Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BEFORE AND BLONDER: frumpy to fab

I've got a huge before and after: Hair Adventure and a NEW VIDEO of the before and after is below!
(my mama, Shannon, with her naturally dark hair)
(and that was my mom's idea: "frumpy to fab"...not mine! ha ha
I can't believe how much younger and "hip-er" she looks!

so the story goes...
she tried this blonde wig on at my house...
I posted the pic on facebook and instantly thousands of people commented..she should do it!
My mom is fun and always up for change...so we said we could ask my friend Kim Vo, celeb hair colorist to all the "Blondes" in Hollywood like Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Kate Hudson and Katherine Heigl.
Vogue Magazine even called him, "the best blonder in the business"

So Kim said, come to my salon and we'll make mama, Shannon blonde!

And here's the hair and haircut inspiration Kim used and showed, Kristina who did the haircut:
 Katherine Heigl in ELLE magazine...love this cut and color in her!

 mom getting her haircut...
and the "two" blondes!
Mom loves her new blond locks and said she's never going back to dark again! ha ha

Now come watch the before and after adventure, yay!!!

Hope you had fun on our "blonde adventure"....as for me....I'm stayin' darky dark and the funky bunch,
It's so fun to try different hair colors...maybe all salons should have wigs so you can try them on and really imagine your hair like that!
huge hugs and awesome hair days.... your kandee


Anonymous said...

Your mum looks awwwsome!i dont blame herfor saying shell never go back to brunette.WOW!

Anonymous said...


She looks great and much younger!!!!

mariela said...

I really enjoy the beautiful experience...I love you kandee you are so kind and inspirate me for be better person, better mom and wife thanks and god blees you

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