Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 Amazing Things About the New ipad 3

Today in the Bay, (AKA San Francisco), Tim Cook, Apple Inc. CEO, announced the ipad3, baby!

Yep, just when you think you're good to buy the latest ipad, igadget with the properly sized protective cover....your piece of imetal is out of date, and your old cover/case will not fit either!

The NEW ipad 3 will come with:
*a discount coupon for the ipad4- so you don't feel bad when it's outdated in a few months
*3-D glasses so you can watch the internet in 3D, facebook will really come alive now
*Oxgen-tubes to insert in your nose, so you can smell what you're watching- or a fragrance someone message you- "hey thanks Jimbo, for the fart you messaged me, that was awesome!"
*a handle attachment, so you can do some bicep curls or squats with the added weight- say while you're just sitting in the airport, waiting for your ride to pick you up, or just turn any time your waiting in line- to work out time.
*and it'll come with voice recognition- so you can say, "ipad3-p.o." (like C3PO, from Star Wars), lets get out of here", and it will recognize you want to leave, and come pick you up  with it's new "magic carpet" power and you and Ipad3PO are flying to a "whole new world" like Aladdin and Jasmine!

Ok, I just totally made all that up, I know, you were totally believing me...
but what Tim Cook really said the ipad3 will have- new stuff like this:
*The new display will be sharper and blow the socks of the HD tv in your living room.
*It'll have more saturated color, than the now, outdated ipad1 and 2.
*It'll have 4 processing cores, yeah, that's a lot. That means smooth as butter graphics.
*And it's got a higher resolution camera, like it's sibling, the iphone4S.
*And it's updating some new features on the tablet, like iphoto (which I use everyday) to organize and do some basic photo editing.
*And it seems that the new ipad3 has been hitting the gym to pack on some muscle and chuggin' some weight gainer shakes, cause this bad boy is gonna weigh a bit more (1.33 pounds to 1.44 pounds) and be a bit thicker, (8.8 millimeters to 9.4 millimeters) because of all the fancy pants new stuff- like fancier camera and more processors.
*and the prices are going to be pretty much the same as for the ipad2's original prices- but now the ipad2 price is gonna drop too! Nice-ness.

Mark your ical because March 16th, ipad 3 is gonna be up for grabs in the U.S. and in Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan. A week later, 25 more countries can try to wait in huge lines for one, too.

Feel free to share this with all your friends so you sound uber cool and tech savvy.

ipad3PO and R2D2, your Kandee Skywalker of the Apple Force



jared said...

Apple sucks, Honestly Steve was rip-off and wish people would realize it instead of things Apple products are the best. Coming from someones field is Technology, I know.
Also sad how our world is so wrapped up in buying things. Wait outside to spend 500 bucks on something...Oh America.

Anonymous said...

Haha, on the first lot of stuff you said it was gonna do, I got so excited about the smell thing. I was like omg mum look what the iPad 3 does!! Now I feel kinda dumb hahaha. xxxxxx

Camille Pontvianne said...

Hmmm I truely believed the first 3 things then when I got to the 4th I realized you had to kidding!

Sarah C. said...

Yo got to be kidding me??!!! I get the IPad 2 and 3 comes out a week later. Wait till I get the iPad 3 I'm sure the iPad 4 will come out 1 week later. Seriously Apple is kinda annoying me!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I actually kinda believed you, especially smellavision! Lol, I can be so gullible!

GodsGirl said...

Man that was so stinken hilarious! Oxygen, Fart mail! Hahaaa! So my kinda sense-o- huma! Funny Girl! Maybe it'll have X-ray vision too. Whoa, too far. Lol! Skywalker of the Apple Force! Funnay!

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