Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's Next To Your Bed At Night?

What is on your nightstand, bed table, side table...what is next to your bed at night?

On my nightstand, pretty much every night you'll find:
*a glass of water - (I got this fun glass at Home Goods)
*a lip balm of some kind ~ right now, I'm semi-obessed with the Treat Coconut Cream Old Fashioned Jumbo Lip Balm, it's organic and smells like deliciousness and it lasts you forever! I like going to bed with my lips super moisturized!
~ bonus tip- I've even used this under my eyes when I ran out of my "Un-Petroleum from Alba"- and it felt amazing! You can't go wrong with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil!

*It's fun to have a pretty little dish or something to put your lip balm or whatever other goodies you keep next to your bed. (I got my little bird dish here, at Target)
*Having candles or reed diffusers, will make your room smell heavenly when you drift off to dreamland. I have my Polynesian Gardenia Oil in my little bird diffuser, that I got at Pier 1 Imports next to my bed, and it just makes my room smell so amazing. 

And my lamp I got at Home Goods too!

The only things missing that is always next to my bed is my iphone. But I was using my iphone to take that picture! ha ha Oh and the remote control for my tv- I always lose it, so it's no wonder it's not in the picture.

What's on your nightstand? Beauty goodies? Tech goodies? A mix of both?!

huge lip balms and huge hugs, your kandee




Bree johnson said...

I have my purse my Burt's bees replenishing lip balm, my glasses, remote, cellphone, iPod touch, and my favorite gold canyon "cranberry flirtini" candle it smells delish!

Bree Johnson said...

And btw I loves you! Ur my inspiration! Hugs!

lrob932 said...

I have my latisse (so I don't forget it), a coaster for my water, my phone, sticky notes and a pen (for all those late night ideas), and of course - my smiths rosebud salve :)

audra said...

I have my little statue of Buddha, my Army survival guide (for some reason), my phone, glasses, multiple bottles of water and currently a pinecone my man friend brought me as a "present".

pilsers said...

My Bible,chapstick,a lamp,a pen, the alarm, Harmony Grove candle from Boscovs, bobby pins, the remote , some earrings and Kleenex

Anonymous said...

What dont I have on my nightstand.... organic chapstick, pen and notepad, tissues, remote ( which i lost all the time so i got a little velcro and stuck it on the wall next to like a charm), water bottle, cat treats to woo my cats into letting me sleep, and homemade coconut lime oil.

Anonymous said...

On my nightstand I have a picture of my son, multiple Slatkin & Co. candles, Burt's Bees Rejuvenating Lip Balm, glasses, TV remote, hand sanitizer, & headphones.

Greyson'smommy said...

Bib, pacifier, bottle, and alarm clock...uhhh can u tell I'm a new mom ?!

Anonymous said...

Sleep mask.
My galaxy skyrocket phone.
Lip balm.
a small glass bowl.
Lavander vanilla candle and lotion.
Pen and notpad.

I think I need a BIGGER nightstand. Lol

Nicole Smith said...

^^^ I dont know why it posted me as anonymous :/

Anonymous said...

Laptop, and cell.

Ashley Bee said...

My handy dandy night stand includes serious business. Mostly work catalogs, then water in a Brita water bottle, lip balm of all kinds, red velvet cupcake scented candle, love letters and depending on my night, maybe even glasses and a snack.

Anonymous said...

I have my glass of water, carmex lip balm, L'occitan shea butter hand cream, my cell phone, t.v. remote and alarm clock on my nightstand.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get a red velvet cupcake candle?! :)

Anonymous said...

Right now I have a lamp, tissues, B&BW lotion in Vanilla Bean Noel, a glass heart-shaped dish with my wedding rings, a watch, earrings, etc. I also have a tart warmer for my Candles By Victoria scent shot, a diet Snapple and a bag of Cruncha ma-me snacks from earlier. Oh, and Spearmint Chapstick and soon my cell phone.

Such a fun post!

Anonymous said...

A little gnome statue

My Alice in Wonderland mug (the Cheshire cat disappears when hot tea is poured!)

An apple scented candle

My bird alarm clock (it actually tweets to wake me up, so much better than other noises)

a small piece of driftwood from Whiterock B.C.

My phone

pumpkin spice chap stick

a glass of water

<3 xx

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to have the same things...hmm. Well I'm unique then or just plain weird! Hehe. I have a 7 dollar lamp I got at target because they didn't know the price, a cupcake piggy bank, nail polish, my nook and my hunger games book I am re reading.

Brittney said...

Well, since my room is so small, I don't have a night stand next to my bed, but instead my son's crib :P I do keep my glasses and phone on the back of his crib though, so I guess that's my night stand lol. Soon, I will have my nook as well though...where to put that.

Stephani said...

I have my iPod dock, two Bibles (NIV and KJV), a renuzit airfreshener in raspberry, my phone, my glasses, a water bottle, pens, pencils, and highlighters. (:

Anonymous said...

Oh lord. Lamp, iPad, phone, 9 books, 3 lotions, hairbands, various lipbalms, 1 burnt up candle, DUST, 2 water bottles, chick fil a wrapper from last night, ketchup packets, pen, notebook, dog toy. I'm messy and my nightstand looks like hell I admit

Anonymous said...

I dont have bed table XD

JadeWinkle said...

Hmm where do I start.... I've got a teddy bear, pens, pencils, note pad, sticky notes, special bible highlight pen, Bible, glasses, Nivea milk & honey lip balm, tv remote, alarm clock, squirt bottle (for when the puppies start acting up and need to be reminded its bed time), Mary Kay moisturizer, foot cream, 2 books, a stress reliever ball, and my iPhone

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