Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The newest Johnson in the house...

 This is newest "johnson" to be added my house....
I've named her Betsey, Betsey Johnson.
You see, she is a Betsey Johnson mannequin, from one of the Betsey Johnson stores that have all been closed now.
*I love Betsey Johnson and am so excited to treasure, a bit of Betsey Johnson store, memorabilia!
If you missed my blog post on it and the "Betsey Johnson" letters I scored, CLICK HERE.
she looks fashionable in her pink, "betsey" Garment bag dress....I call it "plastic trashbag couture"! 
My first job was working at a Contempo Casuals- which was like a Forever21, back in the day...and they were selling their mannequins, ad I bought one. So me and my sixteen year old self, drove my mannequin home...I did her make-up, dressed her and she was part of my room's decor, but she sometimes startled me when I'd walk in my room and think someone was in there forgetting it was my mannequin! ha ha ha

 and now I have the most beautiful trash pile, of hot pink, Betsey Johnson,  garment bags! See, she cam home with all her "parts" in pink Betsey leg here, a torso there, an arm in another bag!

And you bet your eyelashes that those Betsey letters are going up on my walls, somewhere!

and I'm out like the streetlights at sunrise, your amigo, kandee or "dulce" in spanish!

(click the youtube logo in the lower right hand corner to watch it bigger)
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Penetavai said...

That was funny... Forgetting & thinking it was a real person! I'm sure I would of too! Hehehe
My daughter would love this she has colored all her Dolly's faces- she & mommy enjoy your makeup tutorial:)

Elissa said...

Kandee, when I click on the link to see the blog post you mentioned about the Betsy Johnson letters, it says no access. :( :( :( Anyway, this is hilarious! Would love to see Ellie's reaction to it

Unknown said...

Wish I could comment on your other blog :( reading your words that keep telling my heart to move on while also telling yourself brings tears to my eyes! I'm so happy for you that your famous and can share your story with everyone but also scared for you at the same time.. I can't possibly think of putting myself in your shoes, being in the spotlight for everyone to see would weigh on me like a ton of bricks then try to deal with my personal life too.. You seem to handle things do gracefully, I wish I had your skills :) you bring so much love into my life and help me see so many things about myself that I never would've thought in such a way before... I'm 22, when I was 19 my parents passed away, both of them in a span of two months, there's so much more to this story but I feel horrible and I've been a hermit ever since till I found you... Please don't stop doing what your doing, I'll never know exactly how you feel and I know you can't personally be there for me but you have still helped me quite a bit in dealing with everything :) my heart really hurts for you, I hope the best for you darling :) I love your video about dealing with rude people haha huge hugs from my little broken heart to yours :)

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