Thursday, July 19, 2012

My SLEEP-check list....

This is what my "night table", "side table", "nightstand" (whatever you call it) looks like.
Water- check
My favorite TREAT LIP BALM- check.
BUT......INSOMNIA-you, mean, old, not nicey, you- you were not on my checklist!

Last night. I didn't sleep, until way too late.
I tried.
I tried for hours,
and hours to sleep.
I watched tv.
I read.
I listened to a soothing "sleep app" on my phone.
I tried getting more pillows.
And hours just kept on going by.
Poor Ellie and her molars that are coming in, kept waking up, too...poor baby.
Nothing worked.
Now you guys all probably know I will post a blog or edit a video until 2 or 3am...but this was not the case.
I was just in my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking, trying not to think.

I've read that part of grieving, when you've lost a loved one, is insomnia.
The things you think of, the moments you replay in your head, are really hard to stop sometimes. Even if you haven't lost a loved one, and your brain just keeps thinking when you want to just go dream of living in your dream house and all the other things that are fun to dream of.

Well, I just was in my bed, hoping I would sleep until I last looked at my clock that said 6:30 am....I was so tired but I couldn't sleep.

So I probably got less sleep than someone than takes a nap, last night...
And no, I would not take a sleeping pill...I don't even take Tylenol if something hurts.

I look, well, like someone that didn't sleep....I'd post a picture but it is kinda' frightening..ha ha ha

this even took me way too long to write this blog post...and yes in the middle of the night I thought, "oh I should just go write my blogs"..then I thought, "no, that might really make you awake, even more..."...
I should've just written my blogs....ha ha ha ha

hope you all have an amazing day and that anyone having a hard time sleeping, will gently drift off to "wonderful dreamland"...shortly after your precious head touches the pillow....HUGS, Mr. Sandman, I mean, Kandee

Want to see 3 of my favorite things, SPARKLE, CUPCAKES and here.


Maria Steg said...

Hi dear kandee, if you like relaxing music, you should try listening to tom kenyon (, his music has helped me through some really difficult times when my grandfather past away 2 month after my son was born.. it also helped my son to calm down..
I hope for you that you soon will sleep good again, maybe try with som warm milk with honey...?
love and sleep, from a dark evening in Denmark:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I love the glitter shoes and cupcake ones too they are super adorable! I need to get some! Hopefully you will get some sleep tonight, you need the rest too lovely! Have a wonderful day, hugs galore!

Laci said...

kandee... i bought the cutest earrings today and i know you would love them! i want to get you some but i don't know where to send them to... do you have an address where i could send them?

Anette Nilsen said...

Try listening to an audiobook Kandee. Maybe it helps <3 It helps me when all I do is thinking.. I just listen to Young Adult audiobooks cause they dont get to serious :) I hope you get a good night sleep soon <3 Love you!

Lilian said...

The othet day I tried drinking coriander seeds boiled in water with a little bit of honey, because I have a cold and I heard it was an old Indian medicine for it, but it made me really sleepy, so I looked it up on Google and it turns out it's also good for insomnia. So maybe you should try it out before going to bed, it's really soothing. Love you, Kandee. All my best wishes for you!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel!! Sometimes my body wants to sleep but my brain dosent it just wants to keep thinking!! But I won't take sleeping pills either because my mom is addicted to those kind of pills and I'm very scared that. I might get addicted. She used to do it sooo much when I was a kid she used
To walk around sleeping!! I'd rather not sleep than be like that ya know!? Lol I love you Kandee and you help me get thought the day!!! <33

Anonymous said...

Maybe a cup of warm milk Will help :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee u might be sexually frustrated.!

xcindyoriqinalx said...

Well, a friend of mine always told me, when you cant sleep at night it's cause God wants y to pray for as long as you can. Thats what i do when i can't sleep, it relaxes me and helps me sleep. You should try :)

xoforeverlaurenx0 said...

a nice big mug of sleepy time tea, a warm bath with lavender salts or bubbles, and try to read a book... I know it puts me to sleep real fast! also Bath and Body Works has a sleepy/relaxing pillow mist to calm your mind

Anonymous said...

i can't sleep either but ill read your blogs until i knock out :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee, I've been following your blogs and videos since u started and I'm a huge fan and you are an absolute inspiration! I have trouble sleeping too and I found what works best is "Sleepytime Herbal tea". It is a chamomile tea with a picture of a bear on it. I get the vanilla kind bc I don't like to add sugar so it makes for a great taste. I really hope this works for you. You have wished me many nights of sweet dreams so I well do the same for you. Sweet Dreams Kandee, sending hugs!! XoXo LaTasha Grunden

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