Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday 5 Fun Facts & Quote for the Week

Here's my Sunday-5-Things-You-May-Not-Know-About-Me & weekly video round up...
let's jump into it:
1. This picture above was taken a year ago.
2. I wear hats a lot.
3. I don't like wearing socks when I sleep. It feels like my feet are "suffocating".
4. My favorite flavor gum is spearmint or peppermint.
5. I don't drink coffee, but I like coffee ice cream and I love the smell of coffee.

And here is the video I uploaded this week, but wait til you see the video I have to put up this week...if it comes out ok....but it will be a "huge, huge change" for you guys to see!!!

Now let's get hair chalking, if you missed it and you know what else is kinda fun, this video is my 333rd video!

Quote of the week: "life is too short to think average, be average, or just be what you think will fit in. You're not living, unless someone doesn't like what you're wearing, doing, or dreaming of becoming!"

Here's to an awesome week ahead...may no trouble stop us, no person be allowed to ruin our day, and nothing steal our joy away...huge hugs, your kandee



Unknown said...

U always remind me to put a good spin on things kandee...thank you tons...truely inspiring

Donna said...

Love this quote!

KelseyVictim said...

Hello kandee :D I tried the hair chalking with blue and pinks I love it haha thxs I never knew about this.
You have encouraged me to became a cosmetologist else everything else like fashion design, baker, special effects make-up

Alina said...

You're absolutely right. I let negative things sit with me too long. I love reading the lovely little notes that Kandee posts as I'm about to go to bed. They leave me feeling inspired and happy :)

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