Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Night Time Strip Down

BEFORE- I end most days with some sort of make-up on my face.
And you gotta let your skin breath, free and clear of all the junk that's coated your skin all day.
Now, I will confess to you, some days I'm too tired or fall asleep before I wash my face- not the end of the "clear skin world"....but still had to let ya know- I'm not gonna pretend I'm a face washing puritan!
AFTER- the "magic of the make-up" has all been washed down the drain and scrubbed off with the help of my washcloth. After my moisturizer has coated my face- my skin feels clean, dewy and ready to plump up those little skin cells all night long.
A good glass of water before bed will help you hydrate, but may keep you up all night going to the little girls room.

As soon as you wake up if you flush all the toxins out of your body that's been resting all night by drinking a full glass of water...it'll give your skin and body a jumpstart to be hydrated and it might help knock out some of cravings for an unhealthy breakfast- like a donut, or something not to great to start your day! (even though I do love a good sprinkled donut! ha ha ha)

Most girls don't want anyone seeing them without make-up but I post it on the internet for everyone to see (ha ha ha ha), your kandee

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Greg said...

Kandee. Do you have any suggestions on how to cover up scars?

Anonymous said...

Kandee what is your liquid highliter

Jessi said...

Thanks kandee!! You're awesome :) oh, & you're gorgeous even without makeup :)

Jessica Lynn said...

Hi Kandee! Your awesome! I love watching your videos :) but I wanted to ask have you ever used Mary Kay Cosmetics? I am a beauty consultant and was curious if make up artists such as yourself have ever tried their products. And if you haven't I'd love to send you some. Let me know :)

Unknown said...

What photo editing software do use kandee?

jamiee said...

Are you kidding me, photo editing? Your clearly off your rocket. Its called makeup.. jeeez!
You are gorggg gorgg Kandee. Even without makeup. :)

Anonymous said...

This made me want to wash my face!

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