hope you're able to rest soon though!!

nnanny said...

What a blessing to be able to meet you in real life...We will pass the Kandee love from now on :)

Jillian Rosalie said...

I don't feel alone anymore. I'm not the only one in the world that just loads butter on top of their pancakes! yes! haha people look at me weird all the time and think there's something wrong with me when i tell them i don't use syrup :-)

Daisy Alice said...

I wish i could have been there so much, it was just too expemsive for me as a student without a job, but i love you so much kandee you're truley amazing!

Unknown said...

Dear, Kandee. We all love you and that's absolutely true! I wish you could come to Brazil too. I'm so happy for this post, I don't know why but I am over happy. It must be because I've been following you for a loooong time and seeing you this happy makes me grand, too. Congratulations. You're fabulous.

Anonymous said...

You need to write a book so that those of us who cannot attend your Glaminars can still get your advice on how to be positive and inspire others.

Rebecca said...

I was googling earlier "DIY Rosie the Riveter costume" and it linked to your YouTube channel and I have watched several videos and LOVE THEM!! I just tried the lemon scrub trick too and my face is so soft!! Thanks for this little gem you have, I'll be spending a lot of time here!

Ai said...

I've been watching your videos for a while and you're such an inspiration!!
I wish there were Glaminars here in Japan... I'll save up so I can fly myself over there one of these days :D


Daisha said...

It would be really awesome if you could have like a live stream or something like that of your last Glaminar in LA!! I'm a senior in High School, I really want to go, and I'm trying to figure out if there's anyway I can!! I really hope I can figure out something! I feel like I really need to be there, so hopefully I'll see you soon. I really appreciate and admire that you're putting in all this hard work even while being pregnant :D

KayXiong said...

Kandee, you're totally AWESOME! I really cannot wait until Toronto IMATS to see you!

Jay said...

I sooo wish I could have been there!! You're just the sweetest person ever :) Oh well, I might run into you some other time... Best wishes and lots of love from Norway

Letizia said...

Hi Kandee. Are you still in London? I couldn't come to your Glaminar but would love to meet you. Have a great and blessed day!

Sarah Robertson said...

Hi Kandee!!
Thank you so much again for everything! I was the girl with her mumma from Scotland. Thank you so so much for everything ( and you mom too :) ) I wish I'd spoken more but it was like that story about the cute guy and the ugly friend're that cute guy! Your such an inspiration. You did so well even being 6 months pregnant and with no sleep!
Saturday was one of the best days of my life! Thank you again!!!

Tora said...

I wish I was there! Looks amazing! You're the best, Kandee! Keep inspiring people! :D

Anonymous said...

You are so incredible Kandee and I am glad God has placed you here to touch SO many peoples lives. I no you have changed mine for sure. I am working on my first Indy film and I am having so much fun. Thank you for being you;) Lots of LOVE, Deaette

Anonymous said...

I for one am very glad you stayed up to share Kandee. It is a beautiful place and I hope to one day get there to visit.

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee! I follow your work trough youtube and your blog, i just want to congratulate you, you're so creative and funny!! Keep it up!
Kisses for you and your baby, from Brazil!

ApplepiePrincess said...

Wish i could have been there! Love your blogs and video's!

SacodePalha said...

Oh that looks all so amazing!! :)
I wish I was able to have attended as well..:(
Happy for all that made it! Good to know that Portugal was represented too :D lucky girls! :)

Thanks Kandee! All the best

luv from Portugal

TheOneMarina said...

aw, there were ppl from Croatia?! I totally wanted to attend, but I messed up the dates, and everything from there just went spiraling out of my control...
Come somewhere closer to me next time, ok? Like Vienna or evn Ljubljana! That way I will totally attend!!

x's & o's


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