Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Mom's DIY iphone cover

 My mom is one of the biggest reasons why I have any creative anything..she's been letting me create, design, and be my own little self since I was tiny. My mom is artsy and creative...she's been designing things since she was tiny.
(this is my cute lil' mama that I love so much)
And when I saw her iphone case- I luuuuved it! I asked where she got it and she said: "I made it!"...
I was like (yeah, read that like a Valley Girl, it makes it more funny), whhhhat! Oh my gobbstoppers! That is too cute...can I take a picky and post it on the interwebs?!"
*a phone cover:
My mom loves a few things, and the dollar store is one of them. She got the case part at the dollar store.
*plastic flowers:
I think she said she got them at Michael's crafts.
*gel glue for jewels
She used some kind of gel super-glue for jewels to glue the flowers on, but as I type this she can't remember the exact name.

STEP #1. She layed the flowers out in different arrangements to see which looked best, then glued those babies down!

STEP #2. Just let the glue dry and your done.


PROJECT COST: less than $5
case was $1
pack of plastic flowers (make sure you get the michael's crafts app- you can save up to 40% sometimes) about $2
glue was about $2

there you go...D.I.Y. from my M.O.M.

hugs and sparkly things, kandee and her mama

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Anonymous said...

That is such a cool idea :) kandeeI love your video's you're great at what you do, so I'm glad you're posting video's again :D I know you probAbly hear this all the time, but probably not enough, you're amazing! And a huge inspiration to me :) I love your make up video's but what I love more than anything is your style video's.. you're amazing and awesome at what you do <3

Anonymous said...

Cellaris should contact your mother.Forget about Elle and Blair.Your mother design is better.

Penetavai said...

This is so cute!!! Love the gold background!!

Michelle Cool said...

Too bad I don't have an Iphone.I love to make one for my Samsung galaxy S2

PurpleJewl102 said...

This is really cute:) Thanks to you and your mom.

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