Friday, June 8, 2012

Once Upon A Time...I uploaded a new video!

 I wanted to make a special video to inspire you guys, ask for your Olympic Video ideas and share my inspiration and a bit about how I was NOT popular in school, how I was discouraged from going after my dreams and how I was inspired to keep going no matter what things went wrong along the way!

I hope this encourages you guys...because that is really, more important that showing you a new smokey eye look! ha ha ha
Side note: I had filmed this before I went to help my sister when she had her baby AND before I lightened my hair- and after helping her then getting sick, I forgot to edit it- so here it is...and that's why the Ombre is gone from my hair in this video! ha ha ha

I hope this brightens your day and maybe you'll take away a little treasure of inspiration!
(Watchin this trick- if you wanna see it bigger, click on the Youtube logo in the lower right-hand corner)

And thanks for everyone that helped comment below the video on youtube with "what to title this video"...I've been sick and was up too late trying to upload this and my brain couldn't think of any could names for the video! ha ha ha

Feel free to comment below and share any awesome inspirational advice you're gotten to keep going and ignore the negative people in our lives!

Hugs and awesomeness for your day, Kandee

Sitting in the doctors office with no magazines or waiting in a long line, check out this stuff too:


Nicole Lemos, Makeup Junkie said...

Kandee you are such a beautiful person! You are huge reason that I started to blog and doing MU!!! You push me, you inspire me, but most of all I hear you in head encouraging me to do what I love and believe in! I was that girl who sucked at everything, but MU I'm a star! Ty for everything that you do! I hope that one day I could inspire at least one person... That's the best way I can return the favor to you!
Much Love & Happy Makeup-ing,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee! I would love to see more of your mom answering questions and also some punk make up and hair looks (I know you don't like doing hair but your hair always looks amazing!) Thank you for all your inspiration and encouragement! Huge hugs from my heart to yours, and hoping you have a fantabulous weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more make up and hair tutorials, maybe like what's good for your skin & hair and what's not. & some school make up ideas & hair styles. I love your videos & I like to find all these neat tips that you give. I read your blog every day.! (:

Anastasiya said...

I think you should title the video GO FOR THE GOLD!!

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