Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Saving Saturday- Beauty & Purse Deals!

Have I got some deals for you!
You're going to be saving money AND lookin' good!

First....I made a mistake...(a happy one)
when I was up til 2am picking winners for all the contests...instead of picking and notifying 3 winners for the Imosion purses....
I accidentally notified 4 girls!!!
sure enough I forgot how many I had picked...and kept on picking winners! ha ha ha
IMOSHION is not just a super cute bag company, but they are soooo sweet, not only are they going to give a 4th purse away to the extra girl, BUT they are GIVING ALL OF YOU A DISCOUNT CODE FOR 20% OFF ALL THEIR BAGS:
Imoshion purses have been featured in every magazine from Glamour to Oprah's magazine....
pick your favorite and save 20% with this code: KJ20SP (enter it on the homepage) go to:
(and FREE shipping for the US & Canada!)
I don't know how long the code is for...

get ready for my BEAUTY BARGAIN-ISTA video!
I'm gonna show you how to look great for spring...and save you some pretty pennies and dollars!
I've got some bargain versions of high-prices beauty goods.....
here's to looking good and saving money!

Instead of the new sheer glosses from DIOR for $28....I show you one for under $8!
Instead of a $200 Clarisonic....I show you a dupe for under $30 bucks!

Hope you guys like this:

here's to all my beauty bargain-ista's! love your kandee


Chelle said...

Love the video. The only places I go lately are Walmart and work. I have the Olay ProX and I love it.

Anonymous said...

Kandee you are really sweet. But why do you keep commercializing all those toxic products in your videos. You think you are doing good to the women who love you and watch your videos, but really you are just offering them to get more toxins for themselves at a cheaper prise. I Am not being mean, i like you. I just like the times when you would suggest a lemon mask and other things that make us beautiful without all this coloring that's also bad for our health. Show us how to make ourselves lip scrub or facial scrub...MOst of the products in this video are useless and still a waste of money even if they are cheap. Love, Sam.

Samantha said...

Kandee! I love this video! Thanks for posting it!

That is soo sweet of Imoshion to give that fourth girl a purse and a discount!!! I love that girly one in the first picture! :)

Unknown said...

Kandee you are so amazing I loooove love love to read ur blogs cuz they always brings a smile to my face! Haha! your makeup tips have taught me so much tht I'm doing my own makeup from senior prom this year! I can't wait! My favorite bargain is this neutrogena acne stress control scrub and neutrogena clean pore daily cleanser/mask they were sooo well on my skin and they're at walmart yea! Thank you sooo much for being so inspirational you really are like an angel on earth! :)
<3 Yumna

Anonymous said...


Do you have any tips you can offer on how to lighten dark underarms? (Random, I know)
: -)

Thanks girlie!

RhiannonMurphy said...

Hey Kandee I have an ALIEN HEAD! My jaw is so much narrower than the width of my forehead (which is also really big anyway) and when i take pictures my head is just hugely alien like and strange hahahah! Any tips, should I just use the BLUNT slenderizing trick or is there anything better?xx

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