Sunday, June 10, 2012

IN-N-OUT and The Southwest

It's now officially Sunday.
It's also officially 1:11 AM (cool time...hee hee)
Sometimes this is what my left arm/hand looks today.
 Sometimes I wear black and white nail polish. (technically, just one white nail)
Favorite Watch: My Michael Kors Oversized Runway Watch
Bracelets: I blogged about them HERE already, but they are the Marc Jacobs Rubber Turnlock Bracelets

And sometimes I wear Leopard print pants...that Jordan (my son complimented me on, saying: "I like your Hammer pants"...after asking if he was joking or if he really meant it, he said, "No, I really like them!"
And sometimes on the way to the airport...
I ate....
 my only fast food weakness...In-N-Out.  My dad even worked at one as a teenager and I have one of those GIANT safety pins that they wear on the aprons. (oh Cheeseburger Animal Style with no pickles... and a Neapolitan Shake- a shake with Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry...mmmmm)
And sometimes when you fly on Southwest Airlines, where you just find a good seat once you're on the realize after you've buckled your seatbelt, that you are on perhaps the worst aisle to sit on the plane...."THIS SEAT DOESN'T RECLINE"....awesome.

Click on this RIGHT HERE to see more from my adventures in KANDEELAND

sometimes I like to bite a french fry from IN-N-OUT and take a sip of my shake right after...and it mixes in your tastebuds for a little bit of deliciousness, Kandee Over-N-Out

And don't forget, this was my 350th Video I uploaded onto YOUTUBE...and I still don't have a proper name for it...:
(* ps if you wanna watch it super-sized, click on the youtube logo in the lower right hand corner- and sha-blam! Bigness!)

And I also uploaded this video onto my "mommy-cooking-channel" on youtube too:

awwww yeah, you know I post other stuff on these too- click one to see it:


Anonymous said...

My suggestion for a title is: "What the what randoms" with Kandee :) I love your "what the what weekend" etc., plus the video isn't a tutorial, not quite a product review or shop and tell, and you also give us encouragement and inspiration as well so to me this video is random in all sorts :D I love your randomness, hope this helps you think of a title :) have an awesome Sunday with your munchkins!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more hair and make up tutorials! Your great at this & I love watching your tutorial videos.

Sabrina said...

I'm new to your blog but I can say that 'You rock girl!' your vids are so unique and your personality shines right through. Keep up the amazing work and hope to meet you some day! xoxo


Neonhorses said...

Hey Kandee I was just going to mention that um a a jewelry and makeup collection video was be nice:)
Lots Of Love 

ar3re said...

I love eating french fries with ice cream its so good. My hubby of course thinks its gross but i love it :)

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