Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh Cartwheels of Excitement! ME and my fellow Johnson!

As you know...I have loved Betsey Johnson, since my mom loved her while she was pregnant with me! ha ha ha
And if you read my blog post about her store closing....I got to buy some of the store! Well everyone did....and it felt like a race....people were asking to buy the flower curtains you see here- SOLD! I tried to buy the cool necklace racks- for only $5-but they were SOLD!
The flowers in the store- SOLD. They were even selling the lightbulbs!

But guess what no one had bought!?!?
The BETSEY JOHNSON letters you see here!!!
And guess who now owns them!?!?

Yes, insert Betsey-like cartwheels!!! I, KANDEE JOHNSON, own the, BETSEY JOHNSON letters!
Johnson and Johnson unite- even if it is only that I own her name in letters!
And this is when they showed up at my house! They were even sealed in Betsey Johnson sticker!
And these are some gems from when I got to go to Betsey's Runway Show at Fashion Week! I literally was tear-filled because I knew my mom had done a project on Betsey when she was in Fashion School- which she left fashion school to be a wife and my mom....
In my heart...I was excited I could be there for her...and I even got an extra gift bag from the show to give her!

If I can figure out a way to hang or attach the letters...the JOHNSON may live on in a video background!!

And wait...that's not all....I got one more awesome something from the Betsey Store closing in Santa Barbara....but I'll wait to show you, because it's all in pieces!

Betsey Johnson Cartwheels, the other Johnson, Kandee

Where else can you find this Johnson:


Betsy said...

Hi Kandee!
That is amazing.... I would also love to own the letters BETSEY.

Lucky you!!!

Betsy R.

Unknown said...

So awesome kandee I am so happy for you.

iloverocknroll said...

Wow that's awesome I wish I could meet her she is such an inspiration and it's so cool and wonderful that you get to share it with your mom !!

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