Friday, July 9, 2010


this was lil' Kanny!
And once again, I'll be turning 7! ha ha ha ha
I was born: July 9th
where: Southern California
And yes: the name on my birth certificate is just KANDEE...not Kandace or anything else, just lil' ol', Kandee Johnson!

I have never received so many wonderful birthday wishes and love, as I have this year...and just to think about it makes my heart want to cry! I am so honored to be a part of your lives, your day, and even take up a little bit if room in your heart! (I won't take up much!)
I remember a birthday I spent alone, in a tiny dark condo, it was the first time I had tried to bake a cake from scratch, and it came out was like gooey play-do that was was very disappointing! I remember feeling kinda sad, I was sad little attempt to have a little something birthday-ish failed, and I just wished I had someone to celebrate with me. Someone to bring me a cake or just hug me, or just tell me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And as I looked at my facebook page, my heart swelled, seeing so many people sending me amazing birthday love and kind, words from your hearts...if only that sad birthday girl, who almost cried looking at her even sadder  looking cake...would've known then that hundreds of people would be sending her birthday cheer (i never would've believed it!).

This is such a joy-filled day....not just because it's my birthday...but because I feel so honored, so privileged, so special to be a part of your hearts...hearing people write that they are glad that I was born....(if only you could see or catch one of the tears from my eyes right now) have no idea how much those words mean to me! No dream I've had before comes close to comparing to what an honor it is to know that I mean something to each of you, that you've let me come into your life, and that I am able to be your friend...
thank you for celebrating my birthday with me...thank you for loving me....thank you for all your kind and incredible words...thank you for making me, a girl who sat in a dark apartment, years ago, in a horrible relationship, in a city far away from everyone I knew, all alone, with no friends...feel like this is the birthday where I have more friends than I ever dreamed of!

I love you all so dearly! My heart breaks for you when I read or see something you've sent to me...I rejoice when I see you realizing your dream, discovering how beautiful you are, finding out how amazing and one-of-a-kind-special you truly are!

Thank you for making this an AMAZING birthday!!!! Love, candles, and cupcakes.....your Kandee

HERE's  A LITTLE VIDEO THAT SOMEONE SO TALENTED AND SWEET MADE FOR ME ON YOUTUBE...I thought you'd like it because it shows me when I'm a baby and little!

ENJOY!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! the birthday girl....hee hee


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Lauren A. said...


Unknown said...

awwww look at you Kandee!! the sweetest little kid ever :D Im so glad that you were born, cause the world needs more people like you, you're the only one who is AS beautiful on the inse as out, and I hope you know that . I wish you the best because you deserve it! I hope to one day meet you and give you a bear hug :D and just tell you how much you mean to me, I truly love you!<33<34<3<3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN SUNSHINE:D

Elizabeth Donskaya said...

oh Kandee! I don't even know if you read all my comments but I hope you do cuz you're so talented and incredible and I wish we chould be friends. You're just so uplifing and this video of you being silly and laughing like crazy it's so magical! dont' listen to garbage, just enjoy the great sparkly things in life - like children's smiles and mama hugs :)

xoxo Happy belated Birthday!

Sheryl said...

Happy Birthday Kandee! You're a ray of God's sunshine...hope you had a great day!

Sarah said...

Happy belated birthday! Keep being as sweet as you are! God bless!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Kandee! You are amazing!!! I loved you the first time I saw your video, you're incredibly kind and frank, and it shows! Wish you all the best you can have in life! :-* Greetings from Ukraine! Ira

Bel said...


Felicia said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Congrats on another great year. You're so wonderful, I hope you have an amazing birthday :)

cosmetichameleon said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
You are so lovely! Beautiful on the inside and out (a rare combination!). Very best wishes. xx

Elsa Frescata said...

Happy birthday sweetie , your beautiful ..lots of love and happiness .. with the wish that , all your dreams come true ...

Publisher said...

Happy Birthday Kandee!!!
you deserve all the happiness in the world xx

GrlUWilBok86 said...

Wow I really enjoyed the video. It was amazing to see all the memories from the videos that I love so much. You were one of the reasons that I joined youtube and started to make videos. I used to be very sad all the time. Your bubbly personality, and fun spirit cheers me up. Thank you for all the inspiration, hope, and happiness you bring to our homes. I hope you have many many more birthdays. I cant wait to see the kandee in the future. I hope you will continue to do videos when you're anceint! oh boy what fun times that will be! *LOVE* Andreea

Sam said...

it would be awesome to have a mommy like you! :)

Unknown said...

lol kandee i remember i had the same thing happen to me with the cake...i was making it for my brother and me and it just was a playdo mess...but those are memories which we learn from :) best wishes and love


TanyaMarie said...

happy birthday :)
well, belated ^^

cool, we have the same birthdays!
happy bday to me & you ^^

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

you were so cute when you were little ! and the video made by fun is reaaaaaaaaaaallly cool , you look amazing he he

Morgan Zag said...

Hope u had a beautiful b-day :)

VAL said...


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