Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Random- Cadillacs & Star

 Random things:
1. I like old Cadillacs
2. I like old cars with big fins

3. Realized I own quite a few pairs of star shaped earrings (click here to the "haul"video about these)
4. Tried to find an exact dupe for my fav nude lip color, MYTH, from MAC, in a drug store brand today....but none matched anywhere close enough at all
5. I didn't wear any make-up today at all. The picture above, was from some days ago
6. And this song below is stuck in my's called "Somebody that I used to know", by Gotye...and is has really cool body make-up in the video too...
There's somwthing interesting about watching Gotye and Kimbra's mouths when they and you'll see what I mean, it's kind of captivating:

and I'm out, like a light at bed time....hugs, kandee
Click on this bad-ma'am-a-jamma to see what tattoos, sharpies and random photos in my kitchen, had to do with last night.



Who's That chic said...

I love your scarf

Yesenia Hermosillo said...

Since you love stars and I love watching you, every time I see jewelry with stars I think of you. Would you he up to receiving a gift from a fan?

MelissaCarrillo said...

I loooove this song! Have you heard the cover by Olivia Noelle on YouTube? :D

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