Sunday, June 3, 2012

4 Ways to Make Your Dreams Grow

Everyone has special dreams in their heart. Those little thing you dream of doing or becoming.
Your dreams are uniquely yours and no one else it going to write that same book you would, or write that same song you would, or change or touch someone's life the way that you will.
Now your dreams don't come with special instructions..
But I can give you some advice for growing your dreams in your dream garden.

"Your dreams are like small seeds that need to be watered, loved, cared for and protected very carefully."

#1. Don't tell everyone you know about your dreams.
That would be like inviting everyone into the garden, and before you know it they've all trampled all over your little dream sprouts and everything is ruined.
Everyone has different opinions and they are all going to voice their own opinions on your dreams. One person will say great, another will say that'll never happen, another will say it's ridiculous, another will say it's interesting.
People who have followed their dreams, rarely listened to the people who told them they'd never make it. Fred Astaire was told he had no talent, so were the Beatles and the list could go on and on.

#2. Take care to spend time "watering" your dreams.
Think about your dreams. Visualize you living them out. What your life would be like. What each day would be like. How you'd feel. Where you'd live. How your dream might help other people.
You have to think about your dream. Read books about your "dream" or keep track of inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.

#3. Make sure you do things to protect your dream garden and help it grow.
You have to step outside your comfort zone sometimes. Take a class on something you love. If you want to be a singer, try some voice lessons. If you want to be a writer, try submitting some of your stories or articles to different publications. Just try to do things that will have you grow in the area of your dreams!
And make sure you pull the negative weeds that may sprout up in the garden of your dreams. This could be your own negative thoughts or those of some "caring" friends, family, teachers, or anyone else that has some negative opinions to choke out your dreams.
REMEMBER: some of our most amazing inventors, entrepreneurs, and singer, actors, writers and more, were usually all told my someone that they had no talent or would never make it!

#4. Build a Scare Crow for your dream garden to keep the Crows of negativity out!
Remember the Scare Crow in Wizard of Oz. He was more scared of things that how he was supposed to scare the crows away.
But in order to protect your garden of your dreams. You need to be willing to keep out the crows of life. The crows of negative friends, co-workers, students, and yes some of the BIGGEST crows can  be in our own families!
Don't let them ruin your sprouting dreams. Keep them out of the safety of your dream garden. Know that not everyone is going to love your dream, they are going to be jealous or negative about your desires. They are going to doubt you are able to do them and tell you all the reasons why it will never work. Everyone, and I promise you everyone who has gone after their dreams had experienced family, friends, and others who have ALL done this to them!
REMEMBER: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you are also entitled, not to listen or care.

Now go and pull some weeds in the garden of your dreams. Water those little dreams and remember....the best flowers grown out of manure. So don't be afraid if you feel like you've had a lot of poopy situations in your life- it makes the best ground for beautiful things to grow from!

hugs and colorful watering cans to shower your gardens with, kandee

"Doesn't matter if everyone else you know says they don't believe in you. I do. And I'm cheering you on with all that's in my heart!"


Anonymous said...

Kandee you are wonderfull, thank you for your wisdom.
No one i know believes in my dreams, now i know it does not matter as long as i believe in them.
Thank you for being my 'fairygodmother', your words give me wings.

Love Marjolein

NeIdioto said...

Print it. Learn it.
Thank you KG

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog and I love it!
I would absolutely LOVE to become a makeup artist. I was planning on going to Joe Blascoe's school in FA. In your opinion, what's the best way to advertise yourself in the makeup artistry field? How do you become successful?
It would mean so much to my "dream" if you could reply.
Thank you!

runawayfromtrouble said...

You post what I need to read, thankyou Kandee ~!~

Anonymous said...

Thanks kandee I totally needed to hear this today as I am going through some rough times at work. You have been my inspiration for almost 4 years now and I hope you know what a difference you've made in my life and how much hope and beauty (literally!) you've brought! Love ya!!!! :-)

Anna said...

Your awesome:) thanks girl

Anonymous said...

I needed this thankyou love ya kandee!

Anonymous said...

Your very inspirational! (: love all you love & Kindness!

Anonymous said...

God is using you to touch people's lives in such a beautiful and positive way. I really needed to hear this right now from someone. Thank you.

MissJess said...

You are super awesome and always have such wonderful words of wisdom to share with us!! Thank you for that!!

Unknown said...

Hey kandee I posted on your facebook the other day about losing my job and instead of dwelling I made it a "Kandee day" we had a blast and looked amazing! I have worked with wonderful children with autism for 7 years and as much as I love those kids I decided I needed to try and learn a new more creative profession. I signed up for cosmetology school today! I have wanted to go for about 15 years now but I was told I needed a bachelors degree (from my family) or else I would not be successful. I have decided that in order to be successful I need to be happy and learning new things makes me happy. So thank you for your words of encouragement!!! A door closed for me and someone opened a window :) and I am grateful for my garden of dreams. Keep doing your amazing thing!

Ana Laura said...

Kandee, I think you have to share your dream with that one spaecial person to hold you accountable for making it happen. Otherwise,you could kinda sabbotage your own dream. Most importantly, you need a deadline in your dream. I take from #1 that you are advicing to protect your dream. Yet, when you truly want something, nothing or no one should stop you. Not even yourself. Thank you for the inspiration and the good vibes you send through your blog and your youtube channel. Keep making a difference.

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