Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Hugs & "I play sports!?!" & Randomness

Happy Saturday to all my precious ones reading this!

So here's the Saturday Random 5- (which I am super excited to be typing- because the cable guy fixed my internet- it had a blown amp- thing, or something like that, I don't know....I just know it's working again!)

So buckle up for the Saturday 5 Random Facts:

#1. sometimes as seen in the picture above, I actually wear matching earrings- ha ha ha

#2. I learned how to play the piano was I was little and I wrote my first song when I was about 9 and called it "Spring Rain", I think, or something about rain! ha ha ha

#3. Someone asked on FACEBOOK: what's my favorite flat iron: I use my Sultra one everyday, but I also love my GHD one too!

#4. Team sports I've played in my life: Softball, but I was so scared of the ball it didn't make me a great player, I did hit a homerun, ONCE! ha ha ha TENNIS- I played in high school, but now I'm probably awful. I tried out for basketball, but again- I got too scared, when they had me guard the biggest, toughest, and best basketball player at school! Volleyball hurt my arms. And I never really tried anything else, that I can think of. So basically I was never called a jock. ha ha ha

#5. Most memorable make-up scent- Coty Spun Face Powder, my Nana and my mom both wore it when I was little, so it smells powdery and comforting to me.

Happy Saturday guys! huge hugs love and do something a little random to spice up your day...tell a stranger you hope they have an amazing day, eat something new, or google places you'd love to vacation (for a mental escape, if only for your eyes on the computer!)

Hugs on Saturday, kandee

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Anonymous said...

Kandee! Did you delete your instagram?! ��

Anonymous said...

Reading anything you post is always like seeing a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Thank you for being so awesome Kandee!! Love and hugs from South Africa :)

krys said...

I think your amazing!!! I'm a stay at home mom and I love to play around with make up when I have the chance. I bought the naked 2 pallet but need some help. I was wondering if you would do a couple of tutorials using the pallet. A day time look, night time, and something fun!!! Thanks.

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