Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Five Random Facts & oh 17 Kandee!

Ok, now normally I do my "5 Random Facts Posts on Saturday", but I have a special video for you guys on Saturday...and I just realized how much better "Friday 5 Facts" sounds! (insert my trademark "ha ha ha")

Now onto the 5 Random Things:
For the second time now, I've asked you guys on facebook and here's what you wanted to know:

1. Kat LaRie What is your number one go to comfort food or type of food?
Macaroni and Cheese, mashed potatoes and any, and all kinds of desserts like cheesecake or mud pie!
2. Tiffany Macabenta What advice would you give to the 17 year old Kandee, coming from the Kandee now... ????
 Oh that's a more serious one! I would tell 17 year old me...don't give up your dreams and everything you want to do, for someone you're dating! Guys come and go...but you were born with those dreams in your heart. Be independent and the guy that really loves you, will love and support your dreams because they are a part of who you are.

3. Brittany DamesProspect Highland hi love! What your number one way to fight stress? I love your bubbly personality! 
Some kind of workout! Going for a walk or I used to run every day to really get all my frustrations out- it was theraputic for me. But since I haven't been running in way over a year- any workout it essential to get your endorphins revved up to make you feel good. Even just turning my favorite music on and dancing in my living room!

4. Chelsea Owens If you didn't become a makeup artist or be in the industry what other career would you have done?
Oh I wanted to be a fashion designer or and actress. I'd been in musicals and plays since I was little! I dreamed of winning an Oscar! I really wanted to be an actress in the 40's when musicals were amazing...the sets, the costumes, the happy endings...but that would require time travel and since that doesn't exist.....
5. Anna Chaffey where in the world.... if you could take your babies anywhere in the world where would it be?
Some day I would love to take them to Paris, well, and London, and Italy...and I would love to just go to some tropical islands and relax in the water!
 Well, the super funny part is I just blogged about "Our Vacation" on my Kandeeland Blog.  CLICK HERE TO SEE and join me!

*and had to add this bonus one because it's fun-
Sally Metz Favorite nail polish of the moment? Kandee, sweetheart, also what have you been craving this week?
Favorite polish is Pool Boy by OCC it's like turquoise-sky blue!  And this week my healthy craving was for my Acai-Kale-Orange smoothie and my "non healthy" craving was for mexican rice, like how my grammy makes it- I could eat buckets of it!

Thanks guys for the awesome questions...there were so many good ones I wanted to answer them all- but that'd be way more than 5! hee hee (I filmed a NEW 20 questions video with some of your questions in them that will probably be up next week too!!!!)

huge hugs and get ready for a fun video surprise for tomorrow!!!
your kandee




Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!!! I love the questions and the random facts about you! I also wanted to say thank you for being you! You always have something to say right when I need to hear it and I greatly appriciate it!!!! Thanks for all you do!!!! *Jessi*

Anonymous said...

It should be 'five facts friday' it sounds better

camille lydia said...

What is your acai kale Orange smoothie.. I drink your feel good smoothie and I love it!!!

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