Sunday, August 1, 2010

Seattle GLAMINAR = love day

salted caramel, oreo, and dance party flavor cupcakes from Royale Cupcakes in Seattle!
my jordan...and my kindred spirit-friend, Tamara (i love these 2 people so much!)

Me and the Vanity Girl Hollywood - Pink Starlet Mirror Winner- the beautiful, Karol Figueroa!j
hugging, well, I hug everyone, but I'm hugging the adorable, Tida Svy who did an amazing job as a "camera woman", thank you Tida!
The beautiful Deborah Hopper...with the GORGESOUS Flowers she made for the Glaminars...she is a real florist and owner, Hopper Flowers in Seattle!
Me and some of the last of the girls that stayed to chat, we didn't think of the "group shot" idea until almost everyone had left! And my mama in the pink on the left, and my Jordan in the front!

sweet Heidi Johnson, who not only had a matching SUPREME necklace, which I've never seen before, but she made the most beautiful flower rings in yellow and electric blue, to give away at the GLAMINAR! (I think she sells them on esty too!) You're a doll Heidi!
It was such an incredible day! We all cried, laughed, and loved!

This was happening when the Glaminar ended out front of the hotel: the Torchlight Parade in downtown Seattle! Right in front of our hotel! (this was before it started ofcourse!)
this is a crazy building, with architecture that scares me, I would never want to go in this building! Even though Jordan tried to explain the structure strength of this building and how it is designed like certain, incredibly strong bridges...No WAY would I go in there!
this was a beautiful chair in a store window, on the walk to dinner....mmmm
buttermilk fried chicken, biscuits and mashed potatoes...comfort food! then I went to have the last of the salted caramel cupcakes, but saw someone had swiped there fingers in the icing (i think it was my mom, but she was fast asleep!) Jordan was watching a movie and said he didn't do it, so me and my sweet tooth just went to sleep at my computer trying to type this blog! ha ha ha they're still sleeping!
I will never forget the girls in SEATTLE, their amazing stories....the love we shared, the inspiration that grew in them this day....
The change in their hearts that I could even feel. The tears that fell, from me and others, the laughter that echoed through the room...and the hope that sprang up in everyone's heart....that I could see glowing from the spunky-twinkles in their eyes as they waved good-bye!

I love you all my precious SEATTLE Glaminar girls and guy ~ Gabriel (that came all the way with his sweet sister, Girasol, from LA!
You have forever inpsired my heart too!

typed with so much love and thankfulness.....your kandee

PS. I will see the famous gum wall and space needle today! I hope! ha ha ha


Lindsey Hughes said...

sounds like an amazing time! I can't wait to see you at the atlanta glaminar! counting down the days :)

lots of LovE,

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like Kandee and all the girls had a great day...Im soooo depressed I will never be able to go!

Angelys said...

Love it, Can't wait... NYC in Sept.

skinnieminniex said...

kandee i can't wait to see you in chicago! you're my idol <3

Beata said...

Looks like a great time!

Anonymous said...

I had an amazing time. Thanks you for everything Kandee! <3

Laura said...

Ahhh! Looking forward to London Glaminar in Oct even more now!

Anonymous said...

I'm so waiting the glaminar in London in october! Love you!

Cfom said...

It looks amazing! Wish I could join one of your glaminars, but I live in Denmark.. Hopefully you will come to nothern Europe one day :D <3 You are awesome Kandee!

Please follow my blog, if you get the time, that would be an honor ^^ <3

Hugs Heidi

Valeria Tennyson said...

So sad I didn't have money to go. Maybe next time. Glad you had a blast in Seattle.

Christine said...

this sounds so amazing, great pictures :) Wish i could be there with you guys :)

Unknown said...

It sounds like everyone had an amazing day.
I'm from Holland and I really, really, really hope I'll be able to attend the London Glaminar.
It's a lot of money for me, but I know it will be money well spent :-)
Huge Love from all the way across the ocean!

Rachel Chloé said...

Awwww MAN! Kandee I'm from Seattle but I'm living in Spain right now so I missed it!!! I would have so been there if I was home! Well I'm glad you had an amazing time and that you liked my city! Hope you'll go again some day (and that I'll be there to attend!)


Tie Dye Face Masks said...

I had an a AMAZING day Kandee! Thanks for the hugs. love and inspiration! You are like an angel or a little fairy, who sprinkles, love, laughter and inspiration wherever you go! Truly a day I will never forget!

Cari said...

Wow, lots of fun.

ganderson4 said...

Kandee, I love that you are getting to do all this. You have proven the parable of sowing and ripping in the gospel. You have given to us, TRUE SINCERITY, love, on top of awsome make-up lessons and in return you are getting love from people, suport and SUCCESS.
I just found you a couple weeks ago, I am getting to know YOU ARE AWSOME, you have transforme in just 2 weeks, inside and outside.

Dana said...

Sounds like a great day!! Wish I could have been there! Hope to see you sometime in Kansas City, Missouri!! Thanks for all of your hard work!

Anonymous said...

That looks like such a great event! I'd love to know more. I'll be back.

cOoKiElUvR said...

Wow it looks like it was Great. The flowers looked beautiful!

cOoKiElUvR said...

I'm saving my money for LA, anytime soon? ;-)

gabbiie said...

just wondering is you son black

ambrosia said...

hi kandee. i luv ur style.
i have three little ones and i just want fabulous things for all of us. you replenish my faith that hard working mamas can rock it!
check out my blog:

Jessica said...

Your boots look awesome!

Unknown said...

I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME AT THE W HOTEL GLAMINAR!!! it was amazing and i finally got to meet you, your mom, and your son and also your friend tamara.
thanks again for letting me attend your glamorous glaminar!
i love you kandee and ty for the beautiful flowers and makeup gifts!

Brittany Ashley

Anonymous said...

too bad that I was not there ;-( bad I am glad that you have a greaaaaaaaaaat time ;-)
good luck Kandee !

Saumaria said...

We would love to have you in Phoenix,az

SaRaH!!! said...

I am so excited for the Glaminar in Houston, TX!!!!!!

I can not wait! I hope you have as much fun in Houston as you do all the other places you go.

Be prepared for the weather though..... so humid...which equals bad hair days sometimes..

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!!
Come to SPAIN!!!! We want you HERE!!!! hahaha. you are AWESOME thanks for always bringing a smile :) to our faces :D
Oh, do you know which Etsy store does Heidi Johnson have for selling those BEAUTIFUL flower rings!
Thanks so much KANDEE! have a GREAT day!!

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