Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oh Cinderelli! Who Needs Prince Charming with this!


Not only was she the winning comment, but when I went to verify her Facebook page... her cover photo is Cinderella! 

Hope you guys like this "blog only" give away...for just my precious Blog family! I love you guys and thank you for letting us spend a little pocket of time together each day!
I love you more than all the Princes and glass slippers in the world, you Kandee -mother (ha ha ha)

Hold onto your glass slippers, or in my case my mop....I've got the most "HOOORAYYYY GIVEAWAY"!!!!

Sidenote: I about had a heart attack of excitement when I saw Disney, let CINDERELLA, out of their "movie vault", and it was for sale in Target last week!!!! I heart Disney and all things Princessy, especially Cinderella, her and Snow White are my favs!

So without further fanfare or fairy godmothers....:

HERE'S WHAT I'm ABOUT TO GIVEAWAY in one big prize package of awesomeness:
This is a MUST HAVE MOVIE: Cinderella: Diamond Edition (3 disc collection: Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Copy) $44.99 
(I almost wanted to buy back-up copies, because I know they won't sell it again for decades! ha ha ha)

And Because every princess needs some sparkle and's some goodies from the Disney Reigning Beauties Cinderella Collection by SEPHORA (which is now available at and in certain Sephora stores- but hurry because they might be gone at midnight- get it! ha ha ha)
 Princess Polish: Sephora by OPI A Brush with Fate Nail Lacquer ($24.50)
6 x 1.8 oz nail polish in: 
- So Totally Enchanted (glittery silver) 
- Step Off, Sister! (glittery purple) 
- Blue My Curfew (glittery royal blue) 
- Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink! (glittery pink) 
- Self-Maid Millionaire (glittery gold) 
- Rags to Rhinestones (glittery bronze) 

 Cinderella Perfume, yes please!!!! 
So This Is Love Eau de Parfum Spray, 50 mL ($58)
You'll enchant your prince by smelling like this:
Fresh Aldehydes, Plumeria, Dewy Hyacinth, Tuberose, Sheer Jasmine, Solar Accord, Musks, Plum, Creamy Woods. 
And for glam than a fairy godmother can create:

(extra reason I love this: It's Paraben-Free)

And there's 20 colors- I love the names too:

- Maiden (glittery magenta) 
- All Aglow (shimmering tan 
- Destined (light blue pearl) 
- Cinderelly (sea foam green matte) 
- Pumpkin Coach (cream gold) 
- Ball Gown (pearl white pearl) 
- Kill Joy (shimmering taupe) 
- Fairy Godmother (periwinkle) 
- Glass Slipper (light blue shimmer) 
- Royal (matte bright blue) 
- Gus Gus (gold shimmer) 
- Charming (nude pearl) 
- Chateau (brown shimmer) 
- Palace (rose gold shimmer) 
- Drizella (medium brown golden shimmer) 
- Cinders (black with gold glitter) 
- Jaq (mauve matte gold shimmer) 
- Midnight (midnight blue with light blue glitter) 
- A Wish (cream pearl) 
- Rococo (plum w/multi glitter) 

Remember my Cinderella Make-Up Tutorial...


 sweep, mop the floors, and clean the fireplace....just kidding!  

#1. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW on who your favorite Disney Princess is? 
ex: I love Cinderella because

(only one comment per person, unless you do any of the following below- you get an extra comment) 
#2. You HAVE to like me on FACEBOOK- (i need an extra way to get a hold of you if you win!) 
If you already like me, never mind....if you don't...CLICK HERE AND LIKEY ME! 

BONUS COMMENT POINTS: (you get an extra blog comment if you do these too)
1. tweet something like this: Who Needs A Prince Charming When you could have this:

2. share this post on facebook, and any comment like: "Who Needs Fairy God-Mothers When you have this:

You can live anywhere, besides the moon. If you are under the age of 35 18, ask your parents permission! Contest starts this very second and I'll pick and announce the winner next Wednesday on this blog too! 
PS. My Gangnam Parody "How To Look Gangam" will be up Tuesday- my computer crashed and didn't save any of the editing I did until 3am! No very sad 

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Unknown said...

My favorite princess is Snow White. I especially love her more because of you! You were so beautiful in the Snow White Halloween tutorial, I loved it so much I followed that darn tutorial to a T! It is by far my most favorite Halloween costume/makeup to this day :)

Unknown said...

My favorite princess is Snow White. I especially love her more because of you! You were so beautiful in the Snow White Halloween tutorial, I loved it so much I followed that darn tutorial to a T! It is by far my most favorite Halloween costume/makeup to this day :)

Unknown said...

My favorite Disney princess in Snow White because she has pale skin and dark hair like me!:)

nicole holly-roff said...

I can't help but love all the disney princesses! I would have to say that my favorite disney princess would be Belle from beauty and the beast. As a little girl I could relate to her because she loved to read and I have always enjoyed reading. Also, it's pretty brave to take your fathers place and have to live with a beast and it just shows how much love you have for your family. I would have done the same thing for my daddy. The movie also showed children that it doesn't matter what you look like, you deserve to be loved and feel loved no matter what. It's not about how she looked or how pretty her dress was (even though it was the prettest), it's about having a kind heart and seeing beauty in things and people when sometimes it's hard to see. That's the message children need, that's what they need to learn.

Nicole Holly-Roff said...

Facebook: I seriously get so excited when you put up a new video, not because I want to know the latest trends or how to do my make up exceptionally well amazingly like you do. It's because you seem genuine, your kind hearted and you like to make people happy and laugh lol like that gangnam style video (which was brilliant) this world honestly needs more people like you.

Unknown said...

My favorite Disney princess is Mulan because it wasn't all about beauty and glamour. She was beautiful on the inside, she was a strong woman who fought for what she thought was right.

Unknown said...

I posted on facebook, and I shared the link. I hope I wasn't to late. I love you Kandee. :)

tayywess said...

A Disney princess that I always have looked up to is Belle. She's a woman who looks beyond looks and sees someone for who they are in the inside. Its important that younger girls know that its not all about looks. In the long run looks fade but the heart will always stay the same:)) Belle is definately the best:) plus I had all of the Beauty and the Beast movies!

Anonymous said...

I love Ariel because i dreamt of being a mermaid when I was little.
I love belle because she saw inner beauty.
I love Cinderella because she showed that evil step mom and her two cruel step sisters!
I love jasmine cause that lucky chick has a magic carpet! And a tiger :)
I love snow white because she can make the house clean its self!!
And as far as sleeping beauty, well, Idk anything about her. Lol, truth is there's something special about all of those girls:)

Unknown said...

Hmm its so hard to choose just one... I guess I would have to choose Pocahontas because she had the same perspective that my family taught me and thats to welcome people of all walks of life with open hearts and hands. She was so strong even though she was very young. In her case her family didnt agree and she still fought for her beliefs n stayed true to her heart. :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite Disney princess is Cinderella! Who doesn't want sparkly glass slippers!

Anonymous said...

If I had to choose just one it would be Cinderella because I remember watching it all the time with my mom and sisters and it brings back so many memories. I also loved the little mice and how they would call her "Cinderelli". I am now a mother of three (a boy and 2 girls) and unfortunately they haven't seen Cinderella, but hopefully they'll see it pretty soon. :)

Thank you for everything you do, Kandee. You are so inspiring!
May God bless you and your family! <3

Karina Escalante (Facebook)

Anonymous said...

I shared the link on Facebook!

Dios te bendiga!
God bless you!

Karina Escalante

Gina Rodz said...

My favorite Disney princess is Belle because she is intelligent, sweet, loving, and A fighter.

Unknown said...

My favorite disney princess is Cinderella! I like that although she was mistreated by people, she was always polite and at the end she got her reward!

Heather said...

Sleeping beauty! Love the story, the music, the funny little fairy god mothers!

Ella Kailynn said...

I don't know if the contest is stil open, but I just realized that I never posted my extra comment! I shared this on Facebook :D
Good luck to the winner!

Unknown said...

My favorite Disney princess would be Ariel.
she is beautiful, down to earth and so lovable.
her heart is so big she would do anything for love.
plus she's a mermaid that's super awesome!

Unknown said...

My favorite princess is Tiana off of the princess and the frog because no matter the complications that she faced she kept moving forward to achive her dream

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