Friday, March 2, 2012

Virtual Adventure- Melrose Trading Post

Come on a Treasure Hunt-spiration with me to one of my favorite places to go in LA, or technically West Hollywood, every Sunday, there's the Melrose Trading Post.
Come on a virtual "inspiration" hunt of treasures and fun stuff:
Me and my bag of super-stylie shirts I got from the super cool, Z, of ZHovak! She's super cool, creative, and so nice!
me trying to decide which shirts to bring home with me!
 she makes some of the coolest, one-of-a-kind-shirts, that I got tons of compliments on already, you can check out her stuff here if you don't live near LA,!
Gotta love these mustache necklaces....I checked out at this booth, while baby slept.
 Studded converse- I know I saw these studded babies in NYC a few years ago -but the style is pretty timelessly "punk rock"! And those baby blue boots- I would just put those on a shelf as decoration!
 I am in love with that white mirror! So sad I couldn't take it home with me!!!
 if you look closely, you'll notice a "NO FEAR" poncho....does anyone remember, No Fear? ha ha
 This booth has the coolest coats! I've gotten the coolest army and marine jackets here. These even have old marching band jackets with the tails in the back with gold tassled epaulettes on the shoulders!
 See that empty spot where the heart glasses are- you know that pair was adopted by me! ha ha ha (look for em in a video soon! ha ha ha- gives a whole new meaning to "i heart sunglasses!")
 You can beat $5 studded belts! And yes, those are little kid sizes too!
 I la-la-love this upholstered headboard!
 and in case anyone needed a shark head or an aardvark that kinda looks like, Alf..
 Domino and old hotel key, room number necklaces.
This is where I met my friend Cardi, who made all my feather earrings, years ago. I miss her not being here anymore! If you want you can still check out her jewelry here: CARDI on ETSY
 Looking at a table full of old cameras and gear- they had so many old school polaroid cameras, I wanted to buy one for creative fun!
Walking back to the car after a fun day.
We even got some yummy crepes at their food court!
I can't believe they have a food court, when I first went to the Melrose Trading Post, years ago, not too many people were there, there weren't too many booths- no food court- now there was even a line to get inside, tons of people, tons of booths, a food court- it's gotten so big! And so fun. It's one of my favorite things to do in LA.

If you wanna go: it cost $2 per person (babies and kids are free)
It's in the parking lot at the corner of Fairfax and Melrose.
And you will have fun or find fun treasures, for sure!
And you will have so much fun people watching-
stylists, celebrities, and just cool people that dress awesome are always walking around...

hope you had fun on our "virtual day together"....
hugs and studded accessories, your kandee


VanityRae said...

cool! looks fun :)
love your white cowboy boots &
the baby backpack is perfect.
that white mirror is gorgeous!
crepes sound delicious : P
thanks for sharing «high five»
~ V

Unknown said...

Do you have any tips for locating awesome places like this near us? Unfortunately LA is too far for me. :(

julie :-) xoxo said...

Love it! And those necklaces were fab. I'm taking a trip to new York ager I'm married so hopefully I'll get chance to travel to LA. I would go every Sunday, but I live in England. I really hope to see u there. Love ur videos and u. Hugs Julie Xx

Cindy said...

Hi kandee i like the outfit you are wearing here. But i cant see if you are wearing shorts above you red leggins or anything else. Can you please show or explain what are you exactly wearing?

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