Friday, May 8, 2009

How To Be a Make-Up Artist...and list of Make-Up Schools Worlwide

Do you have that urging in your heart and creative be a make-up artist!?! if so read on sister, or brother.....
and here are a list of schools...that may possibly be close to you...if not, you can always google : make-up schools....
and don't waste your time at a beauty school...they'll teach you nothing about make-up except to scrub blush on your cheeks while you smile really big...ha ha ha ha ha

I am going to start doing MAKE-UP "Glaminars" (like a seminar but, wayyyyyy more fun!)....starting in LA, because that's close! ha ha ha
It will be a super fun and pretty, time to spend with me...and I'm going to teach tips and tricks that you don't learn in any schools....
*custom face charts for people-with a list of custom colors that are perfect for each person
*how to play up your unique-to-you, features
* how to contour and bring out the "dazzle" in your face
*and fun classes like, how to be the Hottest Bride in Town- how to do bridal make-up
*how to get started as a make-up artist...and how to make money right away!!!
*girls day out-of-sexy make-up how to...
*everything you never learned about make-up...
and so many more ideas....
I'm so excited to get to meet you guys at these "make-up glaminars"....let me know if you guys are interested in these...starting really soon in Los Angeles area...and if it's popular, I'd love to get to visit more cities.....

Questions you want to ask the schools?

1. who are the teachers? are they currently working in the industry? what is the student to teacher ratio?

2. do the courses fit the needs of the area of make-up you want to go into?

3. do they provide a make-up kit? and if so, what's in it?

4. what type of curriculum do they use? how much hands-on instruction is included?

5. how many hours are required to complete the program?

6. is there a career placement or internship option available?


CALIFORNIA - Los Angeles & Hollywood areas

Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts
Burbank, CA
cost per hour instruction: $17.50

MUD -make-up designory
Burbank, CA
cost per hour instruction: $17.50

Joe Blasco Training Center
Hollywood, CA
cost per hour instruction: $ Not Available

Last Looks Make-Up Academy (look for classes with Thom Suprenant-he's a good friend of mine, and he's worked on everything!!)
Sherman Oaks, CA
cost per hour instruction: $37.50

El School of Professional Make-Up
Hollywood, CA
cost per hour instruction: $20

Cinema Make School
Los Angeles, CA
cost per hour instruction: $17.50

Award Studio
Burbank, CA
cost per hour instruction: $45

Studio Make-Up Academy
Hollywood, CA
cost per hour instruction: $22

Napleon Perdis Make-Up Academy
Hollywood, CA
cost per hour instruction: $59.80

MKC Make-Up School
Los Angeles, CA
cost per hour instruction: $34.11

CALIFORNIA - other areas

Empire Academy of Make-Up
Costa Mesa, CA
cost per hour instruction: $ Not Available

Cal State Fullerton
Fullerton, CA
cost per hour instruction: $ Not Available

Academy of Cosmetic Arts
Los Gatos, CA

San Fransisco School of Esthetics and Cosmetology
( a paul mitchell partner school)
San Fransisco, CA
cost per hor instruction: Not Available

The Skin & Make-Up Institute of Arizona
Peoria, AZ
cost per hour: varies

Joe Blasco Training Centers
Orlando, FL
cost: varies

Boca Beauty Academy
Boca Raton, FL
cost per hour instruction: $ 70

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
cost per hour: not available

Last Looks Make-Up Academy (same one as in LA)
Miami, FL
cost per hour instruction: $ 37.50


North Carolina School of the Arts
Winston-Salem, NC
cost per hour instruction: $ N/A


Douglas Education Center (Tom Savini's Special Make-Up Effects Program)
Monessen, PA
cost per hour instruction: $ 19


HEX Mollywood Expressions Make-Up School
Kingwood, TX
cost per hour instruction: $20-$50

Art & Technology Make-Up College
Sydney( my niece's name!), NSW
cost per hour: N/A

Australian College of Make-Up & Special Effects
Sydney, NSW
cost per hour instruction: $9.50 AU

Frampton Institute of Cinemagraphic Make-Up
Gold Coast Queensland
cost per hour instruction: $ varies

Media Make-Up Academy
Adelaide, South Australia
cost per hour instruction: $ 15-30

Napoleon Perdis Make-Up Academy
Sydney & Parramatta NSW
cost per hour instruction: $ varCies

Blanche Macdonald Centre
Vancouver, BC
cost per hour: $12-14K for tuition

Complections International Academy of Make-Up Artistry
cost per hour: $14

Inter-Dec College
Montreal, Quebec
cost: NA

Paramita Academy of Make-Up Inc
cost per hour: $40

School of Make-Up Art
Torontp, ON
cost: NA

The School Of Professional Make-Up
Toronto, ON
cost per hour : $ 17

Vancouver Film School
Vancouver, BC
cost per hour instruction: $ 19.75

Wink Make-Up Studio & Academy
Toronto, BC
cost per hour: $17.63

SHepperton, Middlesex
cost: 6,000-22,00 course

Christine Blundell Make-Up Academy
cost: 6,400 per 3 month course

Glauca Rossi School of Make-Up
cost per hour: 20 including make-up kit

Ealing, London
cost: varies

London Make-Up Academy
cost: 3,000 for 8 week course

London School of Media Make-Up
cost per hour: 120-150

West Thames College
Isleworth, Middlesex
cost: varies

cost: 1 week, 16.66 euros

cost per hour instruction: 4.500

cost: NA

Skinart MAke-Up FX Art Academy
cost per hour: 10 euros

Studio 13
cost per hour: 9.3 euros

Amazing School JUR
Osaka, Tokyo
cost: varies

cost per hour: 9.00 euros

The Make-Up School
Ponsonby, Auckland
cost per hour: NZ $36 per hour plus GST part-time, NZ$ 16 fulltime

Nordic Institute for Stage & Studio
cost: NOK 54.000 per semester

Make-Up Institute Stockholm
cost per hour: 20 euros

and now my wrists are tired from typing all that! ha ha ha ha ha


Kristine said...

Oh you included norway too! :D I've been thinking of applying to "niss"... but dont know if I'm good enough... there are sooo many girls with the same dream as I have...

Leah said...

Hey Kandee I have A request Can you Show all of your personal makeup stuff like whats in your traincase or storage?And your the most amazing person ever your so beautiful and full of joy Have a great day =)

Nanner said...

I am soooo interested in your classes!!! If the ones in LA work out, you should come to Seattle!

Anonymous said...

My lord Kandee, that's some serious research there. Awesomeness :)

igloogirl said...

can you PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE come to Vancouver, BC & do a Glaminar in the future?? :) :) :) *gets onto knees, clasps hands & begs*. We're really not that far away ;) LOL. I KNOW that they will be SO successful in LA that you'll want to expand ;)..or ya, i could go to Seattle :)

Meg said...

Thank You soo much Kandee! the information was Soo helpful!

You Should come to Washington State to teach those Classes!!!

And I can't wait to see the video "getting your Make-Up kit started"!

Aberdeen said...

Oooh my goodness! I hope I can attend a glaminarrrr!!!! I thought this vid was SO inspirational!

I've been thinking about doing a career change from designing, event planning, or wedding planning, but I'm working on getting the guts!

You are soooo awesomenesssss!

:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

heyy i just wanted too know if i could get into hair and make up and do both as a job i love hair and makeup?? =]
and does it pay good lol
thanks have a great day!

Anonymous said...

in your video you mentioned going to school for makeup. Do you know of any makeup scholarships? I have never heard of any.
And also, if you wanted to do makeup for music videos (preferably for professional/signed musicians) do you have to take a certain makeup class for that or does that count in the TV/film area?

Shelly said...

Oh I wish you would come to NYC!!! I would sooooo take your "Glaminar" hehe

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to join your classes. LA area here! Please keep me posted! <33

Jamie said...

Hi Kandee! I would love to go to the class/seminar that you have in LA! Please let me know when it is! I cant wait to go and learn as well as meet you! :-) Thank you so much for all of the inspiration that give!

Suzy Orosco said...

I Hope you come to Northern California!!!!I'm mexican you know how many Spanish Sweet 15 and Wedding go on in my area lots and lots i do some gigs just from what I know and see on youtube to get some input from you oh my god I would cherish forever!!

Unknown said...

Love you, Kandee! I would love for you to teach a glaminar in FL somewhere. I'd definitely take a road trip for that. Good luck with everything! xoxo

LindaLady said...

Oh my goodness! This is soooo helpful! I'm from the South Bay in Northern California, so if your ever in that area I would really really really LOOOOVEEE to meet you! You are soo amazing and sweet to do research like that! I have a question though, do you feel that it would benefit someone to finish college first then go to a makeup school? Or to follow their passion and get started in the field of makeup right away? Right now I am just taking my general education in community college, and when I finished I wanted to transfer to a school in L.A. so that I can go to school and maybe work at a counter or be someones apprentice while I am there. So when I finish school I could go straight into freelance and do stuff like movies or photo shoots or whatever! I really love and have been working at Bare Escentuals for the past year and discovered that doing makeup is what I want to do for the rest of my life! =P So if you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it! Some body also mentioned if there are any makeup scholarships you are possibly aware of? That would be a great question to know too! =D And one more thing (sorry!), but do you know the average cost of a makeup school? This way I can start saving! =D I love you Kandee! Keep being awesome! =D

Lesley said...

you didn't list any nyc schools. :(
i know that MUD has a facility here.

Anonymous said...

hiya my favourite, well i have my interview for school in 2 weeks and im waiting for it crazily ,just studying and practing more and more stuff. .. but i wanted to ask u how did u manage to get all stuff u need straight away, i dont know when u started and how were u with money,but all my money with strugle is going to that school,so how much money do u think is ok to put a side for everything i will need and also what when u not working with photographer,should i get some good camera? xoxo

Libby said...

Hi Kandee: Great video with great ideas! I rep a makeup line that is being used by Hollywood & NYC makeup artists & also being worn by Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Leah Remini, and in Latina, Elle, Glamour, etc. AND we train people to be certified makeup artists with the company. What makes us unique is the CUSTOM BLEND liquid or mineral powder foundation! I will be in San Diego and LA in June of this year and would be glad to give you some samples to try or email me at and tell me where to send them and I will. I would like for you to "plug" this high quality line. Equal to MAC, Bobbi Brown, Lancome....not as expensive! And a great way to get started in the makeup industry. I do VERY well in salons, bridal shows, proms and specialize in over 40 beauty!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee its Melissa, if you do one in LA....I will definately bring my girls for another road trip!

Wench said...

can you get me any info on schools in the VA or DC area?
ive looked around and havent had any luck other than a full hair/beauty school (like paul mitchell)

Charlene said...

oh wow i wish i cud come but i live in a whole other country sistah...:( i'm already a makeup artist but i find it hard to get jobs, i dont know if i'm not OUT THERE enough or what, but i have a group on facebook, youtube chann.,myspace...but i maybe ur part of the sminr about making money right away wud come in VERY handy!

anne said...

please hold a glaminar in NYC!!!

*Hilary* said...

I don't know how to thank you enough for posting this video. It almost brought me to tears when you were talking about following your dreams. I live in South Dakota and I am a biology major. My dreams and passions have always lied in creativity; from designing clothes, making jewelry, doing hair and makeup. But of course living in South Dakota I don't have very many creative outlets for school. So my goal was/is ( I am not sure) to become a dermatologist, just so eventually I would be able to be connected with skin care and makeup. I can't explain to you how amazing your video was, and I wish I could just get the courage to become a makeup artist. I don't know why I am telling you my whole life story (haha), but watching your videos makes me feel like I know you and can talk to you personally. Any who, I just want you to know that you are an amazing and inspiring person and I would give anything to follow my dreams like you have. Thanks Kandee!
Hilary :)

Kat said...

Hey Kandee! i found you on youtube a while ago, and since then you've become one of my favourite people for make up =] you really have inspired me to take make up as a career, i always wanted to but was never sure if i could, and its thanks to you that i'm starting at a make up school in october! so thank you x and you're always so warm and lovely and kind x thanks!

Audrey said...

Hi Kandee !
I would totally be interested in going to one of your glaminars in LA ! Please keep me updated on it !! Thanks. Great video by the way !

pinkappleblush said...

hi Kandee, love all your videos & tips, you're my make-up idol! I've just done a course in make-up over in the UK but I wish you were coming over here for your Glaminars although it is a bit far! I thnk you'd be a great teacher :] Well if they get really successful and you do come over here let me know, I'm sure there'd be loads of girls over here who would love to attend!

Dazzledust25 said...

Hi Kandee,
I would love to see a video on how you apply make-up on a job as I know it's different to how you apply it on yourself. Or maybe a colour theory video??
Love your videos!Thank you x x x

carissakk said...

Hey Kandee, if your classes work out in LA and you start doing ones elsewhere I'd love for you to come to Miami! Love your vids

Ana said...

Hi Kandee, I've found some schools in Spain, like MONTSERRAT FAJARDO, STICKART STUDIO, CAZCARRA... in few days I'm going to check them out, and I have to decide which one to chose...can you help? thank you so much! you're amazing, keep up the great work! hugs'n'kisses from Italy ;)

Michaela said...

Could you please do a video on products you think are essential for people to have who want to become make up artists in the future?
Like, a good base for starting your make up collection.
I think it would help a lot of people.
Thank you so much!

Carolyn said...

Sorry to trouble you, but do you know of any good schools in GA?

Jaclyn said...

Thank you so much for that video!!! I want to follow my dreams of becoming a makeup artist too. This was very informative. You went above and beyond with all that research on the schools. You're an awesome person and a great artist.

Oh and I can't wait for the Glaminars!!! Los Angeles is perfect for me...just tell us when and where.

Thanks a million Kandee :)

Heather said...

Omg.... A glaminar would be amazing!!! I think someone else comme ted requesting ibfor for the va/DC area.... I also have tried to find a school/program and haven't had any luck...

If you came here I would definitely sign up for your glaminar! Come to DC!!!!!


savvymami said...

any suggestions in Hawaii? i love your tutorials and wish that you would hold some glaminars here!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee,Thank you very much for listing Paramita Academy of Makeup Inc.
as one of your schools to attend!!

Jessica Obregon
Owner/Makeup Artist
Paramita Academy of Makeup Inc.

Anonymous said...

Hey kandee thanks for this but you forgot new York :( LOL I wanna freelance. Do you have any info on that ?? Thanks you can @ me at


Ana said...

I'd also love to come to a 'glaminar'! When, where, and how much? Can't wait!! :-)

Katie said...

Kandee! thankyou for doing thisss!!
Im interested in the makeup classes you plan on doing.
I think you should be a teacher.
Your truley inspiring and amazing.

Please come to texas!

Also what do you think about online make up schools...
I mean I know it be better to go in person but there far away from where I live and if you dont live close to one would an onlike one be okay?

I dont want to waste 4 grand on something that wouldnt help me.

Here is an online makeup school..
Please tell me what you think!

Debbie D. said...

I can hardly wait for your Glaminars! :) Do you have an email list or anything or do we just keep checking in here? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You could add International Make Up Center ( for Finland and Sweden :)

Anonymous said...

You do such a terrific job showing us how to put make up on. What about the best way to take it off? Best cleansers, etc. to take care of your skin. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please come to the east coast!!! NYC or BOSTON!!!!

christine said...

Heya Kandee,
For all the Dutch people out there I can definately reccomend "Fleurimon Ecole de Maquillage Professionel" in The Netherlands (
It's where I take my classes and I totally love it. Love your site too, btw :) you're such a nice and positive person! Keep up the good work.

Brittney said...

When!??? And Where? Im in LA and i would love to attend!!! i would like for you to show how to make a big nose (like mine lol) appear smaller? I cant afford surgery yet so... i need your help! thanks!

KissyFace Artistry said...

Thanks for such a great list! I was unaware of one of the ones listed for Florida After checking out the site, it seems like a great option for getting certified.

Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Hi,can you recommend some schools in NYC? I'd love to take Glaminars w/you in NYC. Thanks!

Nafeesa Aziz said...

hey sweety this is great..thank you so much for this.. i'm basically a graphic designer.. but i love to do i was planning to join a makeup school but was wondering which school to have given the list.. now it's quite easy to choose from your list..thanks again for this.. and love you so much because without any return you are helping us all the way...takecare..

DaMaKeUpLoVeRChiC562 said...

OMG Kandee! You are like a great fairy god-mother for me right now. My passion for makeup has grown a lot over the past few months and more by watching your videos, seeing how talented you are, and happy you are as a makeup artist. So i decided to follow that someday become a makeup artist. The only problem i have is that due to the recession, I have not been able to get myself to a makeup school and start that dream so for now i have just been uploading a couple of my videos to youtube, as a small guru, hoping i can get somewhere someday. That's why i want to thank you sooo much for doing this for al of us. You're truly the best person ever, kind, generous, happy, talented. Thank u thank u thank u....I AM SOOO INTERESTED IN ATTENDING THESE CLASSES...i am in Whittier, CA, which is still around the LA area, about an hr or less away. & I hope you have space to sigh me up for your classes. Thank you so much!

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

i just watched your video on yourtube, and i just wanted to say that ilove you energy.

i just started going to a makeup school online called elitepro and its in spain.

but its nice to see someone as excited about makeup and being a makeup artist as i am.

it took me a long time to decide my life career, and im really glad i choose the one i did.

i just wanted to say that.


Lucie Strong said...

I must recommend Glauca Rossi School of Make-up, in London. It's very good! I trained there.

From Lucie Strong. (Make-up Artist).

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee,

Great list of makeup schools. I attended The School of Professional Makeup in Toronto, Canada and I think it is one of the best makeup schools out there. The instructors are actually working makeup artists - and they have a lot of fieldwork opportunities so students can gain experience. I took makeup artistry with an airbrush component, plus a prosthetics course. I want to persue a career as a makeup artist in movies. I would recommend this school to anyone.

marivel said...

I'd love to attend your glaminars! You're very talented, and i LOVE your personality!
Very exciting! :D

Anonymous said...

I like to go with EI School of Professional Makeup. EI is the best Makeup Schools In Los Angeles, i'm leaving around west Hollywood, and i know that its worlds old and popular makeup artist school.

ToO ConFusEd said...

Hey Kandee!
I really want to become a makeup artist. I have a few questions though.

1. How much on average do makeup artists get?

2. What are good places to start off in doing makeup?

Thanks! :]

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee, I actually have a pretty detailed question to ask you. This is about schools in London. I may have the opportunity to move there because of my husbands work and I have been looking into a few Makeup Artist schools there. I was wondering if you have an opinion on what school would be the best for the cost and time. I would like to study all aspects of the art including: Beauty, High fashion, fantasy, special effect, prosthetic, etc...I have been looking into Brushstroke, Greasepaint, Christine Blundell Makeup Academy, Delamar, London Makeup Academy, and The London School of Media Makeup I have heard good things about most of these schools but not all of them. I'm sure there are more that I am unaware of. I would like a school that delves deep into each aspect of the art. I am not sure how much one could learn in a few months but I could be wrong.
I would really appreciate your time. Thank you again for everything you do for all of us aspiring makeup artists.

Have a great day!! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Kandee!! I just graduated from Beauty School (esthetics only LOL!) OH well doesn't hurt hehe! BTW I have way shiny!!! What can I do to matte myself down?

Anonymous said...

Kandee, you are such an inspiration to me! I love watching your youtube videos, and reading your blog, and I have learned so much from you! I almost went to school for nursing, and dont get me wrong, nursing is a great field to work in, but I just see my self becoming a make-up artist.

I looked at some of the schools you had posted here in FL, and all of them really don't offer financial aid, and if they do, its through loans. I unfortuantlly, can't do any loans because I have BEYOND horrible credit, and so does my family :(. Hopefully I can find someway to follow my dream! I thank you sooo much for doing what you do best! You inspire so many girls out there!! Hopefully you'll do a Glaminar here in Miami :]

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad you posted for Toronto! OMG I have been looking for schools in NY but they are all in NYC and I'm WAY upstate and really didn't feel comfortable moving to the big city lol Toronto is much closer to where I am and I've been there! Cool! I will def be checking these out!

Jinni said...

I'm demanding you fly out to Virginia. I just left California 3 months ago, and I've just learned about you. Talk about bad timing!! :(
Since then I've read all your blogs, watched all of your videos..cried over your story and how closely I can relate..bleached my teeth with my fancy new football mouth guard..given myself makeup cosmetic surgery to hide my less than favorable nose and under eye circles..-deep breath- AND I've had a pep in my step that I have been long missing.

You are an absolutely amazing human being, Miss Kandee.

Oh, and come to Virginia please. :)

Webmaster said...

Thanks for the listing, Kandee!

Wanted to mention that the website address for The School of Professional Makeup in Toronto, Canada is actually:

Thanks again,
The School of Professional Makeup

Agus said...

Hi Kandee,

This would be sooo great! Have you already started?

I would love if you could come sometime to the Palo Alto Area! Would be great!!!

Keep us posted!


Unknown said...

I am sooo Interested in your glaminars! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come to Michigan to give one!!!!

keep up the wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

I was curious as to what you thought about the HEX online makeup classes? are they worth it?

Unknown said...

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C.PattyPhotography said...

What makeup school did you go too kandee.

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