Saturday, September 1, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon & September-spiration

 (once in a blue moon I'll blog a picture of what I look like when I wake up- see ya in 2015..hahaha)
Happy First of September!
 Since last night was a "blue moon"....and that whole "once in a blue moon" saying, to show how un-often you do something, well it's not that long. Brief recap: a blue moon is when a full moon occurs twice in one month- and it only happens every couple years. So you have until 2015 for you to do, whatever it is you do, "once in a blue moon". It's not really blue...but that would be cool. Now back to blog...
and this is what my hair looks like sometimes when I wake up...I try to braid it so I don't wake up looking like I did a tutorial for dreadlocks while I slept.
(yeah, i took this pics myself...I'm fancy like that)


"You were born an original, don't die a copy."- John L. Mason
I love this!
Don't compare yourself to anyone- their dreams, their success, their popularity, their whatever!
You are too unique and awesome with your own likes, style, dreams, hopes, and your own individual future.
Too many people die always wishing they were "keeping up with someone"...wishing they had what someone else had, waiting for a certain something to happen so they could be happy, wishing they looked, lived, or loved like someone else.
You have dreams that are yours only, and only you can make them have a future that is only waiting for's not waiting for you to be more like a Kardashian, or more like your favorite singer, or more like someone else....
You were born with incredible gifts, talents, ways of saying things, creating, and just being...that no one else has...
whatever makes you happy to listen to, see, wear, do or those!

And let's make September our month of Spec-tember (spectacular + September = Spectember)- and get your mind out of the "spectacle gutter..ha ha ha- we're not talking glasses)

Look out September...we're about to make you awesome...

huge hugs and morning hair, kandee

PS. What do you want to do this month to make it awesome?!


*i'm also on pinterst, instagram & twitter under the codename: kandeejohnson   (secret name huh?!)


MissJess said...

Thanks for the inspiring and kind words! You always seem to help me remember the real important things in life!! Xoxoxo

Unknown said...

You are such a little doll! I seriously feel as though you live next door but that would be a dream cone true to live next to you! I wish I had your number to text you and FaceTime with our iPhones :) my little sophinator would love to see Ellie belly on our lil mini screen :) here's to wishing and hoping that you have a marvelous night with your little loves! Thank you for all your kind words of inspiration and encouragement even though your going through rough days :( wish I could tell you my sob story and try help you through these difficult days like you've helped me, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Jennifer LoveMarque said...

I love Kandee, I love Kandee.... I just HAD to sing that song XD

Amy said...

just what I needed to hear and read!! i needed reminding to be myself and some confidence to try to make my dreams come true. to let me just be myself more, too. thank you so much!

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