Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Glowy Skin and A "you can win" TUTORIAL!!!

Sometimes the hardest make-up look for make-up artists to do, is the "no make-up makeup look"- you know the look when you look like you hardly have make-up on, but you still want your skin to look "not red", and "not blotchy" and just glowy and pretty!
Well, this is it! (SCROLL DOWN FOR THe VIDEO)

VIDEO WARNING: this video is NOT like any of my other youtube videos! It is a bit more "Artsy", and I had fun making it more like a cool, music video/make-up tutorial! 

ANDDDDDDD....because I was so honored (insert cartwheels) to be chosen my W Magazine and L'Oreal to enter the Because Your Worth It campaign to celebrate them both turning 40 this year-
YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN 1 of 150 MAKE-UP BAGS filled with make-up!!!!
The look I had to use for my inspiration was this "let there be light look" from W Magazine-
which used pricey YSL make-up, but I'll be using drugstore priced L'Oreal (yay for savin' dollars).

 AND I WILL GET A CHANCE TO WIN, if you vote for me- for $1,000 to go to my charity, Feed The Children!
L'Oreal sent me the same goody bag that one or 150 of you will be winning- to do the look- and you're gonna love it!
AND it's filmed unlike any of my other videos-
it's kinda more like a music video, mixed with a tutorial, because the winners video will be featured in the art issue of W magazine- so I tried to make it all artsy!
So for everyone that is saying, "hey this isn't like your videos, it's out of focus" - you know why now- ha ha ha

CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR ME and enter to win the goodie bag for yourself!!!!

so go vote and enjoy a pretty healthy glow look that's easy and fast...and it's all at drugstore price!


PLEASE GO VOTE FOR ME HERE (and you can win too!!!!)

huge thank you hugs, your friend kandee

The Giveaway video will be up soon! And it's gotten bigger! Since youtube was being wacky and not letting some people even see the video or comment- last week youtube was having problems for uploading! IT will be up with 3 more sets of prizes to celebrate! All previous entries will still count- so don't worry!

OH MY AWESOME! click here to see the coolest removable wallpaper on my kandeeland blog!

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Unknown said...

Kandee, whenever I try to access either of those links it shows with the sorry something went wrong link:(

Anonymous said...

I watched this video yesterday and I loved it :) I'm still hoping to see more style videos tho! :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee will u please show us how you use safety pins to pin our clothes. Either to make it fitted or one shoulder top. I read one of yor posts abouting doing this but not sure how to exactly. Thanx a million

Anonymous said...

I love all your makeup tutorials so so much!! I wish you would continue your pin up series bc those were aweesome :)

Unknown said...

OMG i looovvveeeeee your nails in the video!!!!

Unknown said...

Where do I vote in the W magazine page, I don't see an option of who to vote for and where?

Unknown said...

Kandee I love your ideas and creative with makeup and styling tools...

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