Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Random: back in the day

Yahoo! We made it through another week, just in time for my Saturday Random Five Facts post.

#1. That is what I looked like, in about 1st grade. Because everyone loves a turtleneck and sweater vest...and so did I.

#2. Randomess is:
I bought a little piece of Toffee last night at Whole Foods and if I was addicted to anything- this would be it- I have never....never....tasted toffee this amazing in my life..and I'm a toffee fan. If you want to see what I devoured last night, without any sort of self-control, this is it...Lula Lund's Toffee

#3. I love, love, love Tortilla soup...I almost crave it like a cupcake or something....ahhhh this makes me drool, well not really, but in my mind....
 (yes, I even instagrammed, is that right "instagrammed"?, this, this week...if you don't know me there, my name is: Kandee Johnson, original, huh?)

#4. I love Stargazer lilies- you don't need to wait or wish that someone will buy you flowers. I bought these last night when I went grocery shopping...I love sunflowers, stargazers, anything big, colorful and happy!
#5. I was bad last night, and I didn't wash my make-up off before I went to bed. Sometimes that happens when I'm exhausted. I'll give her (my face) and extra scrub-eroo today.

DID YOU SEE MY NEW HAIRCUT and COLOR VIDEO YET?!? - Ombre is gone-bre and it's shorter- just to give you hint...CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT VIDEO, right nowzie.

Whoop whoop it's Saturday, your homegirl, kandee

PS. if you wanna see our "kandeeland street style" or really my "driveway style"...CLICK HERE

wanna be my homie on any of these..just click on the name of the place we'll hangout:
MYSPACE...just kidding


Reem said...

I followed you on instagram and saw the Tortilla soup :D Yumminess :D

Anonymous said...

Kandee I love u ur like a big celebrity to me!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you do a makeup look with Mac candy yum yum

Jennifer LoveMarque said...

That tortilla soup needs some corn, lentils and chicken... Etc, but it still looks good :)
I just saw a stargazer lily makeup look today and I thought it was awesome! I usually don't like those crazy makeup looks unless they're really good and they're my friends fave flower too!
U always look cute kandee but I would never ever wear a turtle neck when I was little or flannel Pj's, LOL
Thanks for the good read like always!

Unknown said...

Everyone in my house hates that those flowers are my face cuz they stink. I don't think they smell I like them!

Unknown said...

It is SO funny how much your little Cupcake looks like you as a kid! You are both so adorably CUTE!

Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to write this because of something that happened to me last week. Lillies are beautiful, but they are extremely toxic to cats! I learned the har way when my wonderful fiancé bought me lillies and my precious kitten got into them. She had to go to the pet emergency room and I was terrified. She is ok, but please protect your fluffy friends!!!

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