Friday, September 14, 2012

My new hair, I'm gonna be a Judge & I'll be in Vegas!

Hip Hip Hoo-Friday!!!!
Have got some fun-ness to share with you guys!

#1. My NEW HAIR CUT AND COLOR (before and after video is up!)- and feel free to let me know if you like it or if I should keep on cutting! ha ha ha

 *BONUS video info- if anyone wants to know, I got my shirt at Forever21 and the nail polish I have on is from Sally Hansen in Mint Sorbet!

#2. I just found out I'm gonna be a judge for the Battle Of The Strands Hair Competition in viva, Las Vegas on October 22!
It's a Hair Competition that I'm going to get to judge with my friend, and winner of last year's Battle of The Strands, Kim Vo! It's a fun and awesome hair competition!
Me and Kim, became friends when we both worked on How Do I Look tv show, on the Style channel. We were both judges and guest host with Jeannie Mai.- I had so much fun with them!
 Me, looking all fancy, for the finale of How Do I Look, with Kim Vo.
 #3. VIVA LAS BEAUTY & HAIR SHOW IN VEGAS- I'm gonna be there & have a deal for you!
It's going to be so fun, it's VEGAS BEAUTY UNBOUND- October  20-22nd
ANYONE can come! Beauty & hair seminars, parties and the the big BATTLE OF THE STRANDS contest- with top stylists from around the country competing to win!

VEGAS BEAUTY UNBOUND- is like no other beauty show around- they are bringing social media, top people in the beauty biz, and everyone that loves beauty and hair..together to learn, meet, share, discover new things and products and have FUN, FUN, FUN! I'm also going to be hosting some events with Kim Vo and I'll be on a panel answering questions too!

Wanna go to LAS VEGAS for a fun getaway at the HARD ROCK HOTEL!?! They've got a screamin' yahoo deal- 3 nights and passes for 2, to the Beauty Unbound convention all weekend, Party Passes, and tickets to the Battle of The Strands contest- all for $399 bucks- yes 3 nights at an uber cool hotel, the Hard Rock, for only $399 and all the tickets and passes for 2 people too!
Hurry because you only have until SUNDAY to book the DEAL!! CLICK HERE FOR INFO

YOU CAN BUY 2 day passes to THE MANE, STYLE & FACE  or to just the BATTLE OF THE STANDS too- CLICK HERE

I'm so excited...!!!! I've got a new hair do AND I get to see you guys that will be in Vegas!!

I'm gonna go listen to rat pack music to get me in the mood, happy friday, your kandee


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Anonymous said...

Wowie! I live in Las Vegas. I will for sure be checking this out. Thanks for posting this,hair show & getting to you,win!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your hairdo and think it looks beautiful. The layers are so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

I think its so pretty and classy long:) but of course you'd look great in everything so if you do cut your hair, YES video it for us to see. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry it doesn't look much different- trimmed, healthy,but not much of a change.
At least you didn't do that ,blonde wig look.


Anonymous said...

Don't cut your hair! You're beautiful just the way you are! You're a trend setter, not a follower. Do your own thing!

Anonymous said...

Do what you feel you want. You can rock any look! But definately post a video!!!!!

Kelsey said...

I love you're new hair! But you're beautiful so you could be bald and you'd still be gorgeous! :) :)

no said...

Ahhh! I live in Vegas & I wanna see u kandee but idl if I can go :(

Anonymous said...

I think ur dark hair looks great. But the short blonde hair, Wow very sexy. I loved it. Go for it

Anonymous said...

What type of layers do you have ? I have thin hair as well and never know what to do with it. I'm due for a haircut of Tuesday to cut my tips but ugh, I need help on what to tell my hair lady :( help ?!?! <3

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