Thursday, July 8, 2010


To TAN or Not to TAN!?!
As a profesh make-up artist....I appreciate and love ALL skin tones from alabaster to the the darkest shades. And you are so gifted to have more pigmented dark skin, for all of us that wish we were naturally that shade! ha ha ha  And remember if you are perfectly pale, and love it...that is beautiful too!! Every skin color is beautiful to me, that's why I love being a make-up artist!

(KANDEE's FYI....for the picture on the left, I used a foundation..many, MANY shades paler than my natural skin tone!)
But for the large masses that flock to sunny places to tan, or run to you local tanning place to "cook", or to get sprayed darker than you's my tip:

I use a fake tanner~
ones I like...

St. Tropez Whipped Body Mousse (buy the applicator mitt- it will save you from "tanning" the palms of your hands! ha ha

Sun LABS Ultra Dark Tanner (this smells great like Cherry Almonds)

and a new one that I've never tried, but just discovered from a Body Building Competitor....
it's looks incredible (but again....I haven't tried it yet!)

Jan Tana's Natural Tan Collection (they also make a special product called Ultra 1 - that gets you ULTRA dark in 10 minutes! I'll blog more about it if I ever try it!)


1. Always apply to clean, dry skin

2. If you EXFOLIATE (use a body scrub of some kind), you'll remove the dead top layer of skin, so your tan will last longer!

3. ALWAYS use a tanning applicator like a beauty puff or the tanning mitt that you can buy from St. Tropez (or the palms of your hands and around your nails will look really weird!) I also have a special remover from St. Tropez that will get it off your hands!

4. Make sure you apply it over entire face, (carefully into hairline, especially if you are blonde, you don't want to darken your hair!), and go over your neck very well, making sure you get behind the ears, especially if you're gonna put your hair up!)

5. Always WASH hands immediately after you slather it on...just in case some "tanner" got on your hand!

6. Once tanner is dry, apply lotion, so your skin stays moist and not white and ashy from dry skin!

BENEFITS of a "fake tan":

Just like bodybuilders: you look slimmer, muscles are more defined, and more angles in the body and face are accentuated.

And for those of us that want that sun drenched, glow, and don't want the damage from the sun, this is a great and quick option to look toasty golden or brown!

Hooray for all the beautiful shades we come in! Huge love and sunshine, your kandee

Remember: No matter how many clouds are in your day, the sun is always there waiting to shine on  you. And the best thing do when our day feels cloudy, is to shine some love from our hearts onto everyone we see. It's amazing how our day will start warming up, with a sunshiney glow!


Chickadee said...

I agree, the SUN Labs one is FAB! Really dark and not orange at all. When I cared about being tan, I used to use that one every other day and it looked great!

...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

WOW! What a difference!

Margara said...

I have been using st tropez for a year now thanks to u and I love it. Also I have the sun labs since u did a video on it and its amazing!
Both are definitely awesome products

emalyce said...

St. Tropez is awesome. I don't really use self-tanner, but I do use those lotions with the "healthy glow," which work in the same way, smell and all. haha.

dani@callitbeauty said...

i've been wanting to try the st. tropez tanning products, it seems everyone just raves about them!

is the st. tropez "safe" for use on the face? my skin's pretty sensitive and i was wondering if anyone's had any reactions to it.

thanks for the info, kandee!


*elle* said...

I just wanted to say that your new video works in Germany :) And that sometimes when I feel bad I watch some of your videos to feel better (must be your smile :-))!
So keep them coming, I love watching your videos!

Unknown said...

thanks kandee! can't wait to try st. tropez....i'm very fair and freckley and i like having a nice bronze glow in the summer so i hope this one works for me! :)

Christine said...

I absolutely love the sun lab products, i have it and im so happy with it :)

Thank you for all your helpful advice <3

SquishyAbs said...

You amaze me. I adore you!

Voula said...

I highly recommend Famous Dave's Gold Edition Tanning Mousse. I am not sure about their other products, although I am positive they are wonderful, but the gold edition mousse I have repeatedly used and I always come back to if I try another one and I need to stop going to other tanners bc this one is literally the best I have every used.

Anonymous said...

even without make up you look very beautiful ! thank for your advice, i will try it ;))

Ms. Rachel said...

I'm about as pale as it gets, so I have tried all kinds of tanning products and I LOVE St. Tropez products! I just use the bronzing lotion and I apply it with disposable gloves... which works very well!

Bumblee Bee said...

i love being pale.

An said...

Kandee, I love you so much. Hope I'll meet you someday. Great post, as usual. I love the vampy look you did last year. What happened to it? I don't see it around anymore. Could you re-upload that?

same said...

Hi Kandee!
I am Saara, your 18-year-old reader from Finland, and I got to say that I just love this, your blog. My life is just a horrible mess at the moment and everytime I get here and read your blog it just makes me feel so much better. your happiness is very contagious! I am very happy person myself, I love to smile and laugh and just LOVE everyone and everything more than anything, but sometimes it just gets too hard when u have hard time. I've been through a lot lately, just for example a very bad eating disorder and relationship problems, and sometimes I feel like it's more than anyone should ever go through.(and then I start to think that I'm definitely not the only one with these kind of problems and it makes me even more sad.) but then again, I come here and read your sweet words, and I remember just how good it feels to smile. and I remember what it is like to be happy. I really really want to thank you for this blog, it brightens my day, and many others too I am sure! keep it up, love you! thanks!

Lorin Kelly said...

Great tips!! Gonna have to try those self tanners. Love your blog!


figwittage said...

I embrace my pale skin. I find that all self-tanners smell gross & I don't have the patience to reapply. I've tried many, but I'm happy with being pale :) xx

Julee M said...

Any tips for getting your back even?

Kandee Johnson said...

Saara...thank you so much! That is why I write my be a little be a little happy spot in everyone's day! huge love, kandee

tashatkins said...

hey kandee :)
love ur vids!
The pale face you used, what video is that?

Christine said...

I wish you were my best friend Kandee <3
I dont have alot of close friends, sometimes i really wish i had.
Feel that we could have been really good friends.

My life havent always been good.
In school i was teased alot because of the way I look. My self esteem is pretty low, and there are days i just want to cry.

Your youtube videos have helped my self esteem alot. And your personality is amazing, your heart is pure gold. Thank you for being you, you have no idea how much you mean to me <3

I really wish i lived in the US so i could meet you and give you a big hug as a thank you for being you <3

Love you
xoxo your friend Christine

Kim said...

st tropez is amazing, its my new favorite fake tan item!

mixandmatchmakeup said...

Thanks for the information about the St. Tropez gradual tan mousse... I just ordered the St. Tropez gradual tan for face and am really excited about trying it!

You're a really big inspiration to me! :)
If you get a chance, please check out my blog!

Schnelle said...

st. tropez is definately the best! great post!

Bobbi said...

I use the st moritz its really the same as st tropez but like a fraction of the price.. I get a great nice brown tan no streaks too..

David said...

I've found that layering too, with self tanners helps a ton. I used to use a lotion/gel, let it sink in and then use a spray that would help cover any spots I missed, deepen the color and set the lotion. I always got get results with it.

Marie0304 said...

I've been using St. Tropez mousse since watchin Kandee's video earlier this year and I LOVE IT!!!! My mom has some spots of vitiligo on her face and I bought some for her, too. She really likes it. I feel healthy and glowy and pretty when I put that stuff on!!! :) Had dermabrasion a few years ago and have sun spots on my cheekbone areas that get a little darker when out in the sun... so I try to avoid sun mainly on my FACE and then use St. Tropez to even out a healthy tan that I can't get naturally on my face from the sun. LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

"And you are so gifted to have more pigmented dark skin." um no thanks, I happen to think my skin is a gift too! Kandee, you care about tanning too much, you should embrace your natural skin tone. There is nothing wrong with "pale" skin either.

L.M. said...

LOVE, LOVE your blog. Visit my new blog

Anonymous said...

I am dying to use this because I am so pale !!! But I have so many questions !! If I use this do I have to get a new foundation color to match my face that now is tan ? Also last time I used self tanner I got a huge rash on my neck and well it wasn't pretty ! Is it safe for senestive skin ? P.S I love love your videos before I saw your videos I didn't know how to use makeup to save my life. xoxoxo -Ruby

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