Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things to do at Disneyland:

1. if you're ever in a hotel, order room service (my favorite it dessert!), and since I'm on vacation with my kids today, it's gonna be strawberry pancakes and belgian waffles with whipped cream (don't order it at 10 when they close at 10:15, and they forget to bring you the whipped cream! ha ha ha)

1 1/2. Make sure you drive til 3 am, to get to the hotel, and then your kids will be so excited when they wake up, they won't be able to sleep until 4:30, and then because they were sleeping the whole drive, they'll wake up at 8:30! ha ha ha

2. If you're hurt or injured or handicapped, get a Special Assistance Pass!

3. Make sure you wear lots of deoderant if you are going in hot months, those lines put you WAYYYY too close to sweaty, stinko people! Help stop the STINK!

4. Eat at the mexican food restaurant in Frontierland, the soft tacos are soooo good! And buy a bag of cinnamon sugar tortilla chips at the register!

5. Go on Space Mountain at least 3 times, and make a funny face at the last part when you go up the tunnel with the lights - it's GONNA TAKE your awesome picture!

6. Go on the Peter Pan ride, it's my favorite! "hold on tight and here we goooooooo!"

7. Do forget your wallet when you go to buy the tickets, then you have to ride the tram all the way back to the car, and back to the front of Disneyland again (takes about another 30 minutes!)...Oh wait DON'T do what I did! ha ha ha

8. and make sure you get a frozen lemonade with a shot of cherry flavor in frontierland, and a churro!

9. and go the Horseshoe Saloon, get a rootbeer float and watch the hillbilly show, me and my sister almost peed our pants laughing so hard!

10. Go on Pirate's of the Caribbean!

11. make a video response to the Pirate's of the Caribbean video....the best of both world's PIRATE's and HillBilly's!

And yes, I'm posting this video again! ha ha... just because I'm going to Disneyland again!!!

have an awesome day...and remember if your today isn't so great, just wait til TOMORROWLAND!!!

huge love....your kandee


~*geena*~ said...

I love love love disneyland!! and the pirates ride! and everything else there!!! i cant wait to go again!!! I hope you have a super dooper fun weekend there!!!

Erin Gutierrez said...

Your the best!!!!!!!! Wish I was there too!!!!!

Love ya!!!


Shutterchic said...

Number 3 is my favorite. PLEASE stop the stink!!! Some people don't like deodorant because of the chemicals, but you know.. there's always baking soda ;) They should start making some kind of booty deodorant too, little kids get too close to stinkbutts hahaha... that's pretty gross, but true!

You're lucky it's not hot yet... perfect overcast day for Disneyland! Have fun Kandee!!


Unknown said...

Hahaha this is awesome :) have fun at Disneyland!!!

P.s. The Jack Sparrow video = AWESOME I laughed sooooo hard!!!! :D

Nikki K. said...

oh my gosh i LOVE LOVE LOVE disneyland. I live in hawaii and have been saving forever to take my kids. luckily we are FINALLY all going in November. YIPEEE!!!

Noelle Garnier said...

I've never been to Disneyland, only Magic Kingdom! But I LOVE the parks and I would love to work for Disney someday. Your trip sounds SO fun!
(And you should have gone dressed as Captain Jack.) : D
kandee fam lil sis

. said...

Kandeee please I kneed an answer!!!
One friend of mine it's going to take pictures of a friend... And se asked me if I could do the "model's" make up!!!
They have been reading my make up blog, and it seems they like it... ^^
I love make-up, and I'm afraid of making a mess... :S

I need an answer, Kandee. :)

Huge love, Alice Ramires

DoktoricaGaga said...

I just visited Disneyland in Paris. I was there with my friends. I had the bast time of my life. Space Mountain is my favorite. I was happy as a kid when i watched the pared.

Melissa said...

awww i went there for my honeymoon last summer, i want to go back soooo bad!!!!

ruby slippers said...

kandee i'm so jealous!! i went to disneyland in december and looooooooooooved it :D back in australia now... saving up for my next trip to america!! hehe

Laura Lu said...

OMG! girl! you are too much! I love your blogs! and I love second home.

Ammy said...

haha love it. will do next time i go, well i'll try to do everything!

Bronte said...

My family and I always eat at the mexican food restaurant in Frontierland! Their food is amazing :D

...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

Oh my gosh your going to Disneyland!!!!!!!
I LOVE Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!
I live like 5 min. away!!!!!!!!!!
And yes all those things you said are a MUST!
Have a GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!

fabulousjunk said...

awesome makeup!!! I love your blog Kandee and your tutorials. They rock. Keep up the good work I can't wait to see more..


ERIND1212 said...

hey girl! i hate to bother you with a question while you are enjoying time with your family, but whenever you get a chance to answer is fine :)
okay so i went to get the studio touch up stick in its discontinued, so the replacement product they are suggesting is the Studio Fix (its in a compact) so if i apply this with an angeled brush to contour my face, do you think it would work the same? i totally trust your advice, you are the first person i asked about this! :) see how special you are! i love how i can right to you like we have been bffs for life, even though i have never met you , i do feel like you are my friend! its kinda crazy i know, but you are just so relatable & remind me so much of myself.
so with that said, get back to your family, i hope everyone has a magical time at the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!
love & hugs to you!

Unknown said...

you're so funny Kandee. such a fun girl!

Tori said...

I watched this video for the first time and I just about died laughing!!!!! You are simply the best!

I am completely inspired to be Captain Jack sparrow now for Halloween... It was gonna be Micheal. I love You! Your awesome. Thanks for brightening my day!

Tayler Worrell said...

Candy omygosh, i love you!! you are SO funny. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. I woke up this morning sorta in a crabby mood and you just made it so much better!!! i was actually laughing so hard out loud. ahh LOVE this vid. :)

Risu Kim said...

I have an annual pass so when you go next I would LOVE to join you!!!
Disneyland will be holding the Mickey's not so scary trick or treat parties this year instead of california adventures. you should TOTALLY go! you can dress up in costume!!

Unknown said...

Aww I was gonna go this weekend again, I would've seen you! Too bad, I thought about the holiday and long lines and didn't want to get stuck. We probably go like twice every months since we love Disneyland. Makes me feel like a little kid again, all my problems do not exist when I'm at Disneyland.

Elizabeth en Laure in Oostenrijk said...

It's funny you are gonna order "Belgian Waffels" ! :-)
I'm from Belgium ! Woehoew !!
I love your videos and they make me happy just by looking at them!

x Elizabeth

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