Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday 5 Random Things: Blonde Hair & Favorites

Ok, because what photo is more random than the picture from my "Jem" tutorial- pink eyeshadow, blonde rocker hair, and yes, that is random.
{if you've never seen the Jem video, click on this- and no I don't talk like a chipmunk in the whole video....ha ha ha ha}

Ok, here goes the 5 RANDOM FACTS: (and thanks to everyone that gave me awesome questions on facebook)

1. What's My favorite frozen yogurt topping? (from Brandise Brockington)
Rainbow Sprinkles from every other frozen yogurt place unless I'm getting a PinkBerry, then for some reason, I only like blueberries at Pink Berry.

2. What's your favorite shade of lipstick you are loving right now? (from Wade Lee Richards)
I just want to eat this color, I love it so much- Force Of Love from the new Chenman Collection from MAC- it's the most hot pinky-with a yellow hue color- it's truly eye-candy for me!

3.  What keeps you going through the day with all you do? Coffee? Protein bar? Small meals? Energy drinks (red bull)? (from Candice Yvonne)
I don't drink coffee or energy drinks...but I do make my healthy smoothies, and I eat little snacks all day, from almonds to macadamia nuts, to yogurt or more smoothies or I really love butternut squash soup...but I usually start with a smoothie- blueberries, kale or spinach, coconut milk yogurt, frozen acai and my protein powder- It fuels my body and brain with health! And I like LARABARS-   in the cookie dough flavor.

4.  If you could wear only one lipstick everyday for the rest of your life what would it be? ♥(from Laura Blount Fragoso)
It would be MYTH from MAC, it's a nude color, and nothing has ever really compared to it...but I'd need to make sure I used PLUM lip liner with it...blended together they are one of my FAV lip color combos of all time!

5.  How old were you when you dyed your hair for the first time? (from Amber Roe)
I was 16 and I bleached 2 strips of hair in the front of my face blonde...ahhhh look I found a picture:
and that was the Saturday Random 5....
hope you liked them...and a huge thanks to everyone who came up with really fun and awesome "random questions" on facebook!

PS. CLICK HERE to see my "roomspiration: fun ideas to make-over a room with party decorations"

HUGS the SIZE of a BIG RIG, your kandee

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absolutely-vintage said...

Hi kandee this is more a comment for your other blog ! The paper garland is called 'bunting' in the uk and I use it everywhere in my home,even in the garden ! It especially looks nice when your having a tea party with cupcakes and jam and cream scones ....Love your blogs and videos, Deborah xx

Anonymous said...

Hey kandee I love your tutorials they are the BEST I've ever seen love u

Thanks for your time :)!

Laura F said...

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh you answered my question how exciting:) I own a lot of MAC lipsticks but don't have myth...I'm definitely going to try it out now:) you're the bestie best Miss Kandee J! Muah <3

Emily said...

Kandee, I love your videos! They are so encouraging and positive, not to mention suuuuper helpful! I was wondering if you maybe do a video in the future about hair dye. I have seen your video on dying your hair at home, but I dyed my naturally dark brown hair an auburn last summer and trying to return to my natural hair color has been a disaster! I don't know what to do! I am sure many girls have problems with faded color, getting a bad result, or even what products are best for at home coloring. I think you're awesome! Have a lovely day!!! :)

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