Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Burning Questions are BACK! Poop, rapping and more!

That's right!
The 20 Questions are Back Baby!!!
And the glasses I wear just keep getting bigger as the video goes on...hee hee hee
It's been a looooong time...I know.
But they're coming back- so grab your fake glasses and let's get ready to answer some of your awesome questions...

Here's the newest of the new 20 questions- find out all kinds of things and what one question got the "Are you kidding me?!?!"......ha  ha ha, i don't even know if it ended up being 20 questions!
(if you click on the little Youtube logo in the lower right hand corner you can watch it bigger!)

If you've never seen any of my old 20 questions videos, here's some more for fun and enjoyment:

Comment below with your other fun questions for the next questions video..
And did you like them called: WHAT THE WHAT videos, or Interview with Myself, 20 Questions with Kandee or FAQ with Kandee? let me know beloooooow...

hugs the size of my glasses in this video,
your kandazzler

click on these to see more cool stuff:


Unknown said...

so fun Kandee! I like What the what videos title.

Yeseni Hermosillo said...

You just keep getting awesomer and awesomer lol
I know you don't regret anything you've been through because as many times as I've felt low and like giving up I don't regret it because its brought me to where I'm at and I love it but have you ever wondered what your life would be like had you not had kids? What if you had done everything "right"?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha i loved Your face when" the first thing you think when you see yourself in the mirror" i couldnt stop watching that part over and over again made me laugh so much

DaniKricH said...

i love Love LOVE your nail polsih in this video!!! is the blue color the "pool boy" i've heard you mention in the past??

seraphineloves said...

your glasses are ri-ponkey-lous hahaaa!! aw i love this!! much love and blessings!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey kandee! I first started reading your other blog. I'm a mommy too. :) and jw thinking of another question for your next 20??? Vid, when is your birthday? Love everything you do! Thanks!

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