Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to: Look HOT at the Beach Without have a make-up meltdown!

Who wears make-up to the beach?  A lot of helps act as a sunscreen too! And if you want to look a little glam without your make-up melting off, I'm gonna show you how!

First, waterproof eyeliner and mascara is essential! You want to come out of the water looking great, not like your crying tears of blackness! ha ha ha

Next, I'll show you a quick way to even out your complexion and hide any imperctions...Get a healthy glow...and finish it off with a pretty pale, beachy-nude mouth!

Get ready for some pretty, fun in the sun!

Get ready to see a fast, way to get ready for the beach, or any day!
huge love and enjoy the show, kandee


The Mintuit Mother said...

Ladies! Avon makes some GREAT GREAT GREAT (did I say great? lol) waterproof eyeliner!

Thanks Kandee!

Unknown said...

I love it!! Keep up the great ideas~!

Kelsey Sunshine. said...

Brilliantly beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your lovely tips.

You know, Mark. sells a tinted moisturizer with spf! So amazing. I think it's only $9 too.


Christine said...

I absolutely love your video, you have a huge talent.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us all <3

Love you Kandee
xoxo Christine

Christine said...

I really want to try out Make Up For Ever HD Foundation.

Is this a foundation you want to recommend? :)

Anonymous said...

Omg! You read my mind! I just was preparing the clothes which i will bring to the beach and I was wondering what can I do to my face to look fresh and nice.
Thank you Kandee you are so inspirational ! I have one question, I am watching your videos and I am wondering, do you have natural dark hair? Or you dye it?

Christine said...

Is there any chance if you could email me or send me a message on facebook?

Really need some makeup advices, im not sure what colors may look good on me so it would mean so much to me if you could help me <3
Please contact me if you can help me <3

Love you
xoxo Christine

Anonymous said...


Katy said...

You look beautiful with no makeup on. I'm jealous! My face breaks out crazy from sunscreen too. Although the Nuetrogena Ultra Sheer spf is nice. Anyways, just wanted to tell you you're gorge!

xoxo KT

Publisher said...

Great look as always! I love the natural dewy look!

pinkpaisley12 said...

NICE look! I'm loving it! I will have to try this soon!

Kandee--how do you pack your makeup when you travel??

Gabby Guglielmi said...

Hi Kandee!
I was just hoping you could answer my question;

I have OILY SKIN, a hazard I know. But whenever I put on mattefying lotions, creams, and foundation I still react with oiliness... and it's just plain gross really.

Even when I go without make up I still look all shiny and I was wondering if there was any advice you had on how to keep your make-up looking great despite oily skin ( those oil absorbing sheets don't work at all )

Thanks! And keep doing what you're doing and more often! I keep track of your videos like I do the newspaper :) Have a terrific day!!

...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

Awesome! Thanks!

monavampire said...

I will try it for sure,it's so super fast! x

jiji said...

im totally gonna wear this today :D

Schnelle said...

Thank you for another great tutorial! I will definately refer to this video this summer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee,

I just wanted to let you know about a new all natural sunscreen if you want to give it a try.
They even have a sanctuary foundation which is really awesome.


niea999 said...

OMG, I have EXACTLY the same problem as Gabby G, the comment just before.
and I'm actually living in a HOT, WET area.. (Japan countryside, no sea wind as I'm used to, and over 34degres Celsius everyday from.. now >.<)
so I will really be waiting for good tips, even just a post, without video, just.. some h.e.l.p !!!!
I can do ANYTHING.. even waterproof stuff is not so waterproof anymore, on my skin, here O.o
so at least, if I could seems less gross, even not looking so make up on but.. well you know.. not oily like if I just put my head under water..^^

thank you Kandee sweetie, and all this nice family for your tips !

okruch said...

You look totally glamorous, yet natural! I'm going to the pool tomorrow, so I'm gonna try this look. Thank you Kandee, you are awesome!

Alisa L said...

ahaha I LOVE your humour!!!

Anonymous said...

Great video, thank you for all your tips ! I read your blog every day... Excuse my english, i'm french and my english has to be improved !
Bye !

Jerzie said...

Hi kandee! thanks for your entry and video. Just wondering, I'm thinking of using that self-tanner lotion you had from sunproducts, and I'm aware that it lasts for a few days or so. If I go out in the sun with it on, would that cause me to tan? Thank you and I hope to hear from you =)

ashley said...

I was so happy to see that you have made this tutorial! I have been wanting to see a video like this for a while and I have been requesting it! awesome look, kandee! Also, what are your opinions on the MAC concealers? I know you like laura mercier, but I'm just curious what your opinions would be on MAC (especially if you want to cover a blemish when you go to the beach)

Houria said...

Kandee!!!!You're the best!I love you because you make me feel better with your tips which are really helpful!!!THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!
Sincerely. Houria Glam Hour.
1000 Kisses from France! If I was American citizen, I would go on your Glaminar's event...That's too bad too me...

Anna said...


Could you please give us the references of what you applied on your face? =)

'Love your blog and videos ;o)

Anna_a french girl

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful video!! I am so going to try this ASAP. I just ran out of my Make Up Forever HD foundation so I'll buy my normal shade and one shade darker. I'm so excited! Thanks so much, Kandee :D

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