Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One of my favorite places in all the world!

 Sundays in Hollywood is an extra fun day....it's the day where they have the Melrose Trading Post (it's one of my favorite things in LA), they have it on sundays in the Parking Lot of the highschool on the corner of Melrose and Fairfax. It's where I bought my first feather earring, when they weren't popular, years ago from my friend Cardi- click here to see her new earrings too!)

black snake skin leggins from BCBG -
white Men's hanes tank top
black BDG (i think it's from Urban Outfitters) tank top
shoes: these are an old pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I got years ago -they are some of the most comfortable "non-sneaker" shoes I own!
Spiked dangle earrings I got on 50% of Macy's- so they are all probably gone by now! ha ha ha
Leather cuff- it's the one I made like a billion years ago, so maybe I'll finally make that DIY leather cuff video I've been wanting to make for years!

I found this lady that made these awesome long, dress-vest! I love them! I wanted to buy every color!
  this grey blue one was too cute but kinda itchy....
 I just fell in love with this cream colored one....so I adopted it!
and there is the adorable lady in the background that makes these...she is like an artist with fabric!

I know I don't do "haul" (ewww, I know, just saying that word gives me the yucks) videos very often, but I could do a haul video on all the stuff I got there!

PS. Would you like me to do more "haul" AKA Shop and Tell videos?!? I don't know!?!? I always think I don't dress like all the other girls so no one would want to see what I buy! ha ha ha

dress-vests, your homegirl kandee

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 OHHHHHHH...here's the lady's info if you wanna buy a dress-vest too:
she doesn't have a website but here's her phone number, her name is Luth Garde:


Unknown said...

Wow I lovee your outfit ESPECIALLY your heels <3

Unknown said...

I adore your style so the "Shop and Tell" videos would be fun to me! :)

DarylAnn said...

You always dress so fun and cute!! I would LOVE to see what you buy! :]

Unknown said...

Kandee, I think your style is so funky and unique, and I just love it!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see more shop n tells bc.your style is UHH-MAZING!! I would love to see more DIY videos for jewelry & clothes too bc those are my favorites :) I'm really into fashion & am always interested to see what your wearing next :D <3

Anonymous said...

Omg!!! Yes do more shop and tells!!!! I love u!! Ur such and inspiration to me!!

Candy said...

You look more beautiful MOrE THAN EVER!!!! Your posture, grace, everything!!!!! Kandee j you are awesome! Love, candy

MarianaCG said...

Why cant i find your giveaway video? Did it get remove? Love from Portugal.

Meg said...

Yes I love shop & tells!!! And your style is awesome and super cool to see!:) shopping videos plsss also another updated favorites video or favorites of the season or something since we are heading into fall!! Love ya Kandee

Unknown said...

It wrong to want to wear that vest with the moccasin boots?! Ugh love!

Anonymous said...

Shop & tell! Shop & tell! I love your style BECAUSE it's not like the other girls.

Sarah said...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do the diy cuff video! I've been waiting for at least 2 years to see if you did it. I would love to make one. Also, what did u pay for the adorable long vest? Love!
BTW, I love all your videos, your style and your awesome positive attitude. More shop-and-tells would be fun to watch!

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