Sunday, December 13, 2009


me in the airport bathroom
me setting up camp in the airport..typing a blog, waiting for my video I edited to export.....and my pink suitcase made the most awesome couch to sit on.....

my friend, Teresa was flying in right after me...and I just heard hysterical was her laughing at me as she came around the corner....and took my picture!!!! She almost tripped on my mansion-in-the-airport.....

I had an awesome day!!! Wait til I tell you about the rest!!!!! My ride is here, but this is what I look like typing right now! ha ha ha ha ha


Holly said...

i love you so much :)
hah you always look like your haveing the best time of your life!
i adore you!

Sum Kuller said...
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Sum Kuller said...

Hehe, wow i love those pictures up der.. and hehe You're cute..!
it looks cool how you settled der..
Love you...!
And i hope you have a safe nd happy journy..!

Much love..! :) oxoxox

Fruädel said...

Oh, you look so cute in the AirPort, you should have your own little pink kandee tent to set up, haha! Big cuddle from Sweden/ Tess

Anonymous said...

Kandee brand couch/suitcases

Anonymous said...

Glad you got away safely , it would drive me mental being stuck there .
Im from New Zealand (the dairy farmer) and flying to LAX in July , i dont know where you are from but im praying everynight i bump into you on my travels.
It was be so great to meet you and thank you for all your incouraging words .
Because of you i have found something in me that is saving im worth it and i deserve to be happy , so i have started running and i love it and im losing weight and it was you that inspired me .
Thanks so much Kandee xxx
Love alway Jayne :)

Pa+anda said...

Oh wow! I love how you make yourself comfy in any situation! Plus i love that jacket on you!! Super cute! Hope your trip is awesome! Take care!

Geeky Mac Boy said...

Ha ha, you've brought much of your wardrobe/makeup with you! Can't wait to hear the rest. Hope you had a safe trip!

olga said...

Od dluższego czasu oglądam Twoje video na YouTube, jesteś świetna w tym co robisz i widać, że kochasz to! ;) Chciałam też powiedzieć, że masz bardzo ciekawe życie i jesteś piękna. Dajesz bardzo ciekawe poracy i dziękuję Ci za to ;)
Pozdrowienia z Polski.

I don't know enough English, but I understand almost all what you write and tell. I lern English when I am visitting Your website ;p I would like tell You that You're wonderful and I see that you love Your job and hobby.
Gretting from Poland !

ladeback said...

Hi Kandee, I noticed that you always have trendy, unique nails and thought that you might like to check this out,,20296769_20292826,00.html?xid=msn-november09-manicures

If the link doesn't work, it's called the 3 must-have manicures.
Have fun!
Smiles from Singapore

Zorsha said...

Hi Kandee !
Hope you had a great flight.

I followed you for a while now, but never posted anything (always rated your videos, though)

Well, I'm asking myself if you're gonna read this or not, but I do hope so.

What I really wanted to say was that you gave me the opportunity to know what I wanted to do with my life... Just Like you, Make Up artist. I tried on me, then on people in events, and now, I just love it !
No schools for me, 'cause too expensive for now, but already someone whose interested in my work, and wants to work with me on photoshoots.
I will begin with an awesome neon colour look for an interesting and gorgeous girl.

So, just wanted to thank you, for the Hope and Love you give away with that sparkly smile of yours...
And thanks for your videos, and your time !

Kisses from Belgium, Europe


PS : sorry if I left some typing faults or grammar and vocabulary mistakes, it's not my mother language :$

Unknown said...

I hope you arrived well!!

Natalina said...

LOL!!!! Look like meee haahahha!
Good to know I'm not the only one! ♥

hellovanessakitty said...

kandee you're beautifull && inteligent;;
and super niceeee
i love your youtube video's
im a subscriber<3
have a great trip!

Jessi said...

where is your purse from?? i love it!!!

Unknown said...

haha! so many things!

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