Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ice Cream Parlor Nails

 I'm am loving this Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream shade of nail polish! (sans the chocolate chips ofcourse!) Oh, my neon polishes are still right up there at the top...but there's something so whimsically, girly, yet chic and modern about this color- me loves! Me loves it!
(bracelets: Forever21 gold studded cuff, black jelly bracelets from Hot Topic, and Black rubber chain bracelet from Marc Jacobs, gold spikey ring was on clearance a looong time ago from BCBG, it was like $7.)

My minty polish fav is:
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Extreme Wear in MINT SORBET.
This polish is kind of amazing- 2 coats and it looks beautiful- it was glossy, smoothed out any ridges my nails had (yeah they are natural and kinda well un-smooth like natural nails are! ha ha), and last longer than my average nail polish- I'm HARDDDDD on nails...and this was tough like John Wayne in a cowboy movie!

It's like having an ice creamy treat on you nails with zero calories, well and zero flavor....but as far as your eyes are concerned- it's the color of ice cream baby!

what's would be your favorite ice cream "color nail"...

sundaes nails, your kandee

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Awol said...

I have the same exact color and I love it too! I'm a manager of an antique store so it fits right in lol!!

Anonymous said...

Hi kandee!!! I just finished watching your story on utube and It was so inspiring and just made me wana cry from hearing about your life and what tough times u had to go threw and how youlng u were. Every day wen I get home from school I watch one of ur videos. U are like a celebrity to me!(: and I hope ur life keeps going in a positive way u deserve it!!! Thanks for making me smile!!!(:

Kat said...

Great colour. Spring has just started in Australia and that is the perfect colour for the season!


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