Friday, July 1, 2011

Shaving Grace: how to get the smoothest shave around

First everyone on facebook that helped come up with names for this guys were awesome and brilliantly funny! (I should have you guys help me name videos all the time!)
I've got my "how to" glasses on and I'm ready to bust a lesson in how to get the smoothest summer legs!

and I didn't forget the armpits...either. Since no one came up with side-braid tutorials for under arm hair...we're gonna keep on shaving them off!
this video came out so funny to me...I even ended up editing out some of the funniest parts, because the video was favorite one I cut out was the dreadlock leg hair shot! Just watch the end...the bloopers are so funny (to me anyway!).

How to get the smoothest legs:
tip round up....
come and hang out with me:

legs more smoothie than Jamba juice...kandee

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Anonymous said...

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Lindsey Fox said...

Aww.. How come u deleted it?

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