Monday, June 4, 2012

Would You Walk In These!?!

 Rappers write songs about their sneakers. I personally love sneakers- I've stomped in my Converse and checkered Vans slip-ons for years on end. And now, thanks to Marc can hit the sidewalks in a mix-up of hi heel and sneaker- The Sneaker Wedge.
Some people would not be caught dead or alive in a pair of these sneak-heels. For example, you would not see my sister even try a pair of these on, EVER. I did see a couple girls wearing a pair of these in a restaurant a week or so ago.
But I was flipping through Vogue and saw this picture, and kinda' thought, they looked cuter:
 And don't go thinkin' Marc Jacobs has lost his marbles on this one....everyone has some sort of "hidden sneaker wedge" going on too....What do you think? Do you like Dolce & Gabanna's version more?!? Leopard Wedge anyone?!?

What do you think?!? Would you dare to wear a pair?!? Or say, no this is a fashion shoe-citation!?!

still wishin' I had my hi-top LA Gear sneakers with different colored laces, kandee

Awwwww CLICK HERE  to see what's cookin' in Kandeeland...what I made without eggs! ha ha ha


MissJess said...

I would totally sport the first pair, in a heartbeat! I love me some sneakers and yes, I too, miss my LA gear hi-tops!!

Anonymous said...

I would wear the white pair. :)

jen said...

Id never they are ugly

RachelPeppercorn said...

I like the Dolce & Gobanna ones more, but I've got a weakness for animal print, lol

on345667755 said...

Yes please!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOOVEE them.. :D

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Coko Knowz said...

I would so love them, cuz imma tennis shoe girl

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