Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday: me in a business suit

WORKING 9-5.......all business all the time!
this is a "business" as I've ever dressed....but I do love the shoulder pads!
I think I was about 11-ish.
My mom let me and my sister dress up in her clothes...."briefcase-like" bags and all!
The person in the grey suit and higher heels, is my sister...but I wasn't sure if she would like me to post her in her "dress-up" clothes. (you're welcome sister) ha ha ha

*Please note the cotton headband I am wearing....this was my hair "must" of that time. I had many a headband like this, and would wear them just as you are seeing it on me! ha ha ha ha

I also like  how I opted for the sensible, "low" heels!

yeah dress up! Did anyone else dress up like this! ha ha ha

kinda wishing my mom still had that blazer, your kandee

PS. get ready to party at your desk today....I'm about to re-upload my Vice Palette giveaway video (it had major problems) BUT I've got 3 more prize packages in it- to make it more fun!!!!

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hersbeautiful1328 said...

Too cute you look like dj from full house hehe !

Anonymous said...

You look So mature for an eleven year old maybe it was because of the suit but you still looked very cute :)

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