Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purse Give Away!!!

(and yes I did a crazy electric blue eye, to try to match this purse...hee hee, not really, but it sounds fun! ha ha)

I'm thanking you guys for subscribing and celebrating 500,000 giving away fun stuff all week!

Imoshion handbags(which have been featuerd in magazines such as Oprah, Seventeen People Style Watch and are exclusively sold at Dillards !) has donated the super cute purses for this giveaway to help celebrate with me!
*they did not pay me to do this, in case anyone was thinking that...they just wanted to help celebrate and offer some cute purses to giveaway!
You can choose any purse from their website, you don't have to get the ones I show in the video...
(i love this striped pure so much...I want to kiss it! ha ha ha)
look how cute the striped purse is in green!
this pink bag is to cute and girly!
(here's a picture of some of the other colors in comes in from their website!)
Wish I could do a giveaway for the house behind the gates that the purses are hangin on! ha ha ha
 (for some reason the lighting and my camera made me look really yellow here! ha ha ha)
YAY! This is a WORLDWIDE CONTEST!!! Imoshion is allowing the winner to be from any country in the world... Estonia to Zimbabwe!

You can live anywhere in the world to enter.
You can be under 18, as long as you have your parents permission.
3 winners will be chosen: one from youtube comments, one from the comments on this blog, and one from twitter.
1. you must be a subscriber to my youtube channel
2. you must go to, OR their FACEBOOK PAGE (CLICK HERE) and select the purse styles and colors you want to win and enter them as your comments, either below on this blog post, below the purse contest video on youtube
* to enter on youtube: enter the style and color of the purse (or purses) you want to win

 *to enter on this blog: comment below with the style and color purse you want to win (you can pick multiple styles and colors for all entries)

* to enter on twitter: you must RT this post with the style and color purse you want to win @kandeejohnson


watch the video below and get commenting! HOORAY! this is so exciting and fun!

huge love and giant purses...kandee
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Cynthia said...

Lusia in Sand and Angelica in gray. That are all so beautiful. Thank you Kandee. Your the best.

marie said...

Tulip in white and korina in white.

Kandee!!! THANK YOU. You're so lovely. Hope your family is well. XOXO

Breigh said...

I would absolutley love to win one of these purses.....
Korina in white sku 7570A
Orchid in white sku 7550A
Lilac in white sku 7543A
Daffodil in bone sku 7546D

Thanx so much!!!! xoxoxoxox lots of love!!!

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