Thursday, September 13, 2012

THROWBACK THURSDAY:I dressed like a boy in high school....

Yes, it's throwback Thursday- time to dig through my old photos and post a lil' "old school" kandee treat for you guys!

And today is HIGH SCHOOL kandee.
(Next to me is my best friend from high school, Amy- in the "plumb pants"...who actually came over for a few minutes to visit last week!)  I like how if you didn't see our heads, we'd totally look like guys!

*Yes, my hair was super-duper long- reason #1 why they called me Winnie Cooper (from that show The Wonder Years)

*I wore a lot of skate shoes, a pair of Nike hiking boots (don't ask me why- I loved them), a white pair of Doc Martens, a pair of white lace up Vans with navy blue trim, and my fav were a pair of ruby red patent leather Airwalk skate shoes.

*I dresses in mostly "boy-looking" clothes- good thing I had long hair.

* I would wear my dad's old jeans. I loved shopping at thrift stores and would hunt for vintage men's sweaters and bowling style shirts. I wore lots of white v-neck t-shirts. Baggy jeans- I had a fav pair of red Cross Colours jeans that were super baggy. And lots of baggy old courduroy pants I'd find thrifting in crazy colors like lavender or plain grey.

When I was 16, I got a job at a clothing store and then I started wearing skirts and dresses and lots of knee high socks.....lots. And I dressed way more like a girl! ha ha ha
Maybe next Thursday I'll post a pic from my "girly" phase!

and I'm out, just like all the clothes in that picture are out of style...your kandee

PS. I'm editing a new video that I'm hoping to get up on youtube today!


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Ella Kailynn said...

You were such a beautiful teenager!! I mean, you're still beautiful, but in that picture you look breath-taking!
You look so happy and full of joy :)

Anonymous said...

Lol kandee I think you should dress like you did back then just for a video to show us how you'd look with clothes like that on now haha that would be cool :-) x

Anonymous said...

I swear you must be my age. I graduated in 98. All your styles were mine too. Plus ppl would call me Winne Cooper too! So funny, I loved Vans, shopping at thrift stores to find the best faded old Levis and Hot Topic! My mom wouldnt even go inside H.T. cause the way it smelled! Well now Im a mom of 2 and dont dress so masculine :) I love you Kandee!

Anonymous said...

kandee that is the cutest photo ever!! so youthful..

Jennifer LoveMarque said...

I could never wear my dads old Jeans, LOL, I'm short and thin and he's the opposite >.<
You're really pretty Kandee :) I have long hair like that now, and I kinda dress like a boy, specially when I volunteer, hehe. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Kandee can u please do. A makeup tutorial for emily on pretty little liars? Please?

PurpleJewl102 said...

Your hair is really pretty long.

Anonymous said...

I love your hair it's so shiny and healthy looking you are so pretty I always like to imagine how it was like to be a teenager in the 90's because it seemed way cooler than being a teenager now but being a 90's kid was awesome :)

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